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TWCO Air Controller Review

If you’re a normal peruser of Worn&Wound, at that point you’re doubtlessly mindful of our propensity for all around designed device watches. Pilot’s watches and those enlivened by flying are a portion of our top choice inside that classification, and with brands like Sinn, Damasko, and Bremont standing out there is absolutely a great deal to like. Be that as it may, inside the universe of miniature brands, these kinds of watches are not many and far in the middle, with jump watches being the ones for the most part getting the instrument watch treatment. The Air Controller from TWCO steps toward adjusting the playing field.

But before we get to the watch, let’s talk somewhat about the brand. TWCO , or Technical Watch Company, is a company presently based out of the Netherlands. It was initially a Spanish brand spend significant time in plunge watches, however by 2011 it had pretty much become old. As it would turn out, that very year fan Robert Suurland found the torpid brand and at only 19 years of age he procured the rights to the company. Today, he is both the proprietor and head planner for TWCO. Under his tutelage, TWCO delivered its first watch in 2012, a bulky apparatus jumper called the Sea Rescue. With the Air Controller TWCO is trying a device pilot’s watch.

The Air Controller takes its profound motivation from the A-10 Thunderbolt II, an amazing airplane formally presented in 1977. (Today is as yet being used, essentially by the United States Air Force.) Esthetically talking, the Air Controller pulls various plan signals from some unmistakable brands, among them Sinn and Fortis. Be that as it may, past the undeniable motivations, the Air Controller likewise flaunts some truly cool tech, the majority of which you just don’t find in watches coming from miniature brands. So, let’s take a nearer look.

TWCO Air Controller Review

Case: 316L Bead Blasted Steel Movement: Miyota 9015 Dial: Black Lume: Super-LumiNova Lens: Sapphire Strap: H-connect wristband and pilot lash Water Res: 200m Dimensions: 43mm x 51mm Lug Width: 22mm Thickness: 14mm Crown: 8.3mm x 5.5mm Warranty: Yes Price: Approximately $750 w/o VAT


The case on the TWCO Air Controller comes in at 43mm wide with a bezel width of 44mm. The carry to-drag tallness is 51mm, and the case thickness is a bulky 14mm. Regardless of its somewhat bigger measurements, the Air Controller wears comfortably on the wrist and doesn’t feel as large as the specs would propose. The 316L treated steel case is wonderfully done, highlighting an appealing dot impacted completion. As far as its calculation, the case is fairly straightforward with section sides, and when seen in profile you can see that a significant part of the case tallness comes from the mid-case, while the marginally inclined bezel and case back remain generally flimsy and low in profile.

The case back is basic yet top notch, with a huge stepped “T” at its middle and 6 openings for encouraging expulsion and specs situated along its border. The case is evaluated to 200 meters water obstruction, and low-pressure tried to roughly 12,000 meters. In general, it’s an extremely appealing and exemplary looking plan, yet it’s not without some fascinating elements.

The first of those is the marked crown, which is maybe my main thing from the case. Regarding designing, it’s a screw down crown with not one, but rather five Viton seals. It’s presumably definitely an overabundance, however it’s cool regardless. Stylishly, the crown is larger than usual (8.3mm x 5.5mm), mechanical looking, and flanked by two rather huge crown watches that just highlight its size. The crown highlights two levels of substantial edges, which give it a look that is to some degree suggestive of a beast truck tire. The plan and size take into consideration an exceptionally sure and simple hold and the crown is a delight to operate.

The other is the 120-click bezel. It is DLC covered and bi-directional, with an inconceivably sure tightening component. It’s exact with definitely no play one or the other way. The bezel embed itself is entirely fascinating in that it highlights both a check up and a tally down capacity. Getting clockwise across the bezel, you start at the triangle and go to 55 and 50, followed promptly not by 45, but rather 15 (set apart in orange). The example rehashes until you hit 30, and afterward again at 45. It takes some becoming acclimated to, however once you do, you’ll value the shrewd combination of these two capacities without pointlessly jumbling the format. In addition, the orange gives the watch face a welcome fly of color.


