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Well-Made: 5 Great Leather Brands

Worn & Wound is no more abnormal to fine calfskin products. We’ve consistently been devotees of all around made calfskin products, be they watch lashes, belts, or boots. Also, when we dispatched our own line of American-made cowhide watch extras, we realized that we simply needed to utilize the best materials we could get our hands on. Yet, as we as a whole surely understand, there is a great deal of garbage out there, and overrated garbage at that. So we’ve chose to burrow through the messiness to compile a rundown of five of our number one cowhide smiths from around the world that should engage even the most insightful eye.

The Worcestershire Leather Company

Much like a watch, a belt can be a long lasting frill. Lamentably, most belts sold across retail chains are not worked to last, often made of plasticky calfskin stuck together and cushioned with just god knows what. Enter The Worcestershire Leather Company, a cowhide outfit out of the United Kingdom known for creating probably the best calfskin belts around.

Owner Tim Hardy has been in the cowhide exchange for more than 30 years, with a vocation that incorporates stretches at Ralph Lauren, Gieves & Hawkes, and Nepenthes. The Worcestershire Leather Company is the finish of his thirty years of involvement, with the company adopting a specially made strategy and offering direct to shoppers. Hardy sources the best harness cowhide from J. & E. Sedgwick & Co. –leaders in the creation of vegetable tanned harness, seat, and equestrian calfskins. The clasps and other equipment are created by B.B. Stanley Bros., the last lock making foundry in Walsall, England. Everything is bespoke utilizing customary hand skills–the cowhide is cut, molded, shaved, stained, punched, and sewed by hand.

Hardy offers various intriguing shadings not often find in harness calfskin, with red, naval force blue, and British hustling green sitting close by works of art like dark, nut, and tan. The belt included here is the Chelsea in dim Havana finished off with a strong metal clasp (Nickel plated metal is additionally a choice). As you can tell from the photograph, the calfskin is very firm out of the case, however it will break in over the long run with proceeded with wear. I own various harness belts from different producers, and this one is by a long shot my top pick as far as feel, quality, and in general thoughtfulness regarding detail.

Lotuff Leather

We previously found out about Lotuff when they were our neighbors at the Pop Up Flea. To say that we were stricken with the lovely packs in plain view would be putting it mildly, and it was not difficult to perceive any reason why this New England brand has gained notoriety for being a standout amongst other American sack producers on the market.

But Lotuff is in no way, shape or form new to the scene, at one point existing as Lotuff & Clegg, an association between the Lotuff siblings and eminent cowhide expert Frank Clegg. Established in 2009, the company immediately constructed a little after by delivering excellent sacks and folder cases at a value that was well underneath that of most competitors. From that point forward, the two gatherings have headed out in a different direction, with Frank and Joe Lotuff helming Lotuff Leathers.

Every sack sold by Lotuff is underlying New England by a modest bunch of talented specialists utilizing just vegetable-tanned calfskin. They accentuate exact cutting, by which they utilize explicit pieces of the cover up for various purposes. What’s more, on the grounds that Lotuff utilizes uncorrected cowhide (calfskin that hasn’t been polished and diminished to eliminate blemishes), uncommon consideration should be made to maintain a strategic distance from any normal deformities in the shroud when cutting areas. It’s a careful cycle, and one that numerous don’t waste time with, yet for Lotuff it’s a state of pride.

The Leather Zip-Top Briefcase appeared here is one of the brand’s most mainstream models.


Makr is a refined moderate cowhide products and-convey brand established in 2005 by planner Jason Gregory. What started as a side task immediately advanced into a completely elaborate undertaking, with Gregory leaving his profession in structural marking to seek after Makr. Today, the brand sports a full index of flawlessly made cowhide extras, with a reach that incorporates packs, wallets and card holders, eyeglass cases, telephone and journal covers, and belts. All of Makr’s items are planned and made at the Makr studio in Winter Park, Florida, utilizing generally American-sourced calfskin and shell (for certain conceals coming from Italy and Japan). The stylish is stripped down and rural, ideal for the client just keen on quality materials and not in unnecessary embellishments.

Highlights incorporate the fold thin wallet , the round rucksack , and the Macbook tab media case .

Corter Leather & Cloth

In 2007, Eric Heins started Corter Leather & Cloth (at that point just Corter Leather) as a side task.  At that time, Heins made and sold his products online out of his school apartment in Allston, Massachusetts. It didn’t take long for the youthful calfskin smith to acquire an after on message sheets and design discussions, and soon enough he was doing one-off custom orders, delivering everything from cowhide guitar picks to wallets. In 2012, he dispatched a fiercely effective Kickstarter crusade for the Bottlehook, pulling in 1,200 orders.

In 2013, Heins opened up a shop in Cape Cod, where he and one associate assembling the majority of his product offering. He utilizes a wide scope of vegetable-tanned cowhides from across the world, with equipment planned in-house and created in California and Georgia. Corter additionally saddle lines everything by hand–a work serious method that outcomes in a lot sturdier item. No two pieces are identical.

Heins is likewise sincerely busy dispatching Albatross Leather Goods, a cost cognizant dispersion brand that will be made in Mexico and the USA. It will include to a great extent various plans (with the expectations of one day venturing into footwear), and it will be made utilizing machines as opposed to being done totally by hand. All things considered, Heins is committed to creating a fine item paying little heed to price.

Viberg Boots

Viberg is a family claimed and worked company known for delivering probably the hardest wearing boots around. Established in 1931, Viberg has been furnishing lumberjacks, excavators, climbers, and regular people for 3 ages, with creation (in excess of 200 individual advances) based out of their Canadian industrial facility. Over the most recent 5 years, the company has ventured into the way of life market, making style forward boots and shoes without forfeiting construct quality. Viberg sources metal tacks from England, heavyweight cowhide insoles from Spain, Vibram outsoles from Italy, and just the best upper calfskins from eminent tanneries in the USA and Europe.

The Service boot is their most famous model, in light of a couple from the company’s documents tracing all the way back to the ’30s.