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World of Watches 2 Hosts Singapore’s First-Ever Grand Seiko Event Featuring Master Watchmaker Satoshi Hiraga

A first-since forever Grand Seiko occasion of its sort in Singapore—a very much respected focal point for watch aficionados—was as of late facilitated by Grand Seiko approved retailer World of Watches 2. This party expected to point out long late the zenith of watchmaking ability at present offered in the Grand Seiko range by the Japanese horological giant.

Many watch authorities have since a long time ago broadcasted their reverence for the meticulousness and the close to perfect completing of Grand Seikos, at this point there have been in any event equivalent, if not more, cynics who would never comprehend the allure of a Seiko that costs in the scope of four digits and up.

This perseveres notwithstanding the way that Seiko is one of the biggest watch companies on the planet with the largest scope of watches accessible, from the Seiko 5 that can be acquired for under 100 dollars right to a large portion of 1,000,000 for the most current Credor Fugaku Tourbillon restricted release. Inside that reach are various marvelous jumpers, great very good quality mechanical chronographs (considered so able that Tag Heuer bought the plan rights to the development and attempted to make it look like their own), and Seiko’s exclusive Spring Drive innovation that weds the best parts of quartz precision with mechanical craftsmanship. Let us additionally not fail to remember that, not at all like numerous marquee Swiss and German brands, Seiko has stayed in similar family since its establishing in 1881—the current CEO Mr. Shinji Hattori is the extraordinary grandson of originator Kintaro Hattori.

World of Watches 2 welcomed an expert watchmaker right from Seiko Japan to exhibit the degree of craftsmanship and artfulness that goes into every single Grand Seiko. Mr. Satoshi Hiraga, who has over 25 years of working involvement in Seiko, is at present a watchmaker at the celebrated Shizuku-ishi Watch Studio where all mechanical Grand Seiko, Credor and Prospex watches are carefully hand gathered. He was perceived as a Contemporary Master Craftsman by the Japanese government in 2015. He is likewise acclaimed for making and gathering the unthinkably slight (4mm) tourbillon development, the type 6830, found in the Fugaku Tourbillon. That’s not all that that descended from Japan. Mr. Hiraga was likewise accompanied by a celebrated assortment of recorded Grand Seikos and a portion of this year’s novelties.

Enjoy the little display underneath. (Photos kindness of World of Watches 2.)