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Tudor Heritage Black Bay Black ref 79230N Review

Tudor actually needs no presentation. The sister brand of Rolex, it conveys with it a specific grandiosity that couple of different brands can coordinate. One upheld by genuinely widespread acclaim from both the press and the public the same. Over the most recent couple of years, since Tudor’s huge re-visitation of the states, they’ve become another staple brand in the $3,000 – $5,000 section. A section that we don’t frequently cover, not on account of the actual value, but since esteem will in general fall away, preparing for publicity and showcasing. Obviously, there was a major chance for a brand to come in and dominate. Tudor, the Shield supported by the Crown, was prepared for this carrying with it confided in Rolex quality to a lower cost point.

When Tudor returned in 2013, they did as such with a blast carrying with them the Pelagos and the Black Bay lines (just as others). The two watches were thoughtfully founded on Submariner models of days past, and keeping in mind that obviously intended to not straightforwardly compete with the Sub, remained genuine enough to that respected plan to pull in numerous a fan new and old. Truth be told, they accomplished more than that, they riffed on a plan that one could contend had grown somewhat old. The advanced Rolex Sub doesn’t have the personality of the vintage models, and Rolex being moderate with their plan choices is probably not going to roll out any huge improvements sooner rather than later. In any case, Tudor seems, by all accounts, to be even more a plan jungle gym for the Hans Wilsdorf gathering (parent company of both), permitting them to experiment.

With the Pelagos, they made an advancement on the Snowflake Sub that, with its titanium case, matte earthenware bezel, extremely sharp lines, 500m WR and astute expandable wristband, felt like a legitimate present day manifestation of the device watch the Sub used to be. Despite the fact that distinctive from numerous points of view, it addressed the legacy of a watch that was intended to be worn. The Black Bay was then an alternate and inquisitive creation.

The Black Bay is less a device watch than its titanium sibling and more an accolade for the historical backdrop of the brand’s Submariner varieties. It followed a couple of references, like the most punctual Tudor Subs, the 7922/7924, which highlighted a short hole between the case and a larger than average crown, no crown watches, and a Tudor “Rose” logo and grinning “self-winding” text on the dial. It additionally drew from the now hyper mainstream 7021 “Snowflake” Submariner, requiring the blocky hour hand rather than the Rolex signature “Mercedes” style, which I keep thinking about whether we’ll at any point see on a cutting edge Tudor once more (I question it).

To say the Black Bay was a triumph is putting it mildly. They’ve become a go-to current extravagance watch. A weekender for those with cash to extra and an available present day Sub to the individuals who need to get into the crown. It apparently has beaten even the Pelagos in prominence, likely because of it being a more style centered watch. The Black Bay has plainly become the brand’s provider, with Tudor currently extending the line into three center tones, a PVD variant, a bronze model (that feels like it might have had an alternate name) and a bezel-less 36mm version.

Now, I need to come clean and say that notwithstanding the watch’s colossal notoriety, I had a few issues with the plan that I examined in one of our Round-Tables . So, I found the utilization of a Snowflake hand with roundabout markers odd, and the utilization of an exceptionally present day case seemed to play against the legacy idea. With the Pelagos being so fruitful and present day, no doubt a legacy model would need to be more modest, more slender and more genuine to those subs from the 60’s – 90’s. I’ll get into these later, yet another basic concern, was one of significant worth. Controlled by the universal ETA 2824, the Black Bay appeared to be steep at more than $3,000.

A few things have occurred since that appraisal. To begin with, they drew out the Black model, which is more traditionalist and furthermore “truer” generally to a portion of the first plans. The other, more significant improvement was the presentation of Tudor’s in-house development. First disclosed at Basel 2015 in their North Flag model, the MT56XX (the last two digits change for each variety) was a distinct advantage, surely in my eyes. In-house developments are rare under $5,000, so any that come out are serious, and one that is planned and made by *Tudor is genuinely something to note. The MT56XX wasn’t simply one more 2824 clone, yet rather an interesting development that is apparently nearer in plan to Rolex’s own types. With specs that incorporate a silicon hair spring, COSC-appraised exactness and 70-hour power hold, it was intended to dazzle. Despite the fact that it didn’t happen quickly, everybody realized Tudor would place these new types in the Black Bay. (*at the solicitation of Tudor, it ought to be clarified that the MT56XX developments are planned and produced by Tudor free of Rolex)

