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w&w Round-Table #5: How Much Would You Pay for a Quartz?

This week’s Round-Table inquiry comes from one of our normal perusers, Teeritz (you may have seen his name in the comments every now and then). His inquiries is:  How much would you pay for a quartz wristwatch? What is your cut-off price?

Let us know your answer in the comments, and on the off chance that you have a thought for a Round-Table inquiry, if it’s not too much trouble, email it to us for consideration!

James Enloe

Since the mid 2000’s my purchasing propensities changed from quartz watches, which I had worn since I was a child, to mechanical watches, on account of the web. Where I resided there were no hotspots for reasonable mechanical watches; all the stores sold just quartz. Wearing a mechanical watch interestingly changed my purchasing propensities an extraordinary arrangement. In the previous 14 years I have purchased close to 10 quartz watches and have had more than 150 mechanical experience my hands. Today I might be more disposed to purchase a quartz watch, however it would need to be something other than a three hand watch. It would require a chronograph or GMT or some extra capacity, and that being said I would struggle spending more than $125-$150. It would truly need to jump out at me and catch my eye for me to pay even that amount. I haven’t found that quartz observe yet, yet I am certain one is out there.

Li Wang

This question is simple for me. The appropriate response is $2,300, the rundown cost for the Grand Seiko Quartz SBGX059/61/63/, which has an extremely extraordinary quartz development , that is all the more impressive (to help longer hands), utilizes a following instrument so the hands hit the markers precisely, and is specced to be inside +/ – 5 seconds out of each year. With a 37mm case and no lume, it is an appropriate dress watch that can be worn in more easygoing conditions. In any case, generally, the watch completing is sublime and can just really be valued holding the watch face to face. The unverified gossip is that this model has a 50-year administration span, so I may never have to have it overhauled in my lifetime.

Christoph McNeill

This is a simple one: $0. I don’t care for quartz watches by any stretch of the imagination, and wouldn’t get one at any cost. I do have a couple of vintage Seiko quartz LCD watches from the mid to late 1970’s, however no quartz simple watches in my assortment. I’m one of those nutty perfectionists who accept quartz watches have no ‘soul’…they simply leave me cold. I understand that many appreciate the ‘grab and go’ accommodation and precision of them, however I very don’t like them and have no interest in claiming one.

Ed Estlow

This is an intense one for me since it relies a few things. I’m a mechanical watch fellow, so ordinarily I wouldn’t spend even similar to (two digits) on a quartz watch. There several compelling exemptions however.

Something like the Breitling Emergency (well into five digits) – if my way of life required it – would be on my rundown. I think the Tissot T-Touch watches are quite cool, so I could see myself dishing out the ~$1000 there. A few quartz women extravagance watches in the upper four-digit range (Cartier, Parmigiani Fleurier) have grabbed my wife’s attention, and after her gifting me a few watches over the years, I owe her.

Beyond those, and a couple of like them, I’m not actually inspired by quartz.

Brandon Cripps

It’s difficult to say where my outright cutoff cost for a quartz is, so I’ll answer this one with a tale about a watch I remorsefully didn’t buy.

I’m continually watching out for online closeouts for military watches (and, indeed, all watches), and about a year prior one came up that got my attention. It was a 1984 Seiko RAF Gen 1 chronograph like the one we included here . They come available to be purchased pretty consistently, and I effectively own one, so I wasn’t excessively amped up for this one until I saw the issue number. It was low. Like, truly low…0007. Of the 11,000+ Gen 1s gave by the MoD, this one was the seventh!

The dealer had a get it-now cost around $850, which was higher than the normal cost for Gen 1s at that point. So I considered everything, wavered and discussed a piece, in the end choosing to say no thanks to it. I dozed on the choice and understood the following day that I would most likely never see one with an issue number that low again. So I clicked over to get it, and, obviously, it had as of now sold.

$850 isn’t essentially my breaking point for a quartz watch, yet it’s most likely not far-removed. On the off chance that that watch or another Gen 1 with an insane low issue number sprung up today at that value, I’d get it in a heartbeat.

Ilya Ryvin

Great question. I can’t say quartz watches are truly on my radar nowadays (except if they’re the great Seiko 7a28 arrangement of watches), yet I get it would eventually rely upon the development. It’s imperative to understand that not all quartz watches are made the equivalent, and similar remains constant for the actual developments. So while I most likely wouldn’t pay a lot for your common Ronda-fueled watch, I’d happily pay a premium for a Sinn UX with a thermo-compensated chronometer-grade ETA 955.652. I’d additionally consider purchasing a pricier quartz watch like the Autodromo Prototipo, which includes probably the most delightful subtleties and completing I’ve at any point found in a watch under 1k. Besides, it utilizes the ultra cool Seiko VK64, a half breed Meca-Quartz chronograph movement  (the chronograph engine works at a higher recurrence than the timekeeping engine, and the reset is instantaneous).

