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URWERK 202 White Shark

URWERK uncovers the new UR-202 White Shark. A shocking restricted release of just 12 pieces, only accessible from Chronopassion (Paris), The Hour Glass (Singapore) and obviously URWERK.

The first line of the official statement sounds simply extraordinary: “Time is monochrome on the UR-202 White Shark”. With a site called Monochrome and being a devotee of the irregular yet wonderful watches made by Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner, I was charmed to find out about the new URWERK UR-202 White Shark.

The UR-202 White Shark’s monochrome plan is the aftereffect of no utilization of any ‘make-up’, it’s just adornment is its detail. URWERK has an enormous standing of utilizing exceptional materials. The White Shark is made of titanium, steel and ARCAP, a combination of materials new to the 200 series!

The dark quantities of the hours on the satellites stand apart obviously against the light foundation. Anyway one number of the 12 hour digits isn’t dark, yet exemption for the standard distinguishes the individual piece number in this restricted version of 12.

The way time is shown is indistinguishable from the URWERK UR-203 . The adjustable hour hands exist of three circling and rotating hour satellites. These hands accurately change their length to follow the three vectors marking the minutes: 0 – 14, 15 – 44, 45 – 60. As a result of the capacity to withdraw, they consider a truly wearable and comfortably measured case. A moonphase and day/night pointer complete the dial.

Two turbines are noticeable on the rear of the UR-202 White Shark and these are coupled to the rotor to control the twisting arrangement of the watch. The turbines are constrained by a three position selector switch. In mode”FREE”, the two turbines turn unreservedly empowering most extreme twisting of the origin. In mode “Sport”, the two turbines turn with opposition, acting like pneumatic brakes that decrease the winding adequacy twisted by 1/third. In mode “STOP”, the turbines are bolted and block the rotor from twisting by any means, albeit the watch can in any case be physically wound if necessary.

The URWERK UR-202 White Shark is just accessible through  Chronopassion in Paris (France), The Hour Glass (Singapore) and obviously URWERK in Geneva.

You can peruse more about this ‘rare species’ at URWERK’s uncommon site UR-RareSpecies .