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Weekly Watch Photo – SIHH Impressions + Video Interview

For the third year straight, our companions at Montblanc welcomed me to the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie or SIHH. This permitted me to examine the scenes of the most renowned extravagance watch reasonable in the world. 

Montblanc CEO Mr Lutz Bethge converses with us about the SIHH and the Montblanc inhabitant photographer Pascal Le Segretain, who caught the climate in snazzy dark & white, monochrome, pictures. Furthermore, similar to we promised… in a couple of days, we have a leaving prize to offer away to one of you!

The SIHH is a superb encounter; it’s a greeting just occasion where just the visitors of the 16 displaying brands are welcome. Simply envision, 30.000 square meters, 16 showing brands with HUGE stalls, tables for 3-course lunch, bars for coffee, tea, your morning croissant or a pleasant glass of wine in the early evening. Also, that for no less then 12.500 visitors; it’s a great organization!

Mister Lutz Bethge, Montblanc CEO, was so kind to converse with us about the significance of the SIHH. He talks about how the SIHH is for him and for Montblanc.

Not just are the previously mentioned numbers amazing, this is additionally THE second that all brands meet with the retail accomplices and business for a whole years is finished. So for all watch brands under the Richemont umbrella, the SIHH is the main seven day stretch of the year.

Not just all retail accomplices are welcomed, yet additionally an exceptionally select gathering of the best clients, a great number of celebs (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stalone, Boris Becker, Michael Schumacher, you name ’em) and of course… columnists and bloggers. In half a month you can peruse everything about the new watch models in watch magazines from around the planet, bloggers have kept you undated on the most recent new as it happened.

That’s when photos like the wrist shot above are being made. Montblanc loaned me the most up to date Nicolas Rieussec Rising Hours, for wearing during the whole week and this brought about the survey we distributed here . Style-wise an ideal continuation for the Nicolas Rieussec assortment, as the hours are presently additionally shown by a turning plate, much the same as the slipped by season of the chronograph, the date and the day of the week.

And this is the thing that a blogger does… showing a watch in its common living space, for example on the wrist of course!

And to update you folks as often as possible, a PC additionally comes in handy. Writing down my contemplations about the occasion or a specific watch. Writing for a blog; you need a camera and a PC and you’re all set. What’s more, obviously it doesn’t hurt to hear what you’re saying. The showing brands give you all important data, in the press introductions and on memory sticks with all their watch’s determinations. Anyway with 16 displaying brands and a normal of 10 new watches for each brand, this actually implies clarifying above and beyond 100 new watches!

And since this season’s virus hit me hard during the SIHH, I am amazingly thankful that Monochrome’s benefactors Evan, Mario, Max and Robin covered most new watches, or if nothing else the main ones. Throughout the next few weeks I will make a point to share the active encounters and photos made during this Watch Wonder Week.

Now on to the photos and my host for the week: Montblanc. Montblanc has two manufactories, one being the spot of birth of the Nicolas Rieussec, the TimeWalker TwinFly and the new TimeWalker World-Time Hemisphere. The other is the noteworthy production in Villeret, the previous Minerva fabricate, where “hand-made” is as yet the standard.

Through the Institut Minerva de Recherche en Haute Horlogerie, Montblanc offers youthful watchmakers the chance to build up their ability under the direction of expert watchmaker Demetrio Cabiddu. Here’s part of the dial of the Montblanc Metamorphosis, a watch with two countenances. First it’s a controller watch, which means the hour hand and moment hand show time on their own register. At the point when you push the slide on the case, the dial opens up and changes into a chronograph.

Transformers on your wrist? Sure for a simple 195.000 Euro you can push the slide that begins the change. An interesting second, as no other watch on the planet opens up its dial and sees another dial ascend from beneath. An astounding perspective and it can nearly be viewed as a twofold capacity wrist watch and an automata in one.

Below you can see a watchmaker working on one of Montblanc ‘s top pieces, the Régulateur Nautique.

Also something we will see at the SIHH, as the brands will do their most extreme best to show you what they are about.

When seeing photos like these I keep thinking about whether a decent watchmaker could likewise be a decent specialist? One thing is sure: there are insufficient qualified watchmakers ready to chip away at the most complicated mechanical developments in Switzerland. Obviously there are a great many watchmakers working on the sequential construction system of plants of a portion of the huge name brands. Anyway the abilities to make a watch by hand, amass it, do all the completion yourself.. presently those are uncommon abilities and make that the cost for these watches approaches the cost of a pleasant house.

So in the event that you at any point considered a profession in watchmaking, purchasing a single direction pass to Switzerland may very well be a thought. Notoriety and wonder are obviously the following stop and limitless ladies who do anything for the consideration of a gifted watchmaker. Becoming a plastic specialist is so 2012, watchmaking is the activity in 2013.

This is something you could possibly make, at any rate when you’re past understudy status. The Montblanc Grand Tourbillon Heures Mysterieuses highlights a tourbillon and presentations the hours and minutes as ‘Heures Mysterieuses’. This implies the hour and moment hand are imprinted on two sapphire plates that turn, so the hands appear to glide in the air.

All photos by Pascal Le Segretain for Montblanc.

This article is composed by Frank Geelen, leader supervisor for Monochrome Watches .