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Vincent Bérard Luvorene 1

Vincent Bérard, a Swiss watchmaker/craftsman, makes presumably the most delightful development i’ve at any point seen. His Luvorene 1 is a genuine pearl. A week ago the recently redesigned atelier & office was introduced.

Watchmaker Vincent Bérard got distinction by making an extraordinarily delightful pocket watch, the Quartre Saisons Carrosse (Four Seasons). Around then (2005) he additionally had a model for a wristwatch, the Luvorene 1 , and was looking for investors.

Developing a watch without any preparation isn’t modest. After financial specialist Herbert Gautschi and Vincent Bérard joined constrained they found a financial backer in the Timex Group . Truly, I was ‘slightly’ flabbergasted when I heard this, yet it really bodes well. The Timex Group is a privately-owned company and they don’t have investors. This implies they can consider their to be in Vincent Bérard as a drawn out venture. Hence an ideal opportunity to make something truly exceptional 🙂

This is likely the most delightful mechanical development I have at any point seen, Vincent Bérard’s type VB441. I’ve never seen a watch development that is planned like a piece of juwelry. A few developments are delightfully gotten done with côte de Geneva or even dark cleaned spans. Particularly intriguing for individuals with information and appreciation for watchmaking history. This is something from a completely unique league!

The Vincent Bérard type VB441 is a complicated hand-twisted development with excellent guilloché-worked and hand-sloped extensions. Five shaft molded extensions standing apart on five levels and evoking the “means” of a twisting staircase. It’s outfitted with mysterious offset with screws and a Breguet overcoil balance-spring. Type VB441 has a heart-beat of 21,600 vibrations each hour and offers a force save of no under 10 days!

The first model in the assortment, Luvorene 1, has a pleasant size for a wristwatch, estimating 42 mm in distance across and 13 mm thick. The openworked dial at 3 o’clock reveals the motions of an equilibrium from which the escapement and the bed wheel have ‘mysteriously’ vanished. Other than the time (hours, minutes and seconds) The Luvorene 1 tells the moon stages and days of the week.

The mechanical development, totally created in the Vincent Bérard atelier, is somewhat obvious through two sapphire precious stones for the situation back. The left opening uncovered the little second hand and the other opening shows the 10 days power-hold “gauge”.

The Luvorene 1 is accessible in 8 varieties, contingent upon the shade of the case, dial and crocodile leather tie. Check Vincent Bérard’s site to see every single diverse variety and extra information.

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