April 28, 2021 0 Comments Replica

Will this be the new Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi Cerachrom?

Like consistently, we are speculating and attempting to discover what THE new Rolex will resemble. Furthermore, similar to consistently, we do not understand. A year ago there were some extremely taught surmises about the Rolex Sky-Dweller and we showed you archives of the web area enrollments and other data that demonstrated that THE enormous Rolex oddity could well be called Sky-Dweller. Furthermore, it was called precisely that, yet we did not understand what it would look like. 

And this year isn’t anything else than earlier years. Rolex actually maintains its mysteries consummately. Individuals are speculating we may see another Cosmograph Daytona, presumably bigger (42 mm ) and with a Cerachrome bezel. Hey, even Forbes says ( click here ) that it another Rolex Daytona is very prone to show up at Baselworld. By and by I really trust that the photoshop inventiveness made by “mob” (discovered this on a discussion) will become reality.

Another individual from a discussion made this picture and I should say… BRING IT ON! One more evening and tomorrow we’ll know whether it will be another Daytona, a GMT-Master II with Pepsi Cerachrom bezel or… something totally extraordinary. Up to that point, I wish you sweet dreams.