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Weekly Watch Photo – Sarpaneva Korona K0

This week’s Weekly Watch Photo shows a watch I have here for an audit. So in half a month I’ll record how it was to wear the Sarpaneva Korona K0 jump watch for certain weeks. For the present I’ll share some first photographs and experiences.

When seeing the official arrival of the Korona K0 (it’s a zero, not a “O”) it was (once more) clear how much consideration Stepan Sarpaneva pays to subtleties. Everything has been thoroughly considered and all esthetics are compatible or bode well. That contributed exceptionally to my experience when wearing this plunge/sports watch made by an autonomous watchmaker.

“One of few” is engraved for the situation back, which means this watch isn’t restricted by numbers, yet by time. Presently it’s accessible, yet perhaps down the middle a year or one year it isn’t any longer. You won’t ever know. However, these engraved words (“One of few”) can likewise be clarified in an alternate way. Sarpaneva is really one of not many free watchmakers making a plunge/sports watch!

Besides the Korona K0, I can just think about the Pita Oceana that, as far as anyone is concerned, is additionally the jump watch that can go to the most profound profundity. With its profundity rating of 5,000 meters (or about 16,500 feet) it goes further then the Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea . The Korona K0 has been made up to the ISO particulars of plunge watches and has a profundity rating of 300 meters, which is all the more then enough for me!

I’ll share my encounters in a full audit soon, however for the present I need to as of now notice a certain something. At the point when I read the determinations I was somewhat stressed to peruse the distance across estimated 46 mm.  Although that’s a major number, it isn’t that enormous on the wrist because of the short hauls and regular korona-formed case. The full survey will be online in a couple weeks.

This article is composed by Frank Geelen, chief supervisor of Monochrome Watches .