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Wind-Up: New York City is One Week Away!

Wind-Up: New York City , the world’s first moderate watch reasonable, is only multi week away and we needed to give every one of you a speedy suggestion to set your schedules as we’re sure you’re not going to need to miss it! The show begins Friday, the 23rd and goes through Sunday the 25th. It’s situated at 101 Wooster st, among Prince and Spring in New York City’s popular SoHo region. Most awesome aspect all, it’s allowed to join in, so bring your friends.

On top of appearing and selling their watches and products, large numbers of the going to brands will likewise have uncommon offers, new merchandise and other fun things to appreciate at their corners. Here’s simply a taste (if it’s not too much trouble, note that the entirety of the brands recorded on are still attending):

10:25 Vintage

10:25 will have some Wind-Up restrictive pieces available to be purchased, for example, the extraordinarily cool Benrus Type II Class B .


Aevig is coming on the whole the path from the Netherlands and will show their watches, and selling their marvelous firehose straps (as in, produced using recovered firehose) in 20 and 22mm, red and blue. They will be going at a limited cost of $20/strap down from their ordinary $45. Participants will likewise get a Wind-Up elite 15% coupon to use at Aevig’s e-store.


Dietrich will have their full line of unusual and complex watches, including their most up to date models the OT-5 and OT-6. They will likewise be facilitating a giveaway for one of their timepieces.

Stevral (Benarus and Raven)

Raven will show their new watch called the Defender. It’s another and strong bearing for the brand, with a tough military stylish that just barely went live on Kickstarter . Be among the first to see one in person.

Christopher Ward

This is Christopher Ward’s first time showing their watches in New York City and they will bring a choice of their best and most fascinating pieces. The initial 500 guests to their stand will get a $100 voucher to spend during the occasion, which is substantial up until the 24th of December.

Crown & Buckle

The Crown & Buckle group will have a tremendous determination of amazing straps to tidy up your watch with. They will likewise be offering 10-20% off select straps and 20% markdown cards.


Gavox will offer a 10% rebate just as complimentary covers with buy. Also, they will have models of upcoming watches to look at and their striking Aurora to play with.


This is Horage’s first time in quite a while, and on top of showing their intriguing image of watches, they will offer their strong 18k gold Omnium watches at 40% rebate just as having live watchmaking exhibitions, dismantling and collecting their completely free development, the K1.


Martenero will have their two new lines of watches, the Ascent and Marquis , in plain view and accessible to purchase.


MKII is supporting Wind-Up however won’t display. Nonetheless, we will hold a pool at the worn&wound corner for one of their out of creation Sea Fighter plunge watches.

Mühle Glashütte

Thilo Mühle, the fifth era ownder of the brand, will go to Wind-Up to meet with clients, fans and talk about their extraordinary timepieces.

Oak & Oscar

Oak & Oscar will be in from Chicago with their new watch, the Burnham. The initial 300 individuals to visit their corner and take a stab at a watch will be entered to win one of their US made calfskin and felt watch wallets.


Each of Sablier’s extraordinary raised precious stone watches will incorporate a complimentary arrangement of sleeve buttons or an extra Sablier strap.


Stowa proprietor and CEO Jörg Schauer will go to Wind-Up to examine their phenomenal line up of watches. They will likewise be facilitating wagers on Saturday and Sunday for their Antea Back-to-Bauhaus watches, parting with one each day.


Last however not least, we’ll have a huge determination of our straps and extras available to be purchased, incorporating our joint effort with AVI-8, and we’ll be divulging a fresh out of the box new arrangement of single-pass calfskin straps.

Clearly this isn’t something you will need to miss. For additional subtleties head to and make certain to pursue the Wind-Up pamphlet while your there for more updates.

Wind-Up: New York City is supported via Autodromo , Crown & Buckle , Horage , MKII , Mühle Glashütte and Analog/Shift .