June 5, 2021 0 Comments Replica Magic

w&w Instagram Round-Up with a Junghans Max Bill, Seiko 6105 and More

We’re back with another Instagram gather together including our 10 most loved watch snaps you all drew out into the open. This week we have some incredible picks, from a yellow-dark Squale 50 Atmos to an amazing vintage Waltham chronograph. Be that as it may, before we get to the watches, we’d like to thank each and every individual who took an interest and labeled #wornandwound and #wandwshop this previous week. Don’t neglect to adhere to the standards underneath to be considered for the following one.

Some brisk updates. To stay aware of our full determination of American-made lashes and watch embellishments, follow @shop_wornandwound . We just delivered an assortment of American-made wallets created in a joint effort with Monk Made Goods, a one-man cowhide activity out of West Virginia. Additionally, another update about our as of late dispatched digital broadcast . In the event that you haven’t done as such yet, you can follow us on most major web recording stages. Also, in the event that you like what we’re doing, kindly leave us an audit on iTunes . It goes far in becoming the show.

Back to the gather together. To be featured, the guidelines are straightforward: a. Follow us on  Instagram . b. Incorporate the hashtags #wornandwound and #wandwshop, or label us at @wornandwound. c. Post a watch related photograph. It doesn’t must be a watch on your wrist, yet watches ought to be at the center of the picture. d. Be marvelous (naturally).

Let’s get to it!