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Vacheron Constantin Historiques Aronde 1954 Migrating to warmer climates

Our visitor patron Angus Davies gets all idyllic today. That’s what a blend of cold and blustery harvest time weather and seeing the wonderful and rich Vacheron Constantin Historiques Aronde 1954 does…

I am sitting at my work area looking through a downpour drenched window. My heart is touched with despairing. The possibility of winter is to some degree premonition. I realize the chilly climate is coming, drawn out dim evenings support hibernation underneath a duvet with twofold digit frock rating.

A swallow has the correct thought. A short visit to the British Isles in mild late spring months, April or May, and afterward an expedient re-visitation of hotter climes in September or October before threatening, harsh weather arrives. There is a reasoning to the swallow’s agenda. I have compassion with their logic.

Small and perfectly shaped, they fly with beauty. Their life systems is smooth, completely appropriate with the end goal of flight. One aspect of their effortless casing, the swallow’s wings, has given motivation to a similarly rich watch from Vacheron Constantin. Aronde or swallow’s wings, alludes to the twofold rounded curve spreading out along the flanks of the caseband. This is one more expertly executed creative articulation from the bosses of horological plan, Vacheron Constantin.

I can consider not many other brands that can usurp the Genevan produce with regards to the accomplished enhancement of bending lines and well suited forms. The Historiques Aronde 1954 was dispatched at SIHH in 2011 and joins other models in the Historiques range. It isn’t the first run through my horological tastebuds have salivated at the possibility of a Vacheron Constantin roused by a previous model from its amazing back catalogue. Join me on an excursion to a hotter, more joyful place.

The dial

A post-war model of 1954 gives motivation to the Historiques Aronde 1954, notwithstanding, the rectangular case is presently one of a kind inside the reach and gives a beguiling variety which has quick esthetic appeal. The opaline silvered dial comprises of four boards with hand applied lines politeness of the guillocher’s accomplished expertise. The lines sit opposite to those portrayed on the adjoining boards. The plan pleasingly courts light in a perky custom. It conveys grand outcomes which will cause grinning appreciation for a long time to come.

Applied gold twirly doos and numerals are utilized to show hours. Arabic numerals are utilized sparingly, saved exclusively for 6 o’clock and noon. Underneath 12 o’clock the brand’s logo, the Maltese cross, majestically dwells, dazzling in gold. Underneath this the name of one of the most established watch companies is gladly proclaimed.

The gold hour and moment hands are appropriate and downplayed. This is compatible with the limited refinement of the watch. It doesn’t yell with reckless suggestions however discreetly chats with the blessed wearer. Towards the southerly part of the dial is the auxiliary seconds show with a perfect, thin gold hand. It sits inside a rectangular subdial, carefully set apart with four dark lines.

The case

A warm 18-carat pink gold case raises the temperature and removes the chill from the colder time of year air. The previously mentioned swallow’s wings unite neighboring 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. The caseband has an arising angled edge, coming full circle at its generally noticeable along a nonexistent flat pivot crossing east to west through the center of the dial.

The arcing lines are not limited just to those noticeable from the front. In the event that the watch is seen from the side, the caseband is curved, reaching upwards towards the sky, then diving downwards towards the middle like a valley underneath two mountains. The sapphire gem is pleasingly profiled to follow this form, making a brilliant exterior few could neglect to love.

The short horns nestle the lash in close hug. Their length is impeccably judged, neither too long nor too short. The crown is slick, appearing to nearly settle inside the caseband. It conveys the Maltese cross on its vertical flank.

The caseback is strong. I know there is supreme finissage living inside the case and would like to see the delightful development. In any case, Vacheron Constantin is a customary brand, knowledgeable in horological manners. They could never uncover a round development except if it was in a round case. The Caliber 1400 AS is round, yet lovely, yet too bad stowed away from see. Nevertheless, I regard the maison’s standards and fantasy about seeing a rectangular development one day with its plumage full displayed.

The movement

The Caliber 1400 AS is a hand-wound assembling development. I have had the favorable luck to visit the creation offices of Vacheron Constantin and witness direct the unmatched craftsmanship which is refined to perfection. Artisans in the cutting edge atelier fastidiously finish developments to a raised level. There are rare sorts of people who can outflank this brand regarding anglage, perlage and dressage.

Regular free review by the Laboratoire d’Horlogerie et de Microtechnique de Genève guarantees that exclusive expectations of production are kept up. The 12 point standards needed to comply with the Poinçon de Genève is loyally followed. The Hallmark of Geneva decorating the watch reaffirms the provenance of this recognized brand.


I take a gander at the caseband of this watch and wonder about the many-sided points which meet close to the crown. The watch has numerous characteristics, yet it is this partcular angle which softens my heart.

The swallow’s wings fly towards the sun, where warmth is ensured and daylight lifts the spirit. The calm tone of the Aronde’s case gives a sublime allegory to comfortable unwinding and the ideal cure to the colder time of year blues.

Technical specification

  • Model: Vacheron Constantin Historiques Aronde 1954 Model reference: 81018/000R-9657
  • Case: 18-carat pink gold case; measurements 31.20 mm x 44.50 mm; tallness 10.20 mm; water impervious to 3 bar (30 meters); sapphire precious stone to the front and strong caseback.
  • Functions: Hours; minutes; auxiliary seconds
  • Movement: 1400 AS; Hand-wound development; recurrence 28,800 vph (4 Hz); 20 gems; 40 hours power reserve.
  • Strap: Brown crocodile tie on pin buckle

This article is composed by Angus Davies, visitor benefactor for  Monochrome Watches  and editorial manager of the UK website,