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Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 68 Review

At the point when last we explored a Zodiac watch, it was of the exceptionally foreseen Sea Wolf 53 . With this watch, Zodiac brought back a plunging legend; a watch with a genuine religion following, recorded gravity and style to save. Furthermore, they did it right. It wasn’t an odd, over expanded, dressed up form of a work of art, yet rather a modernized variant of the first that kept all the correct tasteful signals while giving it a beefier, yet humble 39mm case (up from the first 35mm), and a water obstruction of 200m, allowing you to utilize the watch as initially intended.

Continuing their recovery of legacy models, Zodiac followed up the Sea Wolf 53 with another model from a similar family, the Super Sea Wolf 68. Greater, bolder and intended to plunge further, the first Super Sea Wolf 750 was one of those late 60’s and 70’s barrel formed jumpers that was dashing for the base, as it were. With a water opposition of 750m and a locking bezel component, it was a useful apparatus watch. The 750’s are in reality more pined for than the first 50’s Sea Wolfs, acquiring $1-2k on the vintage market.

With the advanced form, Zodiac adhered consistent with their source material, however re-developed everything from the beginning, a water opposition of 1000m. The case, dial and hands are straight out the books, yet more strangely, so is the cool locking bezel which is perhaps the watch’s best element. Also, on the blue-dialed and LE models, they incorporated a surprisingly all around made Milanese wristband. Like the Sea Dragon and Sea Wolf 53, the 68 is controlled by Fossil’s STP1-11 development, their response to the ETA 2824. The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 68 is likewise the most extravagant of the set, mirroring the form and designing, with a beginning cost of $1,395 for the dark dial on elastic, hopping up to $1,595 for the blue dial on lattice, and garnish out at $1,995 for the LE COSC model.


Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 68 Review

Case Stainless Steel Movement STP1-11 Dial Sunburst Blue Lume Yes Lens Sapphire Strap Steel Mesh Water Resistance 1000M Dimensions 44 x 50mm Thickness 16mm Lug Width 20mm Crown 6.5 x 4.25 Screw down Warranty N/A Price $1595


The instance of the Super Sea Wolf 68 is the superstar. It smells of the 60’s in the most ideal manners, however is fabricated like a stone. Before getting into it, individuals frequently see this watch and say amazing, resembles the Squale 101 atmos, which as in they are reproduced 60’s jumpers with barrel molded cases, high water protections and fundamentally the same as bezels, is precise. Yet, to consider the Zodiac a duplicate isn’t exact. These watches were the two results of a similar innovation race in the last part of the 60’s to make wild, instrument jumpers. They weren’t alone in this all things considered. Simply take a gander at the Omega PloProf, Jenny Caribbean, Rolex SeaDweller, Doxa Sub300T and numerous others. Every one of them were testing existing known limits. Truth be told, the first Super Sea Wolf 750 case was made by EPSA, similar company behind the renowned Super-Compressors . Zodiac wasn’t the solitary brand to utilize it either, simply look at the Jaeger LeCoultre Memovox Polaris II . Along these lines, on the off chance that you truly need to play the “they replicated them” games, you’re going to require a time machine to stop your complaint.

Moving on… The Super Sea Wolf 68 was monstrous by 60’s guidelines and stays pretty darn enormous for today’s also. The barrel estimates 44 x 50 x 16mm and 45mm at the bezel. The mid-case, which has a glossy silk, dot impacted completion, is nearly egg-molded, having exemplary bowing barrel sides, just as adjusting on the hooded haul. The entire thing bends and streams, with delicate lines and an ergonomic undercut that addresses the first. The case is very sensational from the side, with a tall tapered case back, thin and breathtaking mid-case followed by a round and hollow bezel.

