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Xetum Tyndall Reviewed

“Designed in California, Made in Switzerland” is Xetum’s motto. With the Tyndall, Bruce Springsteen’s “Brought into the world in the USA” meets Eighties Swiss pop band Yello’s “Goodness Yeah” – and what you get is California stylish marry to überlegen Swiss custom, giving us one intelligent love child. 

Last year prior we acquainted Xetum with our perusers and later we showed you numerous photographs of our number one Xetum model, the Tyndall, in our Weekly Watch Photo . Today we’re satisfied to share our contemplations on the Tyndall after we had the chance to wear it.

No horse feed or bean grows here, think Ghirardelli square; yet Xetum exemplifies a Berkeley-esque ecological awareness, which is uncommon for a watch company. Xetum (articulated ZEH-tum) has risen up out of run of the mill store lack of definition as a standard, web watch brand, and they have done as such with style, offering the mid-valued market a quality timepiece.

Many more modest companies make watch-clones with index cases and spending developments, yet San Francisco-based Xetum remains solitary in plan, quality and allure. Xetum is an exceptional company, and the Tyndall, named after SF Tyndall park, is without comparison.

Overall Appearance

Just as Calvin Klein made moderation the style in design, so Jeff Kuo, Xetum’s author, has planned a watch with a moderate allure. Toning it down would be best. Straightforward mathematical shapes and even lines give a fresh appearance. Rather than an intense braggadocio of a watch, the Tyndall offers a downplayed character, which consolidates pocket watch signs, for example, the recessed auxiliary seconds dial with present day styling.

For me, this watch wears best as a dress watch. I took a stab at wearing the watch with shorts and a T-shirt, yet the watch felt more comfortable with business easygoing or a suit. Does that say really regarding me or the watch? Specifically, the Tyndall is a sharp accessory that completes the wing tips, power tie and sleeve fasteners look with what the Louisiana French call lagniappe, a bit of a bonus. This watch matches well with the meeting room and for just $1495 would without a doubt be a Warren Buffet favorite.


This watch talks through its dial, and all that it needs to say is promptly available. Is it true that you will wear another watch for a day or somewhat more? Don’t sweat it. The Tyndall has a 42-hour power hold. There is an AR covered sapphire precious stone on the front, however the presentation back has a mineral gem. What you see is the thing that you get.

One component that isn’t quickly evident is the company’s green commitment, represented by the green hexagon under the 12. From the naturally tanned leather tie, to the rubberwood box, to the biologically amicable container made of Forest Stewardship Council confirmed Rainbow 70 paper, to other activities, Xetum is a green company and one that other companies, paying little heed to industry, would do well to imitate. The California roots are showing nicely.

Customer administration is another concealed component. Whether you purchase a Tyndall or the lower valued Stinson model, Xetum is receptive to its customers.


The dial’s balance communicates in a quaternity of, going clockwise, company logo, date, little seconds dial, and programmed assignment. The upper quadrant shows the company’s image, a green hexagon, with the name “Xetum” running down vertically to the auxiliary seconds dial, making a vertical pivot that crosses with the flat hub of “programmed” on the left and the date window on the right. The hand’s cannon pinion rests at the focal point of that convergence. Two circumferential rings encompass this inward zone. The internal dial denotes the PM hours in 24-hour military time with more modest Arabic numerals, while the external dial denotes the AM hours with bigger numerals. The moment hand lines up impeccably with the hash blemishes on the external dial, and the hour hand lines up consummately with the hash blemishes on the inward dial. This watch has some genuine feng shui.

The dial is accessible in dark or off-white likewise with the model that I had. At the base under the 6, the dial has the official “Swiss” assignment. The hands are white laid out with dark, and their difference with the cream dial makes for moment acknowledgment. The dark numerals on the white date wheel are extremely near the text dimension of the 24hr internal ring, keeping a reliable circle, however for clarity, I would have favored a bigger textual style, nearer to the size of the external circle. Another component that builds up the quadrants on the dial are the larger than average hour numbers at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock, and like the hands, these larger than average numerals are white illustrated in dark. Around evening time, the lume on all fours four numbers make reading a clock dependable. Day or night, looking through the dial to tell the time is never the issue.