For Basel 2016, all Black Bays however the new 36mm model were currently furnished with Tudor’s in-house types (the Black Bay Bronze really has a somewhat bigger adaptation called the MT5601). Alongside the new development came a couple of different changes – another “rivet” style arm band and the rest generally restorative. The sticker price? About $250 more than the past form. I’m by and by a gigantic enthusiast of bolt arm bands, so that promptly added to the allure of the watch, yet more finished, the in-house development truly changed the worth thought. The Black Bay was not, at this point a costly 2824-fueled watch, yet rather a possibly moderate Rolex alternative.


So, whenever offered the chance to survey the Black Bay Black ref 79230N , I seized the opportunity. Might I need to eat my own words? Indeed, yet it would be awesome to give what is eventually a mainstream and possibly high-esteem watch the worn&wound go over. Indeed, the table is set, so let’s get to it.


Tudor Heritage Black Bay Black ref 79230N Review

Case Stainless Steel Movement Tudor MT5602 Dial Domed Black Lume Yes Lens Domed Sapphire Strap Steel Bracelet + Fabric (not imagined) Water Resistance 200m Dimensions 41 x 50mm Thickness 14.8mm Lug Width 22mm Crown 4 x 2.7mm Warranty Yes Price $3675


The case of the Black Bay ref 79230N has the sort of fresh lines, sharp edges and top notch completing one should request of a watch at this value point. Including a 41 x 50 x 14.8mm (to the highest point of the domed sapphire gem) treated steel case the Black Bay is a medium estimated sport watch as far as width and length. Be that as it may, it is a tall watch. Indeed, the 2016 variant expanded in tallness over the past models by 2mm, probably to prepare for the in-house development. Not to begin with a negative, but rather this is a disadvantage of the watch. It sits high over the wrist and would make it difficult to wear under a dress-shirt sleeve. This detail wouldn’t matter with a ton of hardware watches, yet I feel like this is a watch that one would need to wear semi-officially too. All things considered, a vintage Sub can fundamentally accompany any outfit.

Moving on, the plan is basic, yet fulfilling. From above, it’s all drags, bezel and that tremendous crown and particular crown-tube. The 22mm haul width gives the watch expansive shoulders, which is certainly a beefier look from the Subs of yesteryear. The actual hauls point in from a digression of the bezel with no form and get going very wide. This gives the watch, particularly on the wristband, somewhat of a barrel feel. Around the edge of the carries you can see the high cleaned slope that goes around the case.

The completing here is outstanding. The highest points of the hauls have calculated brushing with a noticeable grain and surface. The nature of the brushing is not the same as what you ordinarily see. It’s somewhat difficult to clarify, yet the actual grain is more powerful, sporadically having a marginally pearlescent quality. The slope at that point cuts around with a well honed line, beginning slender at the edge and erupting out as it arrives at the lower part of the drag. It’s just a lovely detail that adds to the in general sumptuous look and feel of the watch.

From the side, the stature of the case becomes more articulated. The profile is straightforward, with a straight section of steel estimating a little over 8mm in stature, which at that point follows the state of a wrist and twists down to a point. The entire side is level and cleaned. The continuous range of cleaned steel doesn’t assist with the stature issues of the watch. Something with more surface and lines consistently seems more slender. That wouldn’t have been with regards to the Sub-style, however with no guarantees, the Black Bay profile resembles a ton of metal. I wish Tudor had evenly brushed the sides. Tudor’s brushing is especially decent, and it would have emphasizd the slope more. Additionally, cleaned surfaces are magnets for fingerprints. Each time I peer down at the watch, I see another thumb print.