A sharp eye will see that the bezel sits over a hole, which is essential for the cunning system at work. As far as plan, the bezel feels very vintage. It’s slight, with an acrylic embed that give is a decent sparkle. On the bezel are profound teeth, taking into consideration simple grasp. The coolest part is the manner by which it works and feels. The bezel secures, and to draw in it, you should squeeze it down, thus that hole. When squeezed, it bounces around exactly with a 60-click uni-directional wrench. To lay it out plainly, it’s perhaps the most delightful bezel I’ve felt, with simply an overall strong feel and a precise system. When it’s secured, it’s not going anyplace, giving the watch a strong vibe. The Squale 101 has a very much like system, however I review it being a bit looser inclination, and that when bolted, could in any case be turned without a lot difficulty.

The caseback of the Super Sea Wolf 68 is a thick piece of steel that screws down with regular case wrench marks. The thickness is nothing unexpected given the watches profundity rating. It’s narrowly molded, which encourages it sit in the wrist somewhat more comfortably. In the focal point of the case back is a profoundly scratched Zodiac logo, which looks incredible. Around it are a couple of expected insights regarding the watch.


The dial of the Super Sea Wolf 68 is gruffly basic, remaining extremely consistent with the first. On the model got, the dial surface is a sunburst blue. It’s a splendid sky blue that gets the light, making triangles of dim and like across the dial, giving it a metallic vibe. The essential list is just a progression of applied square shapes at consistently. As opposed to the commonplace cleaned steel, the markers are matte, brilliant orange and  loaded up with white lume (likely C1). The marker at three is absent in lieu of a date window with coordinating orange line and white date. While the appearance of the date incorporates well, the area is a tad excessively far to one side. This is a result of the development, however the position by and by incenses me. Amazingly, it seems, by all accounts, to resemble that on the firsts as well.

There is a reasonable piece of text on the dial. Under the twelve marker is an applied Zodiac logo, trailed by “Zodiac” in white sans-serif type, and afterward “Super Sea Wolf” additionally in white, however in a stressed content. The content is somewhat odd, however honest to the first. Over six, in then peruses “Automatic” in stressed white all covers, and the “1000m/3280ft” in orange. Thus, there are four lines of text and four diverse typefaces… it’s excessive, however nothing is too enormous or loud.

The last dial component is a moment/second record on a part ring that stands high over the dial. The ring is all dark, with white lines for the markers. It’s exceptionally basic and encourages you adjust the bezel. The bezel embed is likewise dark with white, lumed markers. It has an exceptionally straightforward, stripped down vintage style that is very engaging. You have lines at timespans, with numerals at 15, 30 and 45. For the initial 15 minutes, every moment is set apart with a more modest white line.

The handset is an inquisitive play on the strong plongeur style and dedicated to the 750. The hour hand is a little post shape in cleaned steel with lume filling. The moment hand is then a goliath snake shape in splendid orange. The two hands couldn’t look more changed, and the entirety of the accentuation is on the minutes, which is run of the mill for a jumper. The second hand is then a cleaned steel stay with a lumed square shape towards its tip. The lume quality on the watch is acceptable all around.

To be straightforward, while neat and executed with care for the past, the dial doesn’t truly do it for me. Maybe this is more a study for the architects in the 60’s than now, however it simply feels under-planned. Furthermore, the sunburst blue/orange combo isn’t truly as I would prefer. It’s contact a lot tone, and honestly looks somewhat modest and plastic compared to the refinement of the case. As a matter of fact, splendid tones were regularly in play in 60’s and 70’s watches, so there is an explanation behind it, yet I unquestionably figure matte dark or dim would simply work better. The bezel, conversely, is somewhat awesome. The slim lines have a specialized vibe that works with the mechanical parts of the watch. All together, not certain on the off chance that they make a consistent design.


The Milanese lattice wristband they supplier the Super Sea Wolf 68 with is a masterpiece, however with one shocking imperfection. The main cool perspective is that it’s 20mm at the carries and tightens to 18mm by the fasten. Tightening network isn’t common in any way, and has an exceptionally pleasant impact. The actual lattice is 3.5mm thick, with a tight weave giving the sensation of being indestructible. However regardless of its sheer thickness, it actually flexes well.

