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worn&wound’s Wind^Up Watch Fair 2016 Recap (Video and Gallery)

Indeed, this year’s Wind^Up—worn&wound’s yearly watch fair—was one of the features of 2016. At the point when we set out to make Wind^Up, the goal was twofold. In the first place, we needed to give the brands we champion here on w&w a stage to get out before a live crowd. Second, and maybe considerably more significant, we needed to make a comfortable space for people—including the individuals who may somehow or another never stage a foot inside a watch boutique—to come in off the road and handle some truly incredible watches. No ceremony. No white gloves. Simply a fun, constrain free climate for everybody to play with some extraordinary watches.

It worked. More than you 15,000 went to the Chelsea Market space, a huge jump from the first year’s occasion held in SoHo. The criticism from the crowd and the brands introducing was overwhelmingly sure, and it’s given us some extraordinary thoughts for the following one.

Speaking of brands, we developed this year’s occasion to 30 sellers, up from 18 the earlier year. To some extent, on the grounds that the greater space took into account more brands to take part. In any case, we likewise needed to expand the assortment of watches and frill in plain view with the goal that Wind^Up would speak to something beyond in-your-face watch connoisseurs.

We might want to pause for a minute to thank our supporters who aided make this year’s Wind^Up conceivable: Oris (lead support), Analog/Shift , MK II Watches and Van Brauge . Additionally, enormous gratitude to our companions over at RedBar for assembling the after-party and for keeping the drinks flowing.

We’re truly anticipating the following one. Meanwhile, we set up a video and display exhibiting the occasion. Appreciate!


Photography by Anita Ng. Extra photography by Steve Laughlin.