Exceptional brushing quality The black crown tube highlights the dainty, wide crown The black filled Rose logo addresses the brand’s legacy Simple coin edge gets the job done

On the correct side, you have the larger than average crown and black crown tube. The cylinder has been a state of contention on occasion, with individuals either cherishing or despising the utilization of anodized aluminum. On the Red and Blue models, it stands apart much more. On the black, it’s genuinely inconspicuous, and a detail I appreciate. As opposed to being the thing you see, it carries more thoughtfulness regarding the exceptional crown. Estimating 8 x 2.7mm, it’s wide and level, making it simple to utilize. It includes fine toothing along its external edge for grasp and a black-filled Tudor Rose logo on its external face. The nature of the crown activity is important. At the point when you unscrew it, the crown jumps out and it requires a wonderful pull to get into the principal position. Fastening it back, it strings effectively and smoothly.

The bezel of the Black Bay highlights an aluminum embed and a slender authored edge. On the Black model, the supplement is Black with a red triangle at 0/60 and exemplary Sub markings. While the Red and Blue models are a smidgen more brave, I favor the exemplary black, particularly since it has the red triangle, that alludes to some of to the most seasoned, most uncommon references. The bezel includes a 60-click uni-directional component with decent activity. It has a consoling, high-pitch snap to it, lines up perfectly and has no play. One extremely fascinating and underplayed detail—and I’ve saw this on the Pelagos, too—that the bezel “locks” when in home position. At the point when the triangle is at 12, the bezel is really a touch harder to turn.

My one scrutinize with the bezel is that it’s somewhat difficult to get a grip on. Since it impeccably coordinates the distance across of the mid case, turning it depends simply on grinding along the case side. In comparison, the Pelagos bezel looms over the edge, which adds to the size of the watch, yet makes the bezel a lot simpler to turn.

Turning the watch over, you have a strong steel case back that in obvious Tudor/Rolex custom is plain. Indeed, other than their unmistakable apparatus mark, there is minimal in excess of a couple of words, a line and some brushed steel. While this may be what you would hope to discover on a Tudor, given that this watch is a 200m game watch (less an instrument jumper) and that it includes their in-house development, I’m shocked the Black Bay didn’t have a showcase similar to that of the North Flag. Dislike it’s a nearby change of a vintage watch, and I’d think for general shoppers everywhere, seeing the development would be a temptation. I realize I’d like it there.


The dial of the Black Bay Black 2016 has some minor restorative changes from the past renditions, however generally speaking highlights a similar plan. The dial surface, which is somewhat domed, is matte black. Like the brushing on the carries, the nature of the surface stands apart with a light, egg-shell surface. The tone is a somewhat blurred black, coming across slightly milder than profound black. This functions admirably with the gold tones of the “gilt” print, markers and hands, making a hotter feel.

The essential file should come as nothing unexpected. It’s the notable Submariner format, with a long triangle at 12, square shapes at three, six and nine, and huge circles in the middle. It’s the exemplary plan and has the perfect extents. To modernize the plan, Tudor settled on applied markers instead of printing them straightforwardly to the dial. They highlight rose gold encompasses and a smooth, grayish lume. While I extraordinarily incline toward the printed dial Rolex Submariners to the later applied forms from the mid 80’s forward, the choice here was the correct decision. It doesn’t look tasteless, rather the additional surface gives the dial some required profundity, and the rose gold encompasses are especially attractive.

Around the edge of the dial is a moment/seconds record of lines that are thicker at the hour/time frames and more slender in the middle. They are totally associated with a circle that outlines the entire dial. This file is introduced in a metallic rose gold shading that, with the gold encompasses of the markers, alludes to the plated dials of the early Submariner references. The blend of the warm gold with the matte black surface and smooth lume functions admirably. It addresses vintage pieces while not seeming like false patina. The lume shading specifically was well chosen.