The strength of the Tyndall is in its spotless plan, which we may credit to some famous workmanship school graduate, yet rather comes from an administration expert who showed himself how to utilize a CAD program since he was unable to draw. What Jeff Kuo needed imaginative qualifications, he more than outperformed with vision. His drive has made Xetum a reality.

The round lugless case promptly isolates the watch from the crowd. Two raised lines sandwich the barrel of the case and give the ideal bit of character. At 40mm wide and 11mm thick, the case has a moderate size, yet at the same time spreads the word about its quality. On the back, the development is noticeable through a rectangular window with two adjusted sides. “Xetum” and “Swiss Made” embellish the highest point of the case back, affirming the watch’s pedigree.

I have an affection/disdain relationship with the crown. We should begin with the affection. The esthetic allure of the crown is an imaginative accomplishment that adjusts the watch while at the same time epitomizing the general plan. The crown’s hexagonal shape coordinates the company’s green hexagon, which is additionally included on the dial. Binds the crown to the case, it has a similar sandwich lines on its edges that likewise run along the case’s outline, and the crown’s extent is right on target. It sits between the case’s lines and sits nearer to the lower line. The crown looks great and equilibriums the watch consummately, forestalling comparisons of the lugless case with a hockey puck. In the event that I just needed to take a gander at the crown, all I would have is love.

Unfortunately, I additionally need to unscrew it and wind it. This is the point at which it becomes clear that craftsmanship has won over capacity on the grounds that the crown needs ergonomic cordiality. The lines on the edges become smooth runways for the finger or thumb to make a trip just to scratch the hexagon’s hard precise point upon liftoff. Subsequent to hearing ladies complain about the discomfort of wearing high heels while at the same time applauding how great they look in them, I feel a similar route about the Tyndall’s crown. It looks great, yet it is murder on the pointer and thumb. Its saving grace is that the crown turns easily without any rubbing, so little exertion is required.

The leather tie might be my #1 thing about the watch, and rather than a punch at the watch, my comment is an affirmation, that indeed, the tie is that acceptable. The watch has a steel wristband elective that I wore for a couple of days, however I immediately got back to the leather tie. To my brain, concerning the appearance of the watch, the tie is the solitary alternative. In sync with the company’s green commitment, they tan the leather lash utilizing a vegetable-based tanning measure, which gives the tie a rubbery vibe that I love. There is no issue with length. The intonation of white sewing holds it back from covering up in indefinite quality and adds one more scrupulousness. The thickness of the lash is significant, and the stopper lining adds a softness and breathability that makes me need a Xetum tie for all my watches.

The profound drawing of the company name enhances the locking clasp of the arrangement fasten. A significant detail of the fasten is that the delivery catches sit recessed practically under the tie, keeping them available, however keeping them from restricting into the arm. This is one comfortable strap.


Xetum utilizes an ETA 2895-2 to control the off-focus little seconds hand and thereby adds some quality. The solid etchings working on it coordinate the company name on the rotor, which shows up in eye-getting blue. The rotor’s responsiveness is decisively, and it turns in a circle like a skater skims across the ice. At the rotor’s base edge are enlivening stuff teeth, and the development’s elaboree finish is standout, giving a shimmering sheen. I particularly like the 2895-2 recognizing ribbed circle at the rotor’s center.

Some Questions for Jeff Kuo

Intelligent, articulate, however over all energetic, Jeff Kuo has had the option to do what others just dream about: start his own watch company from scratch.

Would you if it’s not too much trouble, share something of your excursion from an enthusiastic watch devotee to the author of another watch company?

I started planning watches since I was a watch aficionado who couldn’t discover a watch with the combination of esthetics, estimating, Swiss mechanical developments and valuing that I was looking for. When looking for a watch, almost everything unmistakable that I discovered was either too huge, excessively colorful or excessively costly (and often each of the three). Numerous other watch aficionados that I knew shared these equivalent concerns. So I began working on plans, going to Switzerland and building up the assortment. I needed to show myself CAD to do the main plans (which was a test, since I come from a business and not a plan foundation). However, I imagine that experiencing the way toward planning myself was vital, rather than employing a fashioner. I experienced hundreds if not huge number of cycles in the beginning phases to get the extents and feel how I needed them to be, and the best way to do this was by working on the plans straightforwardly. From that point, the plans became polymer models, then models worked in genuine materials, lastly in late 2009 the Tyndall and Stinson assortments were fit to be presented, after over 18 months really taking shape. At each stage, I got a lot of accommodating contribution from fans and specialists. I’m extremely thankful for the useful criticism got all through the plan cycle as they have helped make the assortment what it is today.

