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URWERK UR-CC1 and a vintage Patek Philippe prototype

One of my #1 watches of all occasions is the rather remarkable UR-CC1 from URWERK. An exceptionally momentous watch that help to remember the dashboards of cool 1960’s vehicles. That’s in any event part of the motivation for URWERK’s UR-CC1 . 

Recently I went over a photograph of an old Patek Philippe, that looks a lot of like the UR-CC1. After some more examination it has all the earmarks of being a model, made by the late Louis Cottier and it was called Cobra. That clarifies the “CC” in the name; Cottier and Cobra. What’s more, the dim gold and dark gold renditions of the UR-CC1 are nicknamed King Cobra and Black Cobra.

After a touch of  a search (you gotto love the web, since articles stay online for a looooong time, as where the paper adaptation would have been reused at this point), I found an amazing article on Watchismo , giving a lot of understanding in the improvement of URWERK’s UR-CC1 and verifiable realities about Patek’s old prototype.

More then 60 years ago…

In 1958 two men, Gilbert Albert (who planned numerous ‘odd shaped’ watches for Patek) and Louis Cottier (the innovator of the worldtimer watches as we probably are aware them today!) met up to plan something ludicrous; the absolute first watch with a straight time show. This turned out to be nothing less then a specialized migraine of fantastic extents. In 1959 Louis Cottier applied for a patent and that was it; no news on the off chance that they got ‘codename Cobra’ to work. The Patek Philippe Cobra found a spot in the Patek Philippe gallery in Geneva ever since.

Now quick forward so as to the year 2006…

URWERK or really Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner, had been thinking about a watch with a straight time show since the beginning of URWERK. The thought was set aside, until 2006 when Felix saw Hitchcock’s film ‘Birds’. A nearby in the film shows the dashboard of an old Dodge with a direct speedometer. This restores the old thought, to build up a watch with a straight time show. During their examination they discover the old Patek Philippe Cobra and this moves them significantly more. Following three years of examination and one year of testing the URWERK UR-CC1 is delivered. “CC” represents Cottier Cobra, a tribute to the first inventor.

How it works

Lucky for us, Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei had the option to make a working watch with direct time show. The UR-CC1 shows the time by implies of jumping hours and retrograde minutes. Both the hour and moment pointer are pivoting cylinders.

The chamber that shows the hours has 12 lines, each ‘an hour’ longer than the last against the straight size of hours. This chamber leaps to the following line toward the finish of every hour. The moment demonstrating chamber is the one with the better lines.

So far, so great, anyway it isn’t as basic as it looks. Remember that the UR-CC1 is very level for a particularly complicated watch. Implying that the typical development with its pinion wheels need to move the capacity to turning the long chambers, which show hours and minutes.

The power is moved by a so-called triple-cam (see picture beneath). This triple-cam turns once like clockwork. Along the edge of the development you can see a rack; this rack is fixed on the left finish (of the picture) and the flip side goes here and there in view of the little snare that is appended to the triple-cam.

The side that goes all over (in the picture: the correct side of the rack) is furnished with teeth that network with and pivot the moment cylinder.

Are you still with me? Sure expectation so… The chamber with minute signs doesn’t make a full revolution; it pivots only 300 degrees and afterward it bounces back to the start inside 1/tenth of a second. This is completely determined by the teeth toward the finish of the rotating rack. After 1/3 pivot by the triple-cam, the rack drops, turns the moment chamber 300 degrees back to nothing and at that point another stuff makes the hour chamber turns 1/twelfth of a revolution (for example 30 degrees) to show another hour.

I could clarify more about the pre-owned materials, that ensure the essential solidness, gentility and least conceivable grinding, yet I’ll leave that to possibly a next story.

Oh, and there’s additionally the pneumatic stun engrossing Rotor Fly Brake programmed winding framework that limits rotor and instrument wear and harm from stun and cruel developments! No worries… likewise for another time 🙂

For now… some photographs! All the accompanying photographs are made by Ian Skellern.

And one final photo… what a staggering timepiece!

The value level of the UR-CC1 is north of 200,000 CHF. More data about the UR-CC1 and other URWERK watches can be found on the URWERK site .

PS. Before long more news around two interesting bits of the UR-CC1, stay tuned!

This article is composed by Frank Geelen, chief editorial manager for Monochrome Watches .