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Under Invicta, Glycine Promises to Focus on Airman and Combat Lines

A month ago, news broke that Glycine was gained by Invicta Watch Group, which, as the name proposes, works the Invicta brand close by the lesser known TechnoMarine and S. Coifman brands. We’ve heard for a long while since Glycine had been battling, and acquisitions are surely no outsider to the watch world. However, Invicta’s job in this piece of industry news came as an amazement. Ask any watch darling their genuine musings on this buyout and the reaction likely wouldn’t shock. Invicta’s regularly bombastic, deadened pieces—not to make reference to its deceptive valuing strategy—has left the brand with a beautiful helpless picture among devotees. For a brand as celebrated as Glycine to be gathered up by a firm with a not exactly heavenly history and portfolio was startling. Obviously, this news was met with almost all inclusive hatred, with gatherers expecting that Invicta would impact the center of the brand.

In a meeting in regards to the securing, Glycine’s CEO Stephen Lack tended to a portion of these worries. In aggregate, Glycine and Invicta will stay two separate substances, with the previous still a lot of zeroed in on making watches the way they’ve been doing, however with a lot more prominent spotlight on the Airman and Combat assortments. “There are positively no aims to have a combination of the two brands. Glycine will remain Glycine,” says Mr. Lack.

Invicta Watch Group’s job will be fundamentally to push conveyance and showcasing vigorously in the States and South America. It stays not yet clear if that stays valid, yet something reveals to me Invicta Watch Group—clearly hoping to grow its portfolio and seek after various market segments—won’t meddle with Glycine to an extreme. (Peruse the full meeting here .)

It’s intriguing, however fairly obvious, to peruse that Glycine will zero in on the Airman and Combat lines. The previous is the brand’s legacy arrangement dependent on an assortment of intentional pilot watches tracing all the way back to 1953, so it bodes well that Glycine wouldn’t forsake these notable pieces. The last comprises of a progression of field and jump watches like the Combat 7—a riff on US-gave military watches from the ‘40s; and the Combat Sub—a assortment of Submariner-enlivened (however I wouldn’t arrange them as “homage” watches) jumpers that have done well for the brand.

Last year, Glycine caused a ripple effect with a particularly noteworthy appearing, disclosing three incredible Airman models —one a devoted amusement, and two shocking minor departure from the first chronicled model. To see Glycine develop that line, and truly push it through Invicta Watch Group’s broad organization, would surely be welcome.

A few months prior, Glycine likewise delivered the Combat Sub Aquarius, a watch that, regardless of a couple of reservations, truly dazzled us. Pulling on the DNA of the Combat Sub line, the Aquarius is an advanced take with a profoundly practical tasteful. The dial is generally austere—white markers against a dark base with a trace of shading above six—and it combines well with the similarly repressed blade handset. Encompassing the dial is an unmistakable ceramic bezel highlighting a knurled grasp and raised markings, and it’s totally striking. The case is appraised to 500m and highlights a HEV at eight—both highlights being a bit gimmicky, yet they are there.

The previously mentioned reservation? The watch estimates 46mm, so it’s huge, and notably greater than anything I could at any point wear, however there are individuals out there who can surely deal with that size. All things considered, I couldn’t imagine anything better than to see this line develop with more available measurements, since estimating issues aside the Aquarius has all the earmarks of being a superb jump watch, and a moderately extraordinary recommendation in an immersed classification. Also, at $1,420, it’s competitively valued inside the market.