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Wind-Up 2016 is Just Two Weeks Away!

Wind-Up is only fourteen days away, so we figured we’d investigate a portion of the brands that are coming and what they’ll have to bring to the table. Prior to getting into it, here’s a snappy token of the occasion details:

Where: Chelsea Market (inside, about 1/third the way) Dates: October 21st – 23rd Hours: Oct 21: 11am – 8pm, Oct 22: 10am – 7pm, Oct 23rd: 10am – 6pm more subtleties: windup.wornandwound.com

But first, we’d like to say thanks to Wind-Up’s Lead Sponsor, Oris Watches , for their support of the show. As a main autonomous Swiss watchmaker, they are an ideal accomplice in Wind-Up and we are eager to have them present at the show. We’d additionally prefer to thank our Feature Sponsors, Analog/Shift , MKII Watches , Van Brauge Watches and ThinkNerve for assisting with making Wind-Up an extraordinary success.

10:25 Vintage :

10:25 is a go-to asset for cool and more affordable vintage watches. Come to their stall to see some extraordinary and uncommon pieces.

22 Design Studio :

Based out of Taiwan, 22 Design studio plans looks just as gems and home merchandise, all made with high-thickness concrete. They’ll have their unbelievably extraordinary fourth Dimension Watches and clocks on display… you’ve seen nothing like these before.

Anonimo Watches :

A restoration of the celebrated Italian brand, presently Swiss based their watches have exemplary, tough plans. Make certain to look at their Militare Chronographs with remarkable 12 o’clock crown placement.

Astor + Banks :

Based out of Chicago, Astor + Banks make US collected game watches. Their new Pilomatic will be in plain view interestingly at Wind-Up.

Autodromo :

Inspired by the brilliant time of dashing, Autodromos watches are upscale, energetic pieces with a particular eye for plan. Come by their stall on Saturday and get a duplicate of Drive Time endorsed by creator Aaron Sigmund.

BALL Watch :

An American exemplary known for their utilization of tritium cylinders and exceptional materials. Make certain to look at their Engineer Master II Slide Chronograph, which features an astute system for enacting the chronograph.

Brew Watches :

Inspired by espresso culture and the machines that make our #1 refreshment. Come see Brew’s new HP-1 programmed, in plain view out in the open interestingly at Wind-Up.

Crown & Buckle :

C&B are a notable hotspot for reasonable lashes. Come by to look at their veritable rainbow of nylon straps.

Eza Watches:

Originally established in the 1920’s, this new recovery is zeroing in on worth driven, vintage styled sport watches. Wind-Up is the first run through Eza will be in plain view in the US.

Farer :

This new British brand centers around in vogue regular watches with mid-century feel. Wind-Up will be their first time showing their watches in the US, including their pristine automatics.

Foto Nouveau :

Founded by a photographic artist and workmanship chief, Foto Nouveau’s watches draw from exemplary camera plans. This interesting brand will be a top choice of photogs that come to Wind-Up.

Gavox :

The Belgium brand has become well known with exceptional and sharp plans that play by their own principles. Gavox will have their new Avidiver watches in plain view this year at Wind-Up.

Horage :

Horage did the unthinkable and built up their own programmed development, complete with silicon escapement! They’ll be carry a watchmaker with them who will gather their K1 development the entire end of the week at Wind-Up.

Klokers :

The French newcomer has zeroed in on plan driven watches with exceptional showcases. Klokers will be available to be purchased at Wind-Up, their first significant appearing in the US. Klokers is additionally hosting a NYC dispatch gathering on Oct twentieth at Revel NYC. To join, RSVP to [email protected]

Lüm-Tec :

Does Lüm-Tec truly need an introduction on worn&wound? LT is known for their US collected apparatus watches with forceful plans and incredible lume. Make certain to take a stab at their Combat B Composite to see exactly how light and comfortable a device watch can be.


The faction top choice, MKII’s line of completely made watches draw from exemplary references. MKII will have their new Hawkinge line in plain view at Wind-Up, and man are they cool.

Martenero :

NYC based, Martenero is known for their line of affordable and tasteful watches. They’ll have something shiny new and exceptionally cool in plain view interestingly at Wind-Up.

MeisterSinger :

German-based, Swiss-made, Meistersinger’s one-gave watches are however flawlessly made as they may be planned. New from Basel 2016, Meistersinger will have their little yet character pressed Phaneros at Wind-Up.

Mühle Glashütte :

A Wind-Up veteran, Mühle gets back with their index of overbuilt device watches and exquisite dress pieces. On the off chance that you’ve never seen or took a stab at their SAR watch, you are in for a genuine treat.

Oak & Oscar :

The Chicago-based brand gets back to Wind-Up for a subsequent year. They’ll have their new Sandford double crown watch visible, and it’s a looker.

Oris :

Though they are more than 100 years of age, Oris figures out how to remain quite possibly the most applicable brands for the worth cognizant watch shopper. Jumpers 65, ProPilot, Caliber 111… they’ll all be there, so make certain to save some additional time for Oris.

Orologi Calamai :

A little Italian brand, they only make pilots watches and chronographs. Did I notice their cases are produced using resigned stream motor turbines? We’re truly eager to have them as a component of Wind-Up this year.

REC Watches :

Based in Denmark, REC takes bits of exemplary vehicles that are hopeless, and reuses them into exceptional, unique watches. Their new P-51 watches, which feature bits of Ford Mustangs, will be on display… one more first at Wind-Up.

Sablier Watches :

Sablier re-visitations of Wind-Up with their special curved gems. Sablier is vigorously roused by wine appreciation… So in the event that you like wine, and who doesn’t, make certain to check them out.

Schmutz Watches :

Schmutz makes workmanship that is in mask as a watch. No truly, their dials are restricted runs that are made by working craftsmen. They’ll have a painter at their stall, making dials live.

Stevral :

Stevral are the producers of Benarus and Raven, two clique instrument watch brands with excellent form and designing quality. In the event that you’re on the lookout for a watch that can take a genuine beating, these are the folks for you.

Stowa :

A top pick from Germany, Stowa’s line of watches are difficult to beat for their tender loving care and incredible qualities. Stowa will have their new and unconventional Flieger Professional at Wind-Up, the sole opportunity to see it on US soil.

Squale :

We’re past eager to have Squale going along with us this year at Wind-Up. A jump watch brand with a mind blowing history, these pieces are perfect and all around valued. We’re envisioning an extraordinary appearing from the brand, including their new Squalematic 60 ATM, visible interestingly at Wind-Up.

Van Brauge Watches :

A new London-based watch brand, their extravagance watches feature Mu-metal development holders permitting them to have show case backs while shielding the developments from attractive fields. We’re very left to have the chance to present Van Brauge at Wind-Up.

worn&wound :

Ok, a little bold self-advancement here, however we’ll have a scope of our American-made watch lashes and cases, just as our new Strap-Changing Multi-Tool and Avi-8 collaboration watch in plain view at Wind-Up. What’s more, if the divine forces of assembling favor, some astonishing new and lavish rolls and folds.

And that will be that! On the off chance that you’re not energized at this point for Wind-Up, check your heartbeat, since this will be one astonishing watch fair!