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Weekly Watch Photo – Audemars Piguet Royal Oak ref. 15202

Audemars Piguet has a significant dynamic video channel on Youtube and their most recent video struck me like lighting. Much the same as when I saw the new Audemars Piguet Royal Oak ref. 15202 at the SIHH recently. That made me purchase a vintage Royal Oak ref. 5402, nicknamed Jumbo. 

This photograph shows the sheer magnificence of the Royal Oak’s dial and by and by I have an inclination for the 15202’s dial for the more up to date ref. 15300 and ref.15400 dials. This dial, similar to that of the vintage ref. 5402, feature the purported dainty tapisserie design. When wearing the Royal Oak and getting an impression like this while wearing my old ref.5402, consistently puts a grin on my face.

Here’s the video that just shakes (very literary!) Just like the Royal Oak shook the watch world, when it was presented in 1972. A games watch in treated steel, valued like a brilliant games watch. At the point when the architect, Gerald Genta, showed his new plan to AP’s CEO, he didn’t very see it. Fortunately the Swiss and Italian wholesalers preferred Genta’s plan and requested all pieces that Audemars Piguet could produce.

Since this year Audemars Piguet purchased the old hardware that empowered them to deliver the dials with unimposing and grande tapisserie. The new Royal Oak ref. 15202 otherwise known as Jumbo highlights this unimposing tapisserie dial, while the other models like the different new ref. 15400 models include the alleged grande tapisserie.

The video underneath shows the creation of the dials. The whole cycle is an exceptionally work serious and makes the Royal Oak’s dial select and anything besides a run-off-the-factory dial.

While making this photograph, I chose I need one, need one… For me a vintage Royal Oak ref. 5402 was the appropriate response that fit both my longing and my spending plan. There are obviously other choices for the individuals who incline toward the unimposing tapisserie dials, similar to the vintage ref. 14802 or the new ref. 15202. Upbeat hunting!

Check out the Audemars Piguet video channel at Youtube here .

This article is composed by Frank Geelen, leader manager for Monochrome Watches .