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Visiting independent watchmakers

From Saturday 21th of August until Thursday the 26th I’m going to Switzerland visiting numerous autonomous watchmakers. Furthermore, of course you can find out about the gatherings and news the watchmakers need to share, here on Monochrome.

Worldwide there are a couple dozen of autonomous watchmakers who truly make exceptional watches, at any rate as I would see it. This weekend I will visit Thomas Prescher lastly will see his astounding single axis, twofold axis and even triple axis tourbillon watches. In the long stretch of August Thomas Prescher welcomes guests to his atelier in Twann, Switzerland. At his Facebook page he posted this offer, a visit and the likelihood to discover yourself how a timepiece is created, produced, amassed and managed from scratch. Or then again from crude pieces of metal to unadulterated horological workmanship. This is a chance I couldn’t oppose of course!

Ian Skellern , a notable writer on Haute Horlogerie, was so kind to assist me with getting sorted out this excursion and will go along with me for the greater part of the visits. Ian composes for a few magazines and sites and is the arbitrator of a few gatherings at Revolution Online , the previous Horomundi forum.

Monday morning we will visit Peter Speake-Marin, an extraordinary watchmaker and a genuine man of honor. A year ago Speake-Marin introduced his new, self created, development, caliber SM2 . Building up a development isn’t something little, anyway for a little autonomous watchmaker it’s a monstrous masterpiece. The principal watches who carried this delightful and powerful development where the Piccadilly 1 of every 12 Limited Edition .

Later that day the visit continues to La Chaux-de-Fonds where Greubel Forsey have their spectacular new manufacture. Also, significantly more spectacular are their timepieces. Their watches are not just noteworthy from an external perspective (take a gander at the case of the Tourbillon 24 Secondes or the Quadruple Tourbillon) yet the development and level of finish is likewise very impressive.

And the visit continues, as do the visits to the most amazing watchmakers of these occasions. Kari Voutilainen , a Finnish watchmaker living in Switzerland and creator of perhaps the most wonderful dress watches I have at any point seen, the Observatoire. The case, dial, hands and the Observatory caliber Peseux… sheer excellence. Of course Kari Voutilainen creates more delightful watches like this magnificent Decimal Repeater No 8.

De Bethune is a free watch brand and they are technologically extremely imaginative. Furthermore, let’s be honest… the plan is a few models is likewise on the cutting edge of advancement. Simply investigate the pherical moonphase and how the development is noticeable at the dial side. I was so lucky to give this De Bethune DBS a shot my wrist at a local watch-store. An uncommon open door as watches of De Bethune are difficult to find.

And the visit goes on…. Hautlence will deliver the new HL2.0 at the coming watch fairs, however perhaps we find the opportunity to make some live photographs of their new masterpiece. Of course I desire to see a portion of their more seasoned models, which I believe are totally stunning.

The a day ago of my excursion to Switzerland will be another day of visiting the most lovely free watch brands. URWERK is a brand I have expounded much on before and I’m curious if there’s possibly some news. Especially because the production of the 103 collection will halted soon. Here’s a photograph of the URWERK 103T Tarantula that I made during Baselworld 2009. The most ideal approach to see a watch is on the wrist 🙂

Ladoire , another free watch brand, was set up in 2007. During Baselworld 2010 we met briefly and I had the opportunity to see the a portion of their watches. After this excursion I’m sure I can disclose to you much more… and show some photos.

The last autonomous watch brand I will visit is MCT Watches . The plan and the best approach to show the time is incredibly savvy and inventive. Recently I expounded on the Sequential One ‘s plan and imaginative approach to show time. What’s more, if you’re excessively languid to read… there’s consistently the video 🙂 Check it out!

Pretty soon they will launch a the Sequential One All Black, so ideally I will see it. Yet, for now… a wristshot of the Sequential One in rose gold.