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Tomas’s Top 5 Vintage Breitling Watches

Breitling is one of the brands that has been proficient to bring continuously striking, inspiring, and innovative replica magic since the good ‘ol days. Picking my best 5 models from a particularly immense and inspiring inventory turned out to be all in all a challenge.

Opinions on the Breitling brand tend to be very strong, one way or the other. I either meet authorities that vibe zero affinity towards the brand or, all the more often, enthusiasts that have not only one or two, however dozens of Breitling replica magic It only confirms that you have a great deal of decisions once you fall under the vintage Breitling spell.

1. Breitling Chronomat ref. 769

In 1940 Breitling applied for a patent on a rotating logarithmic slide rule, a “apparatus for Mathematicians and Engineers” that took into consideration complex calculations. The name Chronomat was gotten from CHRONOgraph for MAThematicians and turned into the blueprint upon which later Navitamers fabricated their fame.

To find one with a clean dial and original syringe hands with untouched lume is getting more enthusiastically consistently. All things considered, prepare to pay €4k to €5k for a decent piece. I don’t even recollect the last time I saw one with the original box and (the important) original instruction manual.

If unpolished, a 36mm case with sharp carries is an unadulterated work of art. I’m not a fan of rectangular pushers, yet here they look simply awesome. The hand-wound Venus 175 is a type of wonderful quality. Even following 80 years, you can feel strong, full an exact snap, which is proof of finest movement craftsmanship. We will bring you a full audit of ref. 769 soon, meanwhile you can peruse more from Mike about later Chronomat ref. 808

The 1957 Breitling Superocean (Photo Credit: Fred Mandelbaum)

2. Breitling SuperOcean ref. 1004 and ref. 2005

Both convey a similar name, yet they are so different. First reference 1004 was introduced in 1957 and filled in as the inspiration during the current year’s re-edition . For the vast majority of gatherers, this model represented something of a Breitling vessel replica magic given its short production run first time around.

The dial and replica magic case design have one of the strongest characters you’ve at any point seen. I’ve wondered many occasions why it has not been duplicated by others. You could contend that you can see other brands, for example, JLC or Omega and their design follows in it as of now, yet this replica magic remains undoubtedly in its own class. The concave bezel in combination with the “world’s longest” triangular radium indexes and no numbers, not even on the bezel, make a magical illusion of the ocean dragging you in its depths.

An applied “B” and flawlessly made SuperOcean name are historical center prepared instances of wonderful design and execution. Basically, it is exquisite.

Super(Ocean) switch

For most of us authorities, messed with regular issues, for example, mortgages or children education, there is as yet the marginally younger SuperOcean ref. 2005. It is practically difficult to accept that only eight years remained between these two. I intentionally pick this combination to show how daring and different design thinking was back then.

SuperOcean ref. 2005 is a very exceptional replica magic since it would seem that a three-hander, yet functions as a chronograph (so technically, it very well may be seen as the replacement for the ref. 807 as a chronograph version of ref. 1004). There is no chrono second hand, simply a central minute hand moving gradually, hence SuperOcean “SlowMo” nickname.

Notice the additional opening over the six, that signals the action status of an in-house modification of the Venus 188. When the chronograph is disengaged the window can without much of a stretch be ignored as it is loaded up with a level dark plate matching the dial.

Large luminous speck signals running chronograph, little luminous spot signals stopping the chronograph function.

The SuperOcean ref. 2005 is very pursued. The greater 42mm measurement was an immense jump from the 39mm utilized for past refs. Consequently, this model is maybe even more famous today than it was in those days. When looking to purchase used, be careful with hand condition and the chance of re-luming. Additionally, ensure the dial is in top condition. These replica magic tended to spill. Be that as it may, if you’re willing to spend €8k to €10k, you could possibly find an ideal model from the 1960s. Over the long haul, that time looks increasingly more honored for watchmaking.

3. Breitling Navitimer 806 and Navitimer Cosmonaute 809

The Navitimer is a faction. In the event that you know #SpeedyTuesday, you should know #NaviFriday as well. The Navitimer 806 is accessible in an “all-dark” dial version with a “beaded” bezel introduced in 1954 and high contrast dials dated from 1964/1965 to the end of the 1970s. Alleged converse panda Navitimers had bezels with straight cut or serrated edges. While Formula 1 drivers Jim Clark or Graham Hill sported high contrast dial Navitimers, (equivalent to jazz legend Miles Davis), I lean towards the all-dark version.

