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Weekly Watch Photo – Ochs und Junior Due Ore Tinta

The watches from Ochs und Junior actually interest me with their down to the earth approach. The clever specialized arrangements, which show the out-of-the-container thinking of Ludwig Oechslin, offer great and practically straightforward answers for complications that are typically settled with many parts. 

Maybe the Due Ore is Ochs und Junior’s most straightforward watch as it doesn’t have a moon stage or schedule complication. Anyway it includes an overall quite helpful complication, being a second timezone. The second timezone on the Due Ore, which we explored recently , may seem as though an improved on second time region, anyway that’s simply the visual part. When we’re talking about convenience, it offers a completely operational – and helpful – second timezone that likewise looks good!

How does it work? Suppose that one of my companions lives in New York City and we like to call each other occasionally. New York City is in the GMT – 5 hours timezone and I’m living in the Netherlands, which is GMT + 1. The thing that matters is 6 timezones or 6 hours and this is number is moved to the opening at 12 o’clock. The photograph above shows that the neighborhood time is 4:44 and the time in New York is 10:44.

The second timezone plate can be turned by the crown (pull out 1 snap), as the component replaces the date system. To work appropriately and consistently show the time in an assigned second timezone at one look, the second timezone plate doesn’t rotate.

The photograph above shows 10 hours of distinction with the neighborhood time. One of the spots on the planet in the GMT – 9 timezone is Anchorage, Alaska. So the Due Ore with brilliant blue dial and red components, shows that the neighborhood time is 8:17 and the time in Anchorage is 6:17. When it’s 8:17 AM in the Netherlands, it is 6:17 PM in Anchorage. The second timezone sign depends on a 12-hours sign, so it doesn’t demonstrate whether it’s day or night in the other timezone.

As an admirer of the brand I’m happy that Ochs und Junior consistently have heaps of extremely pleasant ‘mood-photos’ on their site and the consistently enlightening Ochsenblog , their own blog. Photographs like these consistently make me wish I had many, numerous watches, so I can undoubtedly change as per my essence of the day. An earthy colored dial for drinking a pleasant coffee toward the beginning of the day and changing for a dim dial on green tie for the afternoon.

The following Due Ore with a dark dial comes near the one I’ve investigated recently. Its dull naval force blue dial comes truly near the dark dial of the Due Ore in the photograph beneath. All watches in the Tinta assortment are accessible in each shading you can envision! You can mail them your preferred ISO shading code; it’s that simple.

The Due Ore is essential for the Tinta assortment, which all come in a 42 mm titanium case, anyway a 39 mm size is likewise accessible. One thing that I’m very left about, is that the Anno Cinquanta is currently additionally accessible as Anno Tinta, which means no valuable metal anymore and at a more cordial cost. The photograph underneath shows the current Tinta assortment, comprising of a Mese Tinta, Selena Tinta, Due Ore Tinta and now the Anno Tinta. Before long all information will be accessible on the new Ochs und Junior site that ought to be online in a couple days.

For more information about accessibility, various models and all prospects with regards to colors, look at the Ochs und Junior site .

This article is composed by Frank Geelen, chief supervisor for Monochrome Watches .