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Weekly Watch Photo – Romain Gauthier Prestige HMS

The last Weekly Watch Photo of this current year is devoted to a watchmaker who ought to have been included on Monochrome significantly earlier. His name is Romain Gauthier and he make totally dazzling watches with a completion that is among the absolute best you can discover.

The development of the Prestige HMS was totally imagined, created, planned, delivered, completed, amassed and controlled by Manufacture Romain Gauthier. Prestige HMS – Hour, Minute, Seconds – by Romain Gauthier is as I would see it an ideal mix of the customary and the contemporary.

I recall the first occasion when I met Romain Gauthier. It was in Paris, November 2010, and it was harsh virus. Romain Gauthier was uncovering his watches at Salon de Belles Montres, in the Louver. A sublime spot for a watch show and I was there meeting with Tim and Bart Grönefeld and Peter Speake-Marin . At the point when we went out for supper, Romain Gauthier and his significant other went along with us and that was the first occasion when I laid my eye on one of his timepieces.

Romain discussed his watches and his production (he likewise delivers parts for other companies) and I was essentially overwhelmed. Both the Prestige HM and the prestige HMS are altogether evolved, created, completed and amassed in-house, which is very something. What overwhelmed me was the degree of finish and his interesting way to deal with the plan. Take close look… there’s something missing…

Indeed the crown is by all accounts missing. That is on the grounds that the crown is concealed for the situation back. Romain Gauthier’s approach for a crown-less watch is very different from for Marc Jenni ( as you can peruse here ) or Aniceto Pita who designed two frameworks ( as we clarified here ) that he used to make the ideal plunge watch.

Romain Gauthier sports a crown for the situation back, that by one way or another helps to remember key-winding old pocket watches. Placing the crown on the back expands winding effectiveness and water opposition, while diminishing wear and stress of components. It even permits you to wind the watch, while wearing it… take a gander at how the crown with its smooth teeth is open from the side.

Look at how wonderfully completed the scaffolds and plates are! The spans are alleged Vallée de Joux style finger extensions and they delightfully get the light and obviously the eye with their alluring cleaned bends. The cog wheels highlight lovely circular arms in stead of the standard 2, 3 or 4 straight arms. This looks heat, yet in addition implies increasingly more troublesome wrapping up by hand in light of the fact that no machine can complete the little parts with these curves.

The balance wheel likewise arms, which are not the same as some other equilibrium wheel’s arms. The unmistakable bended arms and adjusted capricious loads have been planned and made by Romain Gauthier.

Typical for all Romain Gauthier watches is the exquisite hand-guilloched strong gold dial that is situated off-focus. Another unmistakable element is the evident absence of a crown. The more old style Prestige HM (hours, minutes) and the more contemporary Prestige HMS are accessible in white gold, red gold and platinum and have a width of 41 mm.

Please visit the Romain Gauthier site for more specialized data an accessibility. The pictures come from Romain Gauthier, anyway they have the unmistakable Ming Thein looks, so I expect he ought to be credited for the excellent photos!

This article is composed by Frank Geelen, chief proofreader for Monochrome Watches .