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Zodiac Sea Wolf Review


As for the watch itself…this is a survey after all… the advanced Zodiac took the exemplary plan and rethought it for the new watch. Keeping somethings, evolving others, however in general making a watch that unmistakably is a Sea Wolf . Highlighting a domed sapphire, 200m WR and Fossil’s own Swiss-made STP 1-11 programmed development, the Sea Wolf comes in with a MSRP of $1,195, which is inline with their different watches, however higher than many might want to see. So the inquiry is, does it satisfy expectation?

Zodiac Sea Wolf Review ref. ZO9201

Case: Steel Movement: STP (Fossil) 1-11 Dial: dark Lume: C3 Lens: Sapphire Strap: Bracelet Water Res.: 200M Dimensions: 39 x 47.6 mm Thickness: 12.5 mm Lug Width: 20 mm Crown: 6.5 x 2.5 mm Warranty: 2 Years Price: $1,195


The instance of the Zodiac Sea Wolf takes the plan of the first and updates it to moderns standards… yet not all that much. Coming in at 39 x 47.6 x 12.5mm, the Sea Wolf is a truly wearable little/average size watch. By remaining little, generally talking, the plan stays more genuine to the first, yet the increment to 39mm is sufficient to make it a cutting edge feeling watch. The proportion of the measurement to the drag to-carry is likewise top notch. It may look long, however on a more modest watch, long carries truly add to the expression on the wrist.

The case plan itself at that point remains pretty consistent with unique as far as lines and calculation. You have a section sided chamber with long blocky hauls extending directly out of it. I love the hauls on this watch, unique and re-version. They are extremely obtuse and forceful, giving the watch a decent mentality. The sides have a matte/brushed/incomplete look while the highest points of the hauls are full clean for a touch of differentiation. I ordinarily incline toward matte or burshed cases on my games watches, yet the restricted utilization of cleaned surfaces on the Sea Wolf works. Coming off at 3 is a wide, level screw down crown estimating 6.5 x 2.5mm. The plan is very utlitarian, with straightforward scores and no improvement, no even a Zodiac logo. As should be obvious, the first Sea Wolves had marked crowns, so not secure with the oversight here. So, I like the straightforward design.

The bezel is strong steel with a plan that remains near to the first. It has a dainty, toothed edge, at that point points up to meet the precious stone. It has a 120-click unidirectional instrument that is overall quite smart. The gem has been refreshed to a domed sapphire with a slight lip. The lip gives it a more vintage look, like it’s a crate acrylic. I really would have cherished for it to be acrylic, however I comprehend is more attractive on the market.

Flipping the watch over, you have a presentation case back, flaunting the STP 1-11 development. Clearly, the first would not have had a showcase back, yet given that they can keep a 200m WR while having one, it’s a decent touch. Likewise on the grounds that the development is agreeably embellished with perlage on each surface, and a pleasantly grained rotor that is exclusively enriched with a Zodiac logo.


The dial of the Sea Wolf re-version remains consistent with the first stylish, yet additionally reworks it. The surface, which initially had a slight arch to it, is currently level, however spruced up with a slight sunbursting, making the dark more powerful. On a superficial level is an essential list of applied markers including particular huge triangles with metal numerals inserted with lume at 12, 6 and 9. The first came in date (datographic) and non-date, the last being the more alluring stylishly and as a collectible. The re-release is just in accessible with a date, so rather than a fourth triangle at 3, which would make a striking dial, you have somewhat of a hole, where the date window is put. Adding a non-date adaptation to the assortment is an easy decision in my opinion.

Alternating with the triangles are flimsy applied square shapes with lume lines and steel encompasses. They stay near the first, however have a marginally unique plan. Notwithstanding, they work and look great. Between the markers are white lines for the individual minutes/seconds. By and large, it’s an appealing plan that while plainly vintage for the individuals who realize plunge watches, holds up well for another watch. It’s intense, decipherable, and sport while the applied markers add a bit of class.

On the dial surface, just under 12 is a circle/cross logo and “Zodiac” logo. Simply over 6 it peruses “automatic” and “200m/660ft”. All beautiful standard admission, appropriately proportioned and not diverting. In an odd move, they left off the “Sea Wolf” content that was situated on the firsts beneath the logo at 12, and sincerely it is missed. That hint of content would have given the dial a marginally more exemplary feel. It’s additionally astonishing as they kept the content on the Sea Dragons. Taking a gander at the dial, it may have been a swarming issue, yet the deficiency of character is felt.

The bezel format keeps the first plan in respect. It’s all steel with no tone or lume, save the pip at the beginning. Along these lines, you simply have engraved markings, for an extremely perfect, but not entirely readable look. The record comprises fundamentally of lines and a couple of triangles, save the numeral at 30, all precise. One fascinating subtlety to the list is that the initial 15 minutes are set apart in common plunge bezel design, besides there are additionally little triangles at time frames, which is something that you’ll find on the vintage models too.

The handset of the Sea Wolf is especially cool and one of a kind, and they remained consistent with it on the re-version. The hour and moment are cleaned steel Dauphin style with lume filling that has a divided line into equal parts. The second hand is a dainty cleaned stick. It’s a decent look that is very vintage, and has a pleasant dress/sport feel. The lume on the watch is incredible. It’s vigorously applied C3 (or seems as though C3), sparkling brilliantly and for a good measure of time. Indeed, even the slim strips on the rectangular markers gleam well.