The fasten is one of the beefiest and most strong I’ve at any point seen, and that incorporates extravagance watches a few times the cost. It’s made of thick steel that has been all around machined and wrapped up. It’s brushed on the top and sides and has cleaned angles for a gleam of light. The lock includes the Zodiac logo and flips over, at that point snaps set up with a consoling sound. When shut, there is no dread of it opening as it is extremely strong. Concealed under is an augmentation system that adds about a centimeter to the length of the mesh.

Sizing the lattice is simple as well, as it includes some undercover connections towards the catch. As opposed to being plain steel blocks, they stepped in the surface of the lattice. Initially, it would seem that it’s all cross section, however closer up you can see it’s simply an example. They include pins that are not difficult to push through with a wristband instrument. Be that as it may, and here is the lamentable blemish, even in the wake of eliminating every one of them, the cross section was still too enormous for my 7″ wrist. It wasn’t terribly colossal, however it was greater than I discovered comfortable, particularly with a particularly huge watch, as it didn’t sit set up. I would almost certainly have needed to take out one more connection. I don’t have the greatest wrist on earth, yet it is normal, and I know without a doubt a lot of folks and young ladies have more slender wrists than I do… so I see this being an expected issue for the watch.


The Super Sea Wolf 68 is an enormous watch, however huge barrel observes never wear as large as they sound. The absence of conventional drags makes the watch site all the more effectively on top of the wrist, with no shade issue. All things considered, it’s clearly a striking watch, yet the size is possible on a 7″ wrist without a doubt (however you’ll need to change the lash as indicated previously). It’s recognizably substantial on the cross section too, coming at 189g with the entirety of the removable connections taken out. All things considered, if the lattice fits, it’s so lovely you’re going to simply manage. Since it didn’t fit me, I put it on one of our blue Model 2s to get a more tight fit, and found the watch promptly more wearable. It looks very great on calfskin, and the vintage style and tighten of the Model 2’s worked with the design.

Aesthetically, it’s an out of control watch. It looks vintage if you’re a watch individual, yet likely unusual if you’re not. It’s clearly extremely lively, but since of the delicate lines of the case, doesn’t come across as a forceful piece. As a rule, it’s pretty adaptable for an easygoing watch, however the blue and orange should be considered with the remainder of your clothing. As far as I might be concerned, they didn’t click with my standard style.


The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 68 is the sensible continuation of the legacy pieces Zodiac is delivering. They did an excellent occupation reproducing, remaining dedicated to the first and ensuring quality wasn’t saved. The form of this watch is observably acceptable. The bezel is awesome, the wristband is splendid and the entirety of the components look as they ought to. My issues with the watch are more close to home taste than everything else. The dial doesn’t energize me, yet that may be valid for the firsts too. The blue is then a lot tone and too brilliant, however the watch comes in dark, and the LE COSC model really has a crazy, finished dull dim dial, so you can get around the blue issue. The wristband not fitting was presumably the greatest dissatisfaction since it was so alluring and well made.

The price  of $1,395 – $1,995 isn’t astounding given the cost of the Sea Wolf 53 and how they are situating this brand. It’s a Swiss made, mechanical jump watch that is accessible at retail, so that comes with a specific tag. Furthermore, all things considered, the form quality matches the cost. Yet, that doesn’t essentially mean it’s a simple pill to swallow, and the Fossil STP1-11 development doesn’t have the caché that ETA, Sellita or Soprod have, which are developments you’ll find in this cost range.

In the end, on the off chance that I needed to pick between the 53 and the 68, the 53 would win undoubtedly. Marginally better value aside ($1,295 versus $1,395), the 53 is the more wearable and notorious item. It additionally makes up for somewhat of a shortfall for a more modest measured game watch. One that conveys vintage style, however is prepared for experience. The 68 is even more a show piece, and absolutely a cool specialized accomplishment for the brand, however when it comes down to wearing something ordinary, misses out on style and reasonableness. That is to say, if the 68 does it for you, and you need to shake a major barrel regular, at that point you’ll be exceptionally content with it, however for me the 39mm 53 is wear it’s at. All things considered, if at Basel 2016 or down the line, they take the 68 and go Super Sea Wolf Chrono with it, duplicating the Valjoux 72 3-6-9 design of the first, at that point I may change my tune.