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Watch brands with a weblog

Most watch brands are available on Facebook these days. While most brands scarcely capitalize via online media, a few brands (or watchmakers) truly utilize these new media to share something other than a press release.

Social media are becoming a significant factor in communications. In close to home communications, yet additionally organizations mix in and utilize these communication channels. At the point when web emerged, most watch brands didn’t rush to get an online appearance. A long time later, when web-based media are blasting, something very similar occurs. Most watch brands do have a Facebook page at this point. In 2008, Cartier was the watch brand with the most ‘fans’, just about 10,000. Today they have no under 37,000 Facebook ‘fans’. The unavoidable issue anyway is on the off chance that they utilize this medium to truly connect with their Facebook ‘fans’?

Especially among free watchmakers, Facebook has become a very much utilized medium. Free thinkers don’t have the media spending like the huge brands, so it’s savvy they discovered their approach to elective communication channels and educate watch aficionados about new watches and other intriguing turns of events. Publishing content to a blog another method of communication, perhaps a more close to home method of communicating than what brands do on Facebook. Three brands, all free movers, have a blog where they share more data than watch related info…

Max Busser of  MB&F shares some exceptional things about climate agreeable new turns of events, workmanship and other things that stand out of the group and Max likes to share. Look at his own notes he shares through the parrallel world segment of the  MB&F site . Actually I was stunned to see the photographs of the Niagara Falls… frozen!

Ochs und Junior is a joint effort between Ludwig Oechslin, Beat Weinman, Paul Gerber and a few additional individuals who’s commitment to the  Och und Junior watches is fundamental. The production of keen, imaginative and recharging watch-advances is their main event and through the  Ochsenblog they share how things are finished. I particularly appreciate the drawing of Sjoerd van Rooijen’s kid’s shows and Bea Weinman’s photographs a lot.

Jorn Werdelin and Morten Linde, the two men behind (obviously) Linde Werdelin , share their thoughts through The Lab. As indicated by their own assertion. The Lab is where creative contemplations stream. They say it’s a rousing window to the Linde Werdelin universe where creative and intriguing thoughts come and go and where a portion of these thoughts transform into Linde Werdelin manifestations. Presently that sounds great, doesn’t it? Look at it yourself 🙂