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URWERK UR-210 with Winding Efficiency Indicator

URWERK just delivered a fresh out of the plastic new watch, the UR-210. It would appear that the wrist form of the  UR-1001 pocket watch and adds another cool pointer that shows you the effectiveness of twisting of the previous 2 hours. 

The combined information on the force save pointer and the winding productivity marker empower you to know whether it’s time to begin moving your arm or… to change the ‘winding proficiency selector’. With this selector the twisting proficiency of the UR-210 can be acclimated to your degree of activity!

The new UR-210 will be accessible for 137,000 CHF (before charges) and the initial 10 pieces will be at the known retailers at some point in October.

Here is the press release:

The dial of the UR‐210 features a conventional force save sign at one o’clock. In a close to perfect representation at 11 o’clock we locate a comparable sign. No, is anything but a copy fail‐safe, yet something considerably more significant which merits our complete consideration, since it is really a world‐first complication that shows twisting effectiveness in the course of the last two hours.

When you are comfortably settled in your rocker, the marker will be tending towards the red zone to reveal to you that your UR‐210 isn’t being twisted enough by its programmed rotor and is running on put away energy. Notwithstanding, in the event that you are moving around vigorously, the marker will point towards the green zone, a sign that you are renewing your watch with new energy. This totally new sign doesn’t measure fountainhead force, yet figures the contrast between the burned-through and created energy of the mainspring.

Armed with information on both winding effectiveness and accessible force save, you are currently ready to mediate. In the event that your UR‐210 shows a lacking inventory of energy, you can situate the winding productivity selector (at the rear of the watch) to “FULL”.

The rotor will then change over the smallest development into put away energy. In this configuration, a turbine associated with the rotor gives smooth, unobstructed force. Yet, in the event that you are more dynamic, that may give more power than required and pointlessly wear the instrument. All things considered, you would situate the winding productivity selector to “Decreased” to connect with the rotor damping framework. An air turbine compressor mounted on ruby orientation turns and makes inner opposition – enough grating to back off or hose the programmed winding rotor. In “STOP” mode, the programmed winding framework is handicapped completely and the UR‐210 runs off hold power and may require manual winding.

Back to the dial side, the UR‐210’s satellite complication with retrograde moment is both profoundly unique and absolutely dangerous. The chief feature is a high‐tech, larger than usual, three‐dimensional retrograde moment hand. Its capacity is to encase the hour satellite and show the time as it crosses over the 0‐to‐60‐minute scale. This one‐hour journey through time, following a bend of 120°, is smooth and liquid. However, the real essence of the piece is uncovered toward the finish of the 59th moment. Then a sharp unmistakable “click” flags the return of the moment hand to its beginning stage. In under 0.1 of a second the hand flies back to dock with the following hour satellite.

In terms of the level of advancement of the satellite merry go round, I feel with the UR‐210 that we have arrived at the zenith of how we can manage this complication.” clarifies Felix Baumgartner. “After the introduction of our über complicated UR‐1001 Zeit Device, we needed to test again on an impressive scale. The moment hand in the core of the UR‐210 isn’t simply large, it is monstrous! But it gave us an impressive test since it requires fine, sensitive workmanship. It wraps the hour satellites and requests machining to amazingly fine tolerances.

Martin Frei adds: “More than some other URWERK piece, the UR‐210 grabs the eye. The eye is definitely attracted to the winding productivity indicator… it’s right around an attractive fascination. The UR‐210 isn’t actually a watch yet rather a living system joined onto your wrist. We have nicknamed the UR‐210 the Maltese Falcon since we consider it to be the stuff that fantasies are made of.”

Felix Baumgartner finishes up: “The UR‐210 addresses a genuine accomplishment for URWERK. This watch opens another part in the advancement of our complications. It doesn’t simply measure an all inclusive incentive in a completely unique manner, however begins a genuine exchange between the watch and its wearer. The UR‐210 shows your own movement; this is yours and no one else’s.

UR‐210 ‐ Technical Specifications


  • Material: Titanium and steel
  • Dimensions: Width 43.8mm, length 53.6mm, thickness 17.8mm


  • Caliber: UR‐7.10
  • Jewels: 51
  • Escapement: Swiss Lever
  • Balance: Monometallic
  • Frequency: 28,800v/h, 4Hz
  • Balance spring: Flat
  • Power source: Single origin barrel
  • Power hold: 39 hours
  • Winding system: Self‐winding coupled to turbines
  • Materials: Plate in ARCAP P40; 3D moment hand in aluminum with metal stabilizer; focal tube shaped winding in spring‐steel; hour satellites in aluminum; focal carrousel and tightens Titanium Grade 5.
  • Surface finishes: Circular graining, sandblasted, roundabout and straight satin‐finished plate; satin‐finished and diamond‐polished satellites; angled and cleaned screw heads.
  • Indications: Patented rotating satellite complication with meandering hour and three‐dimensional retrograde moment hand; power save pointer; winding proficiency pointer (patent pending). Super‐LumiNova treatment on markers, dials, files, hands, and satellites.


  • Two‐position winding crown
  • On the back: winding effectiveness selector

More data can be found on the URWERK site  and on their official Facebook page .