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w&w’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

The Christmas season is by and by upon us, and we realize that some of you are as yet chasing down that very late present. Keeping that in mind, we revitalized the worn&wound group and set up a little blessing manual for help you out. Presently, we’re a varied pack here, and these aren’t all carefully watch related, either, so there’s sure to be something for that exceptional individual in your life. Let’s get to it!

Zach Weiss – Delirium “Suede & Smoke” Candle

I know you’re’s opinion, “$48 for a candle!” Or really, you’re likely reasoning, “wtf, a candle?!” But indeed, a $48 candle. Don’t disparage this thing. You’ll discover it routinely copying in the w&w office just as a couple of our apartments.

Suede & Smoke by Delirium candles smells, all things considered, essentially the manner in which it sounds. It has a pleasantness from crude tobacco blended in with impactful smokiness, finished off with a crude calfskin. Might sound sickening, however you know those photographs of some recognized person drinking scotch by a chimney, sitting in an old club seat with a case of stogies dim on a table adjacent to him? What’s more, you need to go there? That’s what this scents like. Extraordinary present for yourself, or for fellow companions with not exactly ideal smelling homes.

Hung Doan – SEHOO iPhone Macro Lens

For the watch-fixated, snap-shooting Insta-photographic artists, SEHOO’s macro lens connection for cell phones and tablets is a smart and helpful blessing that won’t use up every last cent. With a macro lens, you can shoot close-up shots of watch dials, case backs, and developments, however it’s clearly not simply restricted to watch photography. These have various utilizations for different side interests, too.

There are endless connections on Amazon and this specific one goes for $13 through Amazon prime. I’ve combined it with an iPhone 6 Plus, Google Nexus, and different tablets to incredible success.

Brandon Cripps – Pocket Ref (Fourth Edition) by Thomas Glover

Most of us have come to depend such a great amount on the Internet for ordinary commonsense data that we fail to remember there are alternate approaches to get it. The Pocket Ref is an incredible token of those prior occasions, a small volume loaded with helpful data on a fantastically wide scope of subjects, from normal science to auto support and fix to carpentry to cash. It even has a ceaseless schedule for brief glances at days and dates for quite a long time past and future. It’s like your truly learned grandpa, in book structure, in your pocket.

Jon Gaffney – Maxmadco TiBolt Pen

A great pen is an immortal blessing. The TiBolt pen from Maxmadco is the first and best form of a virtuoso pen plan. The quality bode well when you discover the creator is a watch sweetheart, as well. Burnley SlingPop

Ralphy may prefer a Red Rider, however I’d rather hazard shooting my eye out with the SlingPop from Burnley. CNC’d aluminum and NotCot-commendable plan make for a fun plinker and occasional drink opener that anybody would be eager to discover in their stocking. Nearby Hardware Essential Home Kit

My father presents me apparatuses each Christmas, and I’m consistently siphoned to get another set. Having the correct unit for the work is key when the opportunity arrives, and this American-made Essential Home Kit from Local Hardware is determinedly made, looks great and comes in a helpful Cordura roll that can be reserved anyplace.

Christian Alexandersen – SONGMICS 12 Watch Organizer

Up until a couple of months prior I never had a spot to keep the entirety of my watches. I normally left them dissipated on my bureau. Be that as it may, at that point I found the SONGMICS watch box on Amazon. It’s very much made, reasonable and the ideal size to fit watches around 43mm and more modest. Beside my watches, the cabinet underneath additionally holds my tie cuts, sleeve fasteners and visa with space to save. Energetically recommend.

Mark McArthur-Christie – Laco Marineuhr Pocketwatch

Having just broken my leg reasonably breathtakingly and taken to supports, a wristwatch is out for me. As a tremendous enthusiast of WWII Kriegsmarine pocketwatches, that’s the ideal pardon to find an advanced equivalent—the firsts are excessively significant and generally imperative to wear regular. So what about a Laco Marineuhr Wilhelmshaven? Legitimate full-lume dial (so you can peruse it in your U-Boat conning tower) and a strong, hand-winding ETA 6497.1 development. In your stocking for around $885.

Ilya Ryvin – CHUP by Glen Clyde Socks

If you’ve at any point focused on our worn&wound present (we didn’t coin the term, I swear!), at that point you’ve unquestionably saw some tone looking out from our trouser legs. Definitely, we’re huge fanatics of fun loving socks here at w&w HQ. Tones, designs, surfaces, and so on. A portion of my number one come from CHUP, a mostly secret company out of Japan. These are thick weaved socks made in little clumps (just 20-25 sets per day!), highlighting wonderful examples and hand-connected toes for extreme comfort. Certainly, they’re somewhat expensive, yet a solitary pair will last you a long while. They make for the ideal stocking stuffer.