What is the watch scene, the climate, the ethos of a watch company in San Francisco? Why San Francisco?

I have lived in the San Francisco inlet territory for over 30 years, so San Francisco has affected my plan esthetic & values. There is a solid appreciation in San Francisco for autonomous and craftsman brands in numerous territories going from style to food to plan. I accept that Xetum has a profound appeal to knowing clients looking for a mechanical watch that is free and not something that every other person has one their wrist. Another San Francisco trademark is the manner by which worldwide the city is. When planning our watches, I have attempted to utilize a cutting edge configuration style that has a wide appeal to watch devotees from around the planet. I’ve heard from clients in a scope of various nations saying how they think our style fits very well with the plan esthetic where they are. It feels extraordinary to get this criticism from a different crowd and we intend to keep planning in an advanced & universally engaging style. Natural obligation is additionally a significant incentive for me, having experienced childhood in California. We attempt to settle on earth cognizant decisions in our creation and company activities, for example, utilizing normally tanned watch ties with stopper linings, making our strong wood boxes of eco-accommodating rubberwood and supporting re-forestation initiatives.

Being another company, Xetum has discovered accomplishment in a competitive commercial center. For what reason do you think customers have reacted to the Tyndall?

Most of our clients are first attracted to the particular, yet downplayed style of the Tyndall. Indeed, even only a couple a very long time after the dispatch of the company, I knew about individuals who saw a Xetum on somebody’s wrist and remembered it as a Xetum. The lugless case has a remarkable and unmistakable look without being excessively ridiculous. I think there is likewise a solid interest for an average sized watch with an unmistakable look & I expect that there will be expanding request in the ~40mm case size range in the upcoming years.

The Verdict: Pros and Cons


  • The by and large idea of the watch makes another section for American watch design.
  • The lugless case adds to the watch’s uniqueness.
  • The leather/plug lash is my favorite.
  • The dial talks volumes.
  • The crown looks exquisite.
  • Though not a deal, the cost is all the more then fair.


  • The case size is just 40mm. For some, the size will be a positive, and this watch has a sensible size, however I favor 42mm and greater. The held estimating just affirms my judgment of the Tyndall best utilized as a dress watch.
  • Not actually a con, however all the more an inclination, I might want a greater date window.
  • The crown is material torment. Perhaps it might have some adjusted edges or a coin edge to forestall fingers slipping.
  • For the cash, I might want a sapphire precious stone on the back.

The Tyndall is an extraordinary watch, a festival of imagination and plan, which remains as a David amidst numerous Goliaths, and against the chances, Xetum is as yet standing. Why? It is an incredible mid-evaluated watch. Given its quality and fifteen hundred dollar value point, the Tyndall is a great worth. For the cash, you are getting a great watch that can run with the enormous canines, yet the Tyndall doesn’t attempt to be more than it is.

In this story of two nations, the Swiss character is vital to Xetum, and the buyer promptly recognizes quality with Swiss creation, however the U.S. attaches are similarly critical to me, and I suspect to others. Never again is genuine American watchmaking restricted to RGM or Kobold, on the grounds that another symbol has arisen. The United States imparts Xetum to Switzerland, however realize that we Yanks sure are proud.

You can discover more about the Xetum Tyndall and Stinson (with focal seconds hand)  on the Xetum site . That’s additionally where you can arrange a Xetum watch.



  • Swiss-made ETA 2895-2 elaboree-grade programmed development with 27 jewels
  • Hour, minute, little auxiliary seconds, and date
  • 28,800 vibrations per hour
  • 42 hour power reserve


  • 316L hardened steel case
  • Screw down crown
  • 40mm breadth x 11mm thickness
  • 10 ATM (100 meters) water resistant

Dial and hands

  • Black or off-white dial
  • Recessed little second subdial
  • Super-LumiNova on 12, 3, 6, 9 hour files and hour/minute hands


  • Sapphire front gem with against intelligent covering on inside of crystal
  • K1 solidified mineral gem on display back

Strap and buckle

  • Naturally tanned leather lash with internal covering of Italian cork
  • Pushbutton-discharge tempered steel butterfly catch with engraved Xetum logo
  • Watch lash connected with 20mm springbar