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Weekly Watch Photo – Blancpain X-Fathoms

For all the more then year and a half we’ve been sharing the coolest, generally dazzling and noteworthy photographs of watches with you consistently. Yet, today we show you something extremely unique. Something we’ve never shown you and we’re almost certain this is a first. 

Today’s photographs are submerged photographs of Blancpain’s super plunge watch, the X-Fathoms that we enlightened you regarding a year ago . Pleasant submerged photographs, yet that isn’t so marvelous. Except if you understand these photographs are made by Marc A. Hayek… indeed, Blancpain’s CEO himself!

Apparently Marc Hayek is a passionate diver and submerged picture taker, bringing about these lovely photographs. More over he additionally compiled the determinations for the new X-Fathoms. The profundity check shows the profundity with two focal hands; one demonstrates profundities from 0 to 15 meters and a second hand demonstrating to profundities of 90 meters.

This is in reality exceptionally simple to peruse when jumping, on the grounds that the initial 15 meters can be perused with substantially more exactness. Also, these meters, in any event in my experience, are the most basic piece of each dive.

This is the second time mr. Hayek takes the X-Fathoms jumping; the first run through was during the stupendous dispatch occasion in the  11-meter Dubai Mall Aquarium. An fascinating actuality is that the first Fifty Fathoms in quite a while co-created by Jean-Jacques Fiechter, overseeing head of Blancpain at that point and probably the soonest sport jumpers in Switzerland.

The photograph beneath shows a gathering of barracuda’s, swimming over mr. Hayek and his camera. We love seeing a watch on the wrist. Particularly when the brand’s CEO shares his photographs of a cool and rough jump watch in his characteristic habitat.

Check out additional submerged photographs made my Marc A. Hayek here . Stay tuned for more news about Blancpain and Marc Hayek.

This article was composed by Frank Geelen, executive proofreader for Monochrome Watches .