But, to address the inquiry at hand all the more straightforwardly, I surmise my cap would be somewhere near $100 for a nonexclusive quartz watch (I paid $90 briefly hand CWC quartz guide), and the rest would need to be decided on a one case at a time case basis.

Watch Curmudgeon

How much would I pay for a quartz watch? Nothing! Nothing! Zippo! Nothing! In the event that I’m going to spend anything on a watch, it’s going to be mechanical. Period.

Now, you likely think I totally scorn quartzers. I don’t by any means. On the whole useful purposes, they’re most likely better than mechanicals. They’re more tough, require less adjusting, and far undeniably more exact. However, and this is a major BUT, they do not have a soul.

Mechanicals are wonderful little bits of hardware that have just somewhat developed since the brilliant long stretches of A.L. Breguet. They’re genuine works of art, and I’m ardently traditional. For me to genuinely cherish and regard a watch, it’s had the chance to have a mainspring, an equilibrium, an escapement, and every one of those unimaginable complimentary gears.

But, on the off chance that somebody put a firearm to my head and said, “Choose a quartz watch or I’ll blow youse minds all over duh wall,” I’d choose a Seiko Spring Drive. That would be a quite respectable compromise, a semi quartz I could live with. What amount would I surrender for one? Possibly $250., which implies I ain’t got a chance.

Zach Weiss

hmmm… It’s difficult to put a number on it, as I might suspect I could be convinced by anything in the correct situation. I do like that quartz watches can bring complications down to more moderate costs. Something like the Citizen Grand Complications, which for around $1k give you a ceaseless schedule, chronograph…and a friggin’ minute repeater. That’s loads of fun things to play with…unfortunately, they aren’t especially appealing, so I’ve yet to be stood up to by my quartz limit.

In practice, the solitary quartz watches I truly wear these days are ones with the Seiko Meca-Quartz development inside, like the Techné Sparrowhawk II and the Autodromo Prototipo , the two of which are in my rotation.  The accommodation of  not setting them is decent, yet I truly love that they have the mechanical chronograph work, however are genuinely modest. The two watches additionally are worked to similar standards one would make a mechanical watch, so they have extraordinary looks and a strong feel.

It’s not that I don’t like or appreciate quartz watches, it’s that missing kind of-natural component that makes a mechanical so enchanting. In my assortment, I’m more intrigued by special characteristics, the tale of a watch, the imaginativeness of it than exactness, per say… Some of my watches are shockingly off (old chronos that need some TLC) however it’s those idiosyncrasies that charm them to me. It’s part of the watch’s character, in a bizarre way.

I surmise I didn’t answer… For a watch with feel that truly worked for me, with a quartz development that had something I couldn’t get from a mechanical, I’d presumably top out at $1,000… I’m hanging tight for the day that allurement arises.

Mark McArthur-Christie

There are not many things in Watchworld that partition assessment like watches with batteries instead of springs.

It’s odd, on the grounds that with regards to the apparent capacity of a watch – telling the time precisely – there’s no challenge.  Even the lamest oscillator will disgrace the most precise wiggly-spring ticker.  A £7 Casio F-91W makes even a GMTII look person on foot with regards to timekeeping.

But that’s deceitful.  If you’re here, understanding this, your watches tell the time just by chance.  You’re keen on the innovation, the practice, the interest of watches.  And, for most, this is the place where quartz tumbles down.  They accept quartz, just as a result of its universality on the wrists of the undiscerning, has all the complexity and fervor of a homegrown machine.  But look past those modest and frightful morons in your neighborhood watch shop window…

I’ll announce an interest straight off.  Quartz watches intrigue me – on account of their innovation, their effect on the business, their complexity and on the grounds that they’re part of horological history.  The drive forever precision.

In my watchbox, a F91 sits alongside a Breitling Aerospace (that basically doesn’t acquire or lose in the middle of the two events per year I set it).  There’s a Grand Seiko SBGX083 Mastershop with a gem of a 9F HEQ, hand-collected thermo-compensated quartz development with its ‘Tokyo stripes’. And there are two cal. 1620 Omegas, a Constellation and a Speedmaster from the 1970s (the very watch that went up on the Space Shuttle).  Then there several Seiko 7a28s – the primary quartz simple chronograph.

You ask what might I pay for a quartz?  What would you say you are selling?  I’m Mark and I’m a quartzaholic.  Now, in the event that I can discover somebody to purchase a kidney, I’m off to take a gander at an Oysterquartz.