This text on the dial is the place where the corrective changes have happened in the 2016 model. At 12 the dial actually peruses “Tudor Geneve,” yet rather than the Rose logo, Tudor went with the Shield, coordinating the brand’s different lines. I preferred the Rose logo, yet I thoroughly comprehend this change from a marking viewpoint. The Shield is Tudor’s essential logo mark, and the Rose is auxiliary to that. Being that the Black Bay is apparently their leader watch, having it be steady with Tudor’s personality is the correct move. Besides, the Rose is as yet on the crown. Over six the content has changed all the more drastically. It actually peruses 200m:660ft, yet rather than the “rotor” and the grinning “self-winding” there are two lines of straight content perusing “Chronometer Officially Certified.”

The rose gold has its very own sparkle The applied markers are a decent current expansion The cream hued lume is perfect

This one I go to and fro on. From one viewpoint, having the chronometer rating is a component worth referencing. On the other, the past content was pulled from authentic models and it had a more amiable (henceforth grinning) and more interesting look. The three lines of chronometer text is additionally something related with Rolex’s Subs, not Tudor’s. I figure they might have pulled off returning that looking into the issue and keeping the old content to save the character. All things considered, it absolutely doesn’t look awful the manner in which it is now.

The hands are the place where I recently took some offense with the plan. The Black Bay highlights the signature, blocky Snowflake hands from the ref 7021, which the Black Bay shares practically speaking with the Pelagos. Thusly, the hour hand has a particular wide jewel shape, the moment hand is a straight blade (this hand would probably stay that equivalent on any change) and the second hand has a little lume filled precious stone. It’s an extremely appealing handset, particularly when introduced in cleaned rose gold for what it’s worth here. My issue isn’t with the actual hands, yet rather how they compare with the round markers underneath. On a genuine Snowflake and the Pelagos there are square markers. At the point when the hour hand come almost a marker, the level sides become equal, obviously reacting to one another. On the Black Bay, no such relationship exists. Is it difficult to peruse? No. Is it revolting? No. It’s only not as it was “meant” to be.

I’m genuinely certain we’ll never see a Mercedes hand on a Tudor again, so I envision this decision was to make the Snowflake Tudor’s signature. That I get, yet Tudor likewise has the choice of utilizing the candy hand (Mercedes sans cross) of the ref 76100, which would have been an extraordinary decision outwardly. It likewise would have honored the brand’s history and further recognized the Black Bay from the Pelagos. Eventually, will this at all impact the satisfaction in the watch for 99% of individuals? No, so accept my issue with it as you will.

The lume referenced before isn’t only a beautiful cream tone. It additionally functions admirably. Indeed, it’s probably the best lume I’ve seen, requiring almost no charge, gleaming splendidly and for quite a while and having exceptionally even application. It’s the sort of lume that energizes simply being in a semi-sufficiently bright room. Likewise, the hands and markers shine a similar splendor, which is something that I genuinely don’t search for as it’s very uncommon.


The greatest change to the Black Bay for 2016 is the utilization of the MT5602 in-house type. As referenced, in-house or production types are uncommon under $5,000 with a couple of brands coming to mind, so when any come out they are serious. At the point when a brand on the size of Tudor does it, it’s a truly serious deal as the development is supported by many years of assembling skill. Here, it additionally implies that the brand was cutting liberated from Swatch Group and coming more like a vertically incorporated assembling. In the event that there is one real worry about new in-house developments, it’s their unwavering quality over the long and present moment. Different concerns are functionality, particularly further later on as the actual brand probably won’t in any case be near. With a “standard” development like the 2824, you know it’s upheld by the trial of time and is effectively workable. Thus, if I somehow managed to wager on another development between a brand that’s been around 10 years and one that is more than 100, I’d pick the latter.

With the MT5602, Tudor presents an amazing move up to the ETA 2824 recently utilized across the Black Bay reach. The MT5602 is a 25-gem programmed development with a recurrence of 28,800 bph and highlights hacking and hand-winding. In such manner it’s like the 2824, yet here’s where it contrasts: the MT5602 likewise includes a 70-hour power hold (up from 40), a silicon hair spring, a free-sprung balance, a full equilibrium extension and COSC chronometer rating (indeed, 2824’s can be COSC appraised, however the units in past Black Bays were not).

