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Weekly Watch Photo – Maitres du Temps Chapter Two TCR

I’m extremely satisfied to show you the freshest Maitres du Temps Chapter Two, that was delivered prior this year at Baselworld 2012. My own photographs of the new Chapter Two TCR (Triple Calendar Round) didn’t come near what photographic artist Ming Thein accomplished, so his staggering photographs make an ideal Weekly Watch Photo. 

In my article about the freshest Maitres du Temps Chapter Three I previously reported that I would show you another extraordinary looking MdT and this is the one. It’s the round form of the ‘ regular’ Chapter Two that we previously imparted to you after Baselworld 2009 .

One of the vital highlights of Maitres du Temps is obviously that few schedule capacities are shown on rollers. Chapter Two shows the day of the week on a roller beneath the 6 o’clock position or more the 12 o’clock position is the month. A major date, hours, minutes and off-focus seconds are completely shown on the round dial.

The quick difference in the triple date (month, day of the week and day of the month) shaped likely the greatest test when planning Chapter Two. Expert Watchmakers Daniel Roth and Peter Speake-Marin figured out how to make an approach to develop sufficient energy for this quick change, all through the day.

Just over the crown you can see a pusher, which is for brisk changing the date. Beneath the carries that likewise house the rollers, are pushers to fast change the month and day of the week, however these are confined from the wearer’s sight.

The new round Chapter Two, with DCL completed parts, looks energetic and easygoing, anyway withe discretionary brilliant crown and screws it looks more board room extravagant. As I would like to think, CEO and organizer of Maîtres du Temps, Steven Holtzman, guided Chapter Two the correct way. Chapter Two TCR is a top of the line, Haute Horlogerie watch with an exquisite energetic look and the new round case makes it truly wearable. Shockingly I could attempt it just for a brief timeframe, while taking the photograph, however I can guarantee you that this was a genuine pleasure.

I surmise we as a whole concur that Ming Thein’s photographs look undeniably more better then mine;  here you can visit his site .

The Maitre du Temps Chapter Two is accessible for $69,000 USD. More data about Maitres du Temps can be found on their site here and on the official Maitres du Temps Facebook page .

This article is composed by Frank Geelen, chief manager for Monochrome Watches .