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Weekly Watch Photo – Ressence

We from Monochrome love wonderful photographs showing flawless watches and the alleged lume-shot is one our #1 approaches to show a watch. At the point when we saw this lume-shot of a Ressence, it was promptly certain that this was the new Weekly Watch Photo. 

Ressence is a free Belgian (!!) watch brand that made name and popularity when they dispatched their first watch 2 years prior. The explanation behind this is that the Ressence Zero Series includes pretty much a similar method to show time as the Harry Winston Opus X, that was likewise dispatched at Baselworld 2010!

Ressence is one of those youthful and inventive brands utilizing an alternate method to show time, as Hautlence, URWERK and MB&F. No regular focal hour and moment hand, in spite of the fact that there are hands noticeable on the dial. One of the hands is the logo of the brand, engraved in the hour part ring.

The focal part inside the hour section ring, pivot in 12 hours. It shows a painted hour hand that is also luminescent as appeared in the main photograph. The section ring over the hour show, is the little seconds show and it works equivalent to the hour pointer. A round circle with painted second hand inside a section ring.

At the lower right piece of the dial (see photograph beneath) is an AM/PM marker and the long stripe on the dial is the moment hand. This development surely implies that the whole plate pivots in 1 hour and the three more modest circles (hours, seconds and AM/PM) pivot in one hour as well.

The site of Ressence begins with a movement that perfectly shows how the Ressence Zero Series demonstrates the time. Other than this creative method to show time, Benoît Mintiens, the man behind Ressence, gives a great deal of consideration to design.

The Zero Series is stacked with ravishing subtleties, as for example the crown.

This isn’t all that matters, yet more can be seen at the Ressence site . If it’s not too much trouble, pause for a minute to look at it for additional insights regarding the brand, the assortment and where the watches are available.

Let me show you only one final crazy thing… the crate the Ressence comes in. Or then again should I say “nest”?

This article is composed by Frank Geelen, leader manager at Monochrome Watches .