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Vacheron Constantin Historique American 1921 – driver’s watch

Vacheron Constantin delivered a re-issue of a 1920’s watch at SIHH 2009. The Historique American 1921 is presumably quite possibly the most delightful watches Vacheron Constantin at any point made, yet it additionally has something weird…

In 1919 Vacheron Constantin made a watch in a pad shape case with a crown put at the upper left corner, at the 11 ‘o clock position. Generally the crown is at right half of the case for the most part at the 3 ‘o clock position, once in a while at the 4 ‘o clock position. A few watches even spot the crown at the left side, at the 9 ‘o clock position. The crown position Vacheron Constantin has picked is entirely wonderful. I accept this was a supposed driver’s watch.

Due to the crown position and the utilization of a regular development from a pocket watch, the dial is turned marginally so the 12 ‘o clock position is the place where the crown is, at the upper left corner. On the off chance that the watch was worn on the correct wrist, it was conceivable to understand time while keeping your hands on the guiding wheel.

This model was made in just 12 pieces and initially all were to be transported to New York however at last it was additionally accessible to other business sectors who requested this piece. In this vintage piece, a RA 11 lignes Nouveau Amérique development was utilized, which was made extraordinarily for the US market beginning 1916.

Later, in 1921, Vacheron Constantin made minor departure from this watch, called American 1921. In the American 1921 the changed the situation of the crown from the upper left corner to the upper right corner, at the 1 ‘o clock position. This model was likewise restricted to 12 pieces, which where sold over a time of long term; the last one was sold in 1931.

In 2009 Vacheron Constantin combines the case and crown position of the vintage American 1921 with the dial plan of the previous model from 1919 in the re-issue Historique American 1921 has an all new in house development, type 4400; a manual winding development including a little second hand at a 90 degree point from the winding crown.

The 18K pink gold case estimates 40mm in distance across, has a solitary sided against intelligent covered curved sapphire gem and is water impervious to 30 meters. During an oddities review Vacheron Constantin coordinated in Singapore, the declared that the rundown cost would be around 20% not exactly the $ 24,900 they at first said. A speedy estimation discloses to me the new rundown cost will be somewhat underneath $20,000. Not that I can bear the cost of it, but rather bringing down the cost is the thing that I call uplifting news 😀

I previously referenced it, the Historique Amercan has something peculiar. The vintage models had the crown, 12 ‘o clock position and the smal seconds in a single line. The new type 4400 has the little seconds set at a 90 degree point, which isn’t so bizarre. In any case, do investigate the quantities of the seconds scale.

A Dutch watch news site, ,  wrote for a blog about the unusual seconds scale. Some way or another Vacheron Constantin turned the seconds scale so it’s 60 position is pointed towards the highest point of the case and the 30 situation towards the lower part of the case. Normally this is right. Anyway with this dial where the 12 ‘o clock position is gone to be at the 1 ‘o clock position this looks abnormal. To peruse the seconds you need to glance in an alternate point that when perusing the time!

In my assessment Vacheron Constantin can make this magnificence far and away superior, by setting the little seconds at 6 ‘o clock and turning seconds scale so it tends to be perused from similar point as the hours and minutes. Albeit these ‘flaws’ I actually think it’s a great stunner and perhaps the most delightful watches delivered in 2009.

Isn’t it just stunning?

At Vacheron Constantin’s own conversation discussion, the hour relax , free watchmaker Kari Voutilainen surveyed the new in house type 4400.