Straps and Wearability

The Sea Wolf comes mounted to a 20mm Jubilee style wristband and it’s extraordinary. For one thing, it’s exact, as one of the arm bands the firsts went ahead was in this style, so it completes the look. Second, it’s astoundingly made and truly comfortable. It has a rich shape, going from 20 – 16mm by the fasten, for that slight, vintage feel. The connections are a blend of brushed and cleaned, coordinating the case finish. Similarly as with most Jubilees I’ve attempted, it has a good measure of flex to it, which works with a more modest watch and builds the comfort. They additionally made a vintage-style fasten, which makes the arm band work like a 2-piece lash. At the point when you open the fasten, you unfasten one side from the other. This makes for a minuscule and clean catch plan. They likewise gave it a growing spring, making the fasten “stretch” a piece if necessary. An extraordinary touch that comes in helpful on hot days.

It looks incredible on the watch, however it downs play the carries a piece. Celebration wristbands are fascinating as they are somewhat ornamental and dressy, yet work on game watches. An ideal model is that they are standard on numerous Rolex Datejusts, which is a staple dress watch. On the Sea Wolf, it dresses the watch up a piece, making it more than appropriate for the workplace, yet prepared for a plunge in the sea. Since I truly like the long drags, I tossed on one of our dark Model 2 ties. The vintage style of the tie is a conspicuous pair the stylish of the watch, and the absence of end joins accentuates the drags, making them look longer. This is a decent method to dress the watch down once more, for a more easygoing, polished look. Normally, the Sea Wolf would work with go through lashes and elastic ties as well.

The Sea Wolf truly is undeniably measured for an everyday game watch. the 39mm distance across looks proper and in no way, shape or form little, while the 47.6mm haul to-drag guarantees the watch sits well on the wrist. It’s likewise wonderfully slight and genuinely light. Along these lines, in addition to the fact that it fits well, it’s entirely comfortable and simple to wear for an extended length. I can’t say that for each watch, remembering numerous for my assortment, and it pursues making the Sea Wolf an exceptionally flexible watch. Furthermore, in spite of being somewhat more modest than numerous advanced jumpers, it keeps a fair measure of quality gratitude to the mass from the bezel.

Aesthetically, it’s additionally a victor. There are reasons past verifiable importance concerning why the firsts are collectible…they’re cool looking, and the re-version catches enough of that style. All things considered, it’s doesn’t simply seem as though a vintage watch made new, it fills in as a cutting edge piece. It’s got some dressy components, some lively components and some directly up device watch components as well. Thus, it’s a look that goes with pretty much everything, and can be spruced up or down depending on the situation with straps.

Limited Edition and Other Versions

The watch we’ve been discussing up unto this point has really been nevertheless one adaptation of the Sea Wolf that was delivered. It’s the notable form, henceforth the accentuation, however they really came out with more forms of an alternate plan, with different tie, bezel and dial choices. Tragically, they don’t truly recognize the name between the two, other than reference numbers, yet the look is drastically different.

The other adaptation has to a great extent a similar case, yet with an acrylic bezel, adjusted crown and strong case back. The dial is significantly unique, nonetheless, with a markers and hands that don’t even identify with the other plan. It’s totally non-mathematical with blocky markers at 12, 3, 6 and 9, and more modest faceted markers for different hours. The hands are peculiar, as sketelonized paddles in gleam dark. It’s a fascinating plan, however less durable than the more notable model. All things considered, it is genuinely precise to another memorable rendition of the watch.

The Limited Edition model , of which 82 were made, has a light turquoise acrylic bezel and silver sunray dial surface for a by and large extremely pale range. The bezel embed is very cool. The tone is odd and difficult to nail down. It’s practically dark or light blue, or maybe a blurred white. The list is then in dark, for decent difference. There are adaptations of this plan with dark, red and green bezels also. I couldn’t want anything more than to see the exemplary dial with the acrylic bezel, as those were made in the past also. Indeed, there was an especially amazing variant with a white bezel and red markings that would make for an extremely intriguing looking present day watch.


The Zodiac Sea Wolf re-version is a watch I was excitedly anticipating the arrival of. At the point when we originally saw them in Basel two years prior, it was energizing. It’s not frequently that a genuine exemplary watch gets re-delivered when all is said in done, let alone in our value range. Also, the Zodiac Sea Wolf is one of the coolest potential looks as it’s a symbol that sits in the set of experiences books directly close to some weighty hitters, and it’s simply cool looking. Readily, the re-release doesn’t let down. It’s a professional and all around made watch that is a joy to wear. Indeed, there several things I’d change, yet that’s valid with each watch and the Sea Wolf succeeds where it really matters. In the event that they drew out a non-date, it’d be close perfect.

The greatest proviso is the cost. At $1,195 it’s not a pittance and it has intense competition, however it is Swiss made so it’s not a fantastical cost by the same token. Similarly as with the Sea Dragons, which estimated the equivalent, the quality is there, the completing is there and the development, however somewhat of a secret, hasn’t shown purpose behind concern. It’s very much completed, runs precisely and is made by a Fossil, a significant brand with the assets to do it right, regardless of whether their name isn’t related with mechanicals and the better quality. On the off chance that it cost less, could it be seriously enticing? Obviously, however that’s valid for everything, and normally arrangements can be found.

So, it comes down to did they prevail at bringing this watch back? Indeed, I suspect as much. The best viewpoint is the modernized, however controlled case size. It’s precisely what you need in an every day sport watch. Following that will be that they didn’t attempt to change the idea or feel of the watch. It’s still a device watch with a dash of class. See current Subs or present day Fifty Fathoms… they are a long ways from their motivation driven roots. And keeping in mind that the cost is perhaps higher than we’d like, it’s not unbelievable, so it’s a watch that individuals can really claim and use. Ultimately, they additionally have an enormous scope of various choices, so you can pick the one that is appropriate for you. Presently, we will anticipate the arrival of the Super Sea Wolf, another winner.