70 hours implies the development will run off the wrist for a couple of days. A silicon hair spring, while notwithstanding being more tech forward, is non-attractive, grease free and in principle prompts longer help spans and more noteworthy unwavering quality. It’s likewise certain that Tudor makes their own escapement, instead of depending on parts from ETA. A free sprung balance implies that the development is controlled by changing miniature screws on the actual equilibrium (variable idleness) as opposed to using a controller framework (the little caliper-looking gadget and screw with a +/ – give up the equilibrium that changes the length of the hairspring on 2824s and different developments). Regardless of whether there is a bit of leeway here I’d need to default to a watchmaker’s assessment, however I do accept controllers are inclined to issue with stun. This is additionally an element discovered all the more regularly on better quality assembling developments. A full equilibrium connect, which you’ll see on Rolex’s types, in principle gives greater security. I happen to likewise like what they look like, however without a showcase case back you’ll need to envision it.

The chronometer rating justifies itself. It’s a demonstrated revelation of exactness as administered by the COSC, which you can find out about in more noteworthy detail here. This isn’t the most “unique” part of the MT5602, with numerous developments having COSC confirmation at value focuses both above and beneath the Black Bay, however it’s surely beneficial to have. In my experience with the Black Bay, it’s been outstandingly exact. I estimated it utilizing the Twixt application and it came in the middle – 3.2 and – 4 seconds daily—well inside the – 4/+6 variety permitted by COSC. (Disclaimer: I can’t address Twixt’s exactness, so accept this report as you will.)

In terms of plan and enhancement, the MT5602 has an unmistakable actual likeness to Rolex’s types, anyway real specialized similitudes are difficult to decide. It would bode well for there to be a stream down of tech from Rolex to Tudor, however Rolex is additionally unmistakably making altogether different developments at altogether different value focuses. Simply investigate what their new 3255 type highlights and you’ll see that it’s an entire distinctive monster. As far as embellishment, Tudor developments are uncontrollably extraordinary too. The MT5602 has a mechanical look with sandblasted spans that gives the metal a dull tone, angled edges and a skeletonized rotor. It’s not the regular Swiss style of splendid rhodium plated metal with Côtes de Genève and blue screws. It addresses Tudor’s objective of being even more an instrument watch brand, yet additionally it might basically address producing and cost.

Overall, it’s a noteworthy development that I do believe is a redesign over the 2824. It makes the watch more remarkable and a more noteworthy incentive as the value change a few hundred dollars. All things considered, there is one downside to the development, and that’s the stature. The MT5602’s is 6.5mm tall. This is exceptionally tall for a three-hand development. In comparison, the 2824 is 4.6mm, the 2892 is 3.6mm, and the Miyota 9015 is 3.9mm. This clearly adds to the space prerequisite of the development inside the watch, and hence the watch’s generally speaking tallness, which I believe is the greatest disadvantage of the Black Bay.

Bracelet and Straps

Also new for 2016 is the bolt arm band. This is an incredible expansion regardless of what you look like at it. For those new to the idea, it addresses a lot more seasoned style of arm band where the connections are held along with side plates that were bolted on. Rather than tightening, the connections venture down in width. For the Black Bay, they made a lovely current Oyster style arm band that has the stylish highlights of the bolted style. The bolts and plates add a cool surface to the side of the wristband, which inconspicuously adds to the general look and feel of the watch. The ventured interfaces actually get that 4mm vintage tighten across and they make the arm band more comfortable on the wrist, however outwardly it looks more unexpected. It’s a great detail that I truly appreciate, however I could perceive how somebody may see it as a stage off course. As far as I might be concerned, eliminating a portion of the advanced smoothness works well.

The arm band begins at 22mm with a strong and expertly fitted endlink, and afterward it ventures down about a millimeter at an at once at the fasten. The littlest connections are the ones that you can trade out for measuring, and Tudor’s arrangement here was cunning. They kept the side plates, yet supplanted one bolt with an uneven screwbar. This detail keeps the look and takes into consideration simple estimating. The catch on the arm band is delightfully planned and machined, including a blend of cleaned and brushed surfaces. There are additionally decent subtleties, for example, the Tudor Shield being made through some cunning utilization of lines and gaps.

