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Weekly Watch Photo – Urwerk UR-103

Today’s Weekly Watch Photo includes a wrist shot, showing both a watch on the wrist and the shoes, similar to the photographs from a week ago. But it doesn’t fulfill with the guidelines of the purported Bulli-Shot . 

However this photograph was so acceptable, we couldn’t forget about it and it’s quite great that it has the right to stand out enough to be noticed. The photograph shows Geo’s Urwerk UR-103, that included as Monochrome’s Weekly Watch Photo previously . Furthermore, only a couple weeks prior, we showed you a dazzling irregularity shot of another Urwerk, the UR-110 .

Since we show you ‘just the photo’ it very well may be a smart thought to investigate past posts ( here , here ,  here , here and here ) about Urwerk’s wonderful UR-103, to get familiar with the specialized viewpoints and perceive how it functions. Appreciate this excellent photograph and perusing the past articles.

Thanks to Geo for giving us this heavenly photograph. For more data, kindly visit the URWERK site .

This article is composed by Frank Geelen, chief manager for Monochrome Watches .