The early models with Valjoux72 are very tempting.  Purists may incline toward the 17-gem Venus 178 type. The Navitimer was delivered in stainless steel, gold, and gold plated variants, yet I trust you get the cleanest visual satisfaction when you take a gander at the steel models. Costs range from  €5,000 to €7,000. Full sets can get even more. To learn more you can peruse more established #TBT about a special transition Navitimer model Mike landed a couple of years ago.

Breitling Navitimer 806 enjoying the Fall 🙂

Space nerds will know more about the Navitimer ref. 809 Cosmonaute, a watch Cmd. Scott Carpenter had worked to his specs as he wanted a 24-hour replica magic when he flew with the Aurora 7 mission in 1962.

Challenging, yet not useless

One important note. Many allude to it as a wonderful, yet additionally futile replica magic on account of the 24-hour dial. Anytime I see that brassy comment written some place, I consider it truly insolent. I can advise you from my own experience, and I do pivot replica magic vigorously, I have never issue to peruse the time rapidly a correctly anytime it sits on my wrist.

The Breitling 809 Cosmonaute is commanding on the wrist

The 41mm breadth is magnificent, the equivalent for 22mm carry width. In the event that you’ll pardon my French, the (ahem) “dodgy” style of luminous material is an essential piece of the experience. When buying a “Cossie”, simply ensure it has the right hands and a slide rule, as they are often supplanted. These come up for same even more infrequently than the Navitimer 806 (which you can get it at a marginally better cost — I would say €4,000 to €6,000). I was fortunate. I got my last year. It was owned by Austrian Airline pilot and accompanied an original box.

4. Breitling Chrono-Matic ref. 2110

Very extraordinary reference and an ideal entryway to vintage Breitling. It stays, or possibly more exact, it adheres to a meaningful boundary between prior genuine vintage manuals and later automatics. With Caliber 11 introduced on March 3, 1969, it got one of the world’s first programmed chronographs. Chunky, funky, and innovative. Still very moderate vintage Breitling with sticker prices ranging from €2,500 to nearly €4,000.

Orange features and vigorous tank-styled sub-register hands never got me exhausted. A left-hand crown offers a strong visual identity. The dial is totally clear, the equivalent applies for the chronograph with full 1 to 12 numbers printed on hour-counter. You can peruse more Chrono-Matic here or here .

5. Breitling Referee 1970s

I picked this intentionally to disturb the undeniable presumes you may hope to be recorded. There are tons of articles about the games chronographs, yet often it appears to be a vacant expression that is simply so generic. A few games chronographs consistent with their games spirits actually live in shadows. In any event in shadows of yachting-clocks. This is very funny, as there must be more football/soccer fans than mariners. Take the Breitling Referee in daring dark/red tones as an example.

Referee ref.34-31 from 1973

Some of the Referees are fueled by a hand-wound 17-gem Valjoux 7731 that rehashes a similar innovation seen on the SuperOcean ref. 2005. Again, an indicator over six shows up. The significant difference? The price…

If you like striking dial designs, you can replica magic and time your next soccer match with this fella on your wrist. Notice the “abandoned” 3. When the chronograph is resting, the huge center minute totally conceals the number 12. This way the number 3 is by all accounts the only numeral showing hours. A lovely peculiar, yet charming detail.

Last words

Sorry, I just can’t resist and I need to name a couple of other Breitling models that didn’t make it to the TOP 5 rundown. However, not that it would not belong there, a remarkable inverse. We ought not disregard AVI ref. 765. Particularly original model nicknamed “Lucy Digital” with a 15-minute countdown clock. Or then again the Duograph Rattrapante ref. 762 from the mid-1940s. It was Venus-based (clearly), uncommon, and basically difficult to find today. On the off chance that military replica magic energize you, take a gander at Breitling ref. 817 with not in excess of 30 pieces spotted altogether, according to Rene, as he said in an interesting interview for Fratello. For bezel darlings, we recommend checking additionally inventive designs coming with Breitling Unitime and for dress sweethearts Datora Moonphase ref. 799. Tomas off!