June 9, 2021 0 Comments Replica Magic

w&w Instagram Round-Up with a Damasko DA37, a Vintage Movado and More

We’re back with another Instagram round-up of our 10 favorite watch snaps you folks brought to our attention. This week we have some great picks, from a fantastic Seiko Silverwave to the overbuilt Damasko DA37. Yet, before we get to the watches, we’d like to thank everyone who participated and tagged #wornandwound and #wandwshop this past week. Don’t forget to follow the standards below to be considered for the following one.

Also, follow the @shop_wornandwound account to see our full selection of American-made straps and watch accessories. We’ve got some great stuff coming.

To be featured, the principles are basic: a. Follow us on  Instagram . b. Incorporate the hashtags #wornandwound and #wandwshop, or tag us at @wornandwound. c. Post a watch related photo. It doesn’t have to be a watch on your wrist, yet watches should be at the core of the image. d. Be awesome (naturally).