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Weekly Watch Photo – Grönefeld One Hertz Techniek Nocturne

After all the more then two years of Weekly Watch Photos, we’re now at the 118’s version of Monochrome’s Weekly Watch Photo. Furthermore, to commend the new plan of Monochrome, we go altogether Dutch. Monochrome’s Dutch roots combined with the Dutch watch brand Grönefeld – you realize we love the One Hertz – and a Dutch picture taker who represented considerable authority in watch photographs, Bert Buijsrogge. Sounds like an extraordinary blend, yet I’ll let you be the adjudicator of that. 

Bert’s photographs have been highlighted here previously. Simply think about the amazing photographs he made of the Hautlence HL Ti-02 and the photographs he utilized for his Watch Calendar, similar to these or these  or this one . Other than being a gifted picture taker, Bert likewise realizes how to introduce watches. He generally presents a watch in a specific climate, that in every case impeccably coordinates that specific watch. Grönefeld’s most recent creation, the One Hertz Techniek Nocturne, is shot in dim Gotham City like spheres….

This close-up shows the immaculate completion of all development parts, dial parts and hands. The fundamental plate and extensions are all hand angled,  sandblasted and DLC covered. Screw heads are obviously cleaned and the dial, power hold register and winding/setting marker are completely wrapped up by hand.

These three sections, dial, power hold and winding/setting register, are first CNC machined, laser engraved, deburred – by hand – , sandblasted – by hand – , calculated – by hand – and this must be done in three stages of going from ‘rough’ to better, basically on the grounds that treated steel is such a great deal harder then for example German Silver, that is often utilized. The level surfaces are roundabout grained – obviously additionally by hand – and than screwed on the holders. Completing this dial, power save and winding/setting register cost over a day all together. What’s more, one error, and you can begin toward the start once more. That’s how long only these three little parts cost… Now envision how long these scaffolds will take!

As said previously, completing German silver development parts would in any case take a great deal of time, yet these hardened steel spans and other parts cost substantially more time and abilities! However, it likewise offers a brilliant reflection that German silver scaffolds don’t offer. Completing and gathering a One Hertz costs around one month of work from a gifted watchmaker. The upgraded One Hertz Techniek and One Hertz Techniek Nocture… indeed, that takes considerably more time.

The One Hertz Techniek comes at a cost of € 49,500 Euro before charge, the Techniek Nocturne has a retail cost of € 52,500 Euro before charge. Kindly visit the Grönefeld site for more information about their watches and retailers.

Many on account of Bert Buijsrogge for his stupendous photographs! Here’s a connect to Bert’s site .