May 24, 2021 0 Comments Replica Magic

URWERK Cobra CC1 on the wrist

Wristshots of the URWERK UR-CC1 Cobra give a smart thought of what it looks like on the wrist. Simply investigate and judge for yourself.

Horomundi’s mediator Ian Skellern as of late visited Martin Frei , one of the fellow benefactors of URWERK and boss originator, at his atelier in Zürich. Ian, who’s mediator of the URWERK discussion at Horomundi, posted a broad report of his visit which is well worth perusing and review, anyway be cautioned in light of the fact that it got huge loads of photographs. In an extra post he shows a few wristshots of the UR-CC1 (moniker Cobra) on Martin’s wrist. Here are a couple of the photographs and in the event that you like to see more, I recommend to look at them at Horomundi’s URWERK gathering .

It wasn’t as of recently, before I understood I never posted photographs of this charming, retro-style, innovative wristwatch. I’ll make it up to you in another post!