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Vintage beauty – Vacheron Constantin American 1921

When Vacheron Constantin dispatched the Historique American 1921, data about it’s precursor was made accessible too. With all the data to be discovered, the first watches are uncommon, incredibly, uncommon! So envision that I was so shocked to get an email from a proprietor who’s acquired a vintage American 1921 and is looking to sell it.

This explicit ‘American 1921’ was the principal Vacheron to bear this name and was restricted to 10 pieces. It was likewise the first with it’s crown at the 2 o’clock position, or as gatherers consider it a ‘crown right’ model. The last one of these ‘right crown’ models sold for 61,000 CHF at the Antiquorum ‘ Quarter Millenium of Vacheron Constantin ‘ sell off in 2005.

The proprietor was encouraged to sent his watch to Vacheron Constantin for a complete restauration, before unloading it. By and by I think it’s better not to sent it for reclamation and keep it in unique condition. For it’s age it looks totally extraordinary and the wear it shows just adds to it’s beauty.

I’m intrigued to get other thoughts on this matter, so don’t hesitate to mail, post a comment or offer your musings in another way.

This specific watch is the first American 1921 and highlights a manual injury development with 16 gems and is acclimated to 5 positions. The finish dial and marker at 2 o’clock has some harm, however hello, what would you be able to anticipate from a watch that is 90 years of age. The auxiliary seconds dial at 6, for this situation at the correct lower corner, is recessed into the dial.

I could not be right, however it seems like the hands are made of blued steel with applied tritium for perusing time when it’s dull. Obviously the tritium is no longer luminescent.

The coolest thing… the watch unloaded by Antiquorum in 2005 has practically a similar case number as this one. This Vacheron’s case is made just before the one that was sold for 61,000 CHF. The development numbers are likewise very close… I desire to keep you all educated about if and when this vintage magnificence will be up for auction.

At the Vacheron Constantin site you can see the re-version of this vintage beauty.