As one may anticipate from a pilot’s watch, the dial of the Air Controller is unimaginably clear, regardless of the way that there is in reality a great deal going on with the face of the watch. The base of the plan is such a common flieger design with the exemplary triangle at 12 and Arabic numerals moving along the dial. At “3” and “9,” the numbers are expanded a piece, and the “6” is supplanted with an all around coordinated date window, which has white content on a dark base. The hands on the Air Controller are striking pilot’s hands and are very like what one may discover from Sinn. The face of the watch stretches out a lot because of the slanted section ring, which has hour markers from 13 to 24. The entire thing is finished off with a level AR-covered sapphire crystal.

The most polarizing part of the plan is in actuality the picture of the A-10 on the lower a large portion of the dial. It takes up a lot of land on the dial, in any event, consuming the “4” and “8” o’clock markers. I end up preferring it as an oddity of sorts, yet I figure I would lean toward the picture gone only for a more exemplary methodology. The Air Controller has sufficient making it work outwardly that the A-10 simply comes across as a piece extraneous.

The one spot where the dial doesn’t hit all the imprints is the lume. To begin with, it ought to be noticed that application is very intriguing. The lume is framed and blocky, not just applied, so there is an appealing 3-D quality to the manner in which the entire thing comes together. Notwithstanding, the strength of the lume, which the brand assigns as Super-LumiNova and has all the earmarks of being BGW9, is somewhat dull and doesn’t keep going for exceptionally long. It’s not a major issue using any and all means, but rather it is somewhat baffling when one considers the consideration given to the remainder of the watch.


The Air Controller is fueled by the Miyota Cal. 9015, which is viewed also known workhorse inside the business since ETA developments are rare. The 9015 has in the recent years become the norm for miniature brands, and all things considered. Expected to compete with the revered ETA 2892, the 9015 hacks and beats at 28,800bph. The development here has been inconceivably solid, several seconds every day, which I would say is not so much special case but rather more the rule.

Straps and Wearability

Despite taking after an instrument watch stylish, the Air Controller is shockingly flexible. It wears less than its given measurements, tempered intensely by the differentiating dark bezel. The watch feels entirely adjusted on my 6.75″ wrist. I wouldn’t wear it with a suit, however would cheerfully utilize the Air Controller as my everyday beater.

The Air Controller is accessible with two tie choices, one being a hardened steel H-connect arm band, and the other a shut circle cowhide pilot lash. The form and feel of the H-interface wristband is faultless, and it’s quite exquisite because of the way that it tightens toward the catch. Estimating the wristband is a cycle of an endeavor in that it highlights screws and pins on the two sides, which implies that you need two screwdrivers to eliminate the pins, which are provided in the packaging.

The pilot lash is dark cowhide with differentiating orange fasten and dot impacted equipment. This style of tie is generally matched with exemplary fliegers, similar to the sort you find from Stowa and Laco, yet the combination looks very decent here. It’s a husky lash, so it adjust the head well both outwardly and as far as weight. I’m somewhat conflicted about the orange sewing, which is proposed to coordinate the orange on the bezel, however there are a lot of reseller’s exchange alternatives from Di-Modell and Fluco in the event that you don’t like the tone yet the general style requests to you.

It ought to be noticed that the Air Controller comes with two arrangements of carry openings, with one set expected explicitly for the wristband. This is a little detail that I truly appreciate, and one that I wish more brands would consider. It takes into account various reseller’s exchange tie choices and makes playing with thicker lashes much easier.


At 818.18 EUR, which is around $750 when you deduct the VAT, the Air Controller presents a charming worth. Despite the fact that the facts demonstrate that some micros work in a lower value range, even those that share a similar development, the Air Controller is loaded with some brilliant designing that positively separates the watch and raises it a step above most miniature brand watches. Somely, I see the Air Controller and likewise, TWCO, as model of the up and coming age of miniature watches and brands.

We appear to be moving past the phase of stock cases and parts, and toward watches that are seriously fascinating, one of a kind, and basically, more expert. Having left Basel this year feeling fairly disinterested with an immense piece of what was introduced, it’s intriguing to take a gander at a brand like TWCO doing things the Swiss frequently don’t trouble doing at a similar value point, notwithstanding having all the assets on the planet accessible to them. In the event that this is the start of a pattern, the miniature brand world is one to watch.

To buy, head over to the brand’s E-store .