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worn&wound 2015 Retrospective

It’s pretty insane that 2015 is coming to an end… this year flew by like none other. What’s more, in light of current circumstances too… we composed a great deal of articles, made a ton of items and accomplished some lovely grandiose objectives we had set for ourselves. For a certain something, we delivered our first since forever watch , done in a joint effort with Avi-8… which are everything except sold out. At that point, we set out to make the first since forever observe reasonable for moderate wrist watches, Wind-Up: NYC . It was an immense achievement that far surpassed our assumptions (we’ll have one more post on that this week, with some incredible video of the occasion). We additionally nearly significantly increased our instagram adherents from this time a year ago (20k > 57k) and almost multiplied our Facebook supporters from 50k – 95k…oh, and eventually, were regarded by the assignment of our own personal posture .

So what would be an ideal next step? All things considered, only time will tell… however I can say that we’re only anticipating accomplishing more, making more and having however much fun as could be expected along the way.

Below you’ll discover 12 of our number one posts from w&w, one every month. It’s difficult to pick only 12, so make certain to peruse our chronicles and watch survey matrix to look at what we were up to in 2015. See you in 2016, and upbeat new years!

January 2015: Junghans Max Bill Anthracite survey by Ilya Ryvin

February 2015: Hands-On with the Habring2 Time-Reserve 2009 by Zach Weiss

March 2015: Affordable Vintage: Seiko Silverwave ref.6601-7990 by Christoph McNeill

April 2015: Damasko DA36 Review by Ilya Ryvin

May 2015: The Little Engine that Could – and Did: A History of ETA by Ed Estlow

June 2015: Introducing the K1 Caliber: Picking Up Where ETA Left Off by Zach Weiss

July 2015: Watches and Cars at Drive Tastefully: Barker Hangar via Sean Lorentzen

August 2015: Never Meet Your Heroes: Finding a Heuer Carrera 2447S

September 2015: Side-by-Side: Seiko SKX007 + Orient Mako USA by Ilya Ryvin

October 2015: Chronography 4: Lemania 5100 by Mark McArthur Christie

November 2015: Affordable Vintage: Seiko 6138-0030 “Kakume” by Christoph McNeill

December 2015: REC P-51 Review via Sean Lorentzen