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Weekly Watch Photo – Nautilus Chrono – Patek Philippe ref. 5980/1A

Every time I see the Nautilus Chronograph, I have the inclination my knees get somewhat frail and my vision gets somewhat foggy (that implies, everything around this watch gets hazy). A normal case and I argue guilty.

End of a year ago I posted Bruno’s photograph of his Patek Philippe Nautilus Chronograph or (for experts) the reference 5980/1A. In that post I expounded on my assortment and how we here and there appear to get our orders straightforwardly from a higher power. Since I don’t have the monetary way to satisfy those orders I will continue to post other people’s photographs of the 5980/1A.

The drawback is… I’m presented to such countless lovely, perfect, staggering and marvelous watches that there will consistently be a watch (or two, or three, or…) that gets under my skin. Up to this point I’ve been fortunate to such an extent that I could manage the cost of the watches that I incredibly needed. ‘Until recently’ I said on the grounds that since my first gathering with Patek Philippe at Baselworld (where I additionally had the chance to see this wonderful Aquanaut Travel Time ), I was snared for the Nautilus Chrono. Furthermore, it is basically ‘above budget’.

Now I advise to myself it’s not something awful this watch is ‘above budget’. Obviously I don’t should have the option to purchase each watch that I like and it’s even totally fine that I can’t bear the cost of the ones that I truly, really…really need. A specific level of want, needing things that are far off, is acceptable on the grounds that it strengthens the energy. Also, essentially having the option to purchase any watch I need, would presumably remove a portion of the silver covering too. Ok, who am I kidding… I still truly, really…really need one!