Steps Rivets Subtle marking Great scrupulousness

Overall, the wristband is flawless and functions admirably with the watch. Notwithstanding the wristband, the Black Bay comes with one of Tudor’s Jacquard lingered mil-ties in black. I didn’t have one to test, however I’ve heard beneficial things about them. Nonetheless, I gave the Black Bay a shot on a portion of our High-Craft Vintage lashes , as they were kind of intended for observes much the same as this. The Black Bay works extraordinary on cowhide in light of the fact that the area of the springbar openings is low and out of sight. This makes a pleasant measure of room between the tie and the case, taking into account the case to be more characterized. I really favor lashes over arm bands for this very explanation. I discover calfskin emphasizes the math of a case, especially the hauls and bezel. For colors, I attempted black Chromexcel, a conspicuous alternative that looked incredible with the bezel, dial, and so forth, and one of our Ryes. The Rye made the gold in the dial leap out, and gave the watch a lot hotter look, addressing the vintage components of the plan. I’d unquestionably recommend matching the Black Bay Black with a nectar/tan-hued calfskin like this.


The wrist test is the most significant of all, and obviously, the Black Bay passes. The breadth and carry to-drag work on my 7-inch wrist. It’s manly and current in height, however not odd or over done. I actually figure a more modest 39mm variant would be incredible, however similar to the Black Bay isn’t “too” large. The stature is, as recently noted, all the more a worry. The watch sits high on the wrist with the case sides having all in all too much presence of their own. You become accustomed to it, as you do with every tall watch, yet that doesn’t make it any more smooth. Moreover, putting it on a mil-lash would just add to this issue.

In terms of feel and style, the Black Bay Black truly sparkles. I really got different comments from individuals while wearing it, which truly doesn’t happen all that regularly. It simply oozes class and polish, blended in with something more rough and manly that characterizes the “vintage Submariner” (seems like a cologne commercial, I know, yet trust me—it bodes well). The blend of rose gold and black is ageless, the extents of the notable dial are perfect and the applied markers and case slant bling barely enough. It’s a damn provocative watch. It looks incredible with work garments, easygoing garments and considerably more conventional clothing on account of that dash of gold. Messing with lash material and shading frees it up to a universe of plausibility and make it an exceptionally adaptable watch.

41mm isn’t little, however it fits well A calfskin tie emphasizes the case’s calculation


So, how would I wrap this one up? Do I need to try to backpedal and denounce all that I said in our Round-Table? Indeed, I think halfway. I do figure a superior arrangement might have been found than the Snowflake hand, and I do think the case is greater than one needs it to be, particularly in stature. So, the Black Bay is an inconceivably agreeable watch to wear. I adored each second of having this one on my wrist and would cheerfully have it be a piece of my assortment. The mind-boggling nature of the development and completing represents itself with no issue, and it overflows style. That’s simply the aesthetics.

The MT5602 truly changes the general picture, making the watch a more one of a kind and attractive contribution. The specs are incredible, particularly the 70-hour power hold, silicon hairspring and chronometer rating. The new development simply makes the watch a superior worth. Clearly $3,675 isn’t modest, however I don’t mean an incentive in the feeling of economical. In the $3 – $5,000 territory, the in-house Black Bay is offering more (at retail) than a large number of its competitors. We as a whole realize some high worth brands under $5,000, yet too few really have something similar to the MT5602. Lamentably, the stature may be an impact of the development, yet if I somehow managed to need to pick one over the other, the development would win. It simply makes the Black Bay a more extraordinary watch.

In the end, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Black ref 79230N is truly quite a watch. For individuals who are keen on vintage or current Submariners, the allure will be prompt. For individuals who are throbbing for an advanced Rolex, maybe they don’t need to save or stand by so long and can rather purchase the Black Bay with the MT5602. Hell, they may even be getting something that suits them better. The Rolex Submariner is an entire diverse monster with numerous specialized points of interest, however the Black Bay is only the cooler watch.