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To boldly go where no watchmaker has gone before

The MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt was granted the prize for best Concept and Design Watch by the esteemed Grand Prix d’Horlogerie of Geneva 2010.

Max Busser has taken his ‘Thunderbolt’ companions on a prize-winning excursion. With it’s imaginative and extraordinary plan I should concede I wasn’t stunned to hear MB&F ‘s HM4 Thunderbolt won in the class Concept and Design Watch.

I can in any case recall Steve Hallock, president of  MB&F North America, showed me the exposed development (during Baselwolrd 2010 ) and asked what I figured the watch would resemble. Furthermore, I didn’t have a clue.

HM4’s motor was totally planned and created by MB&F more than three years of serious work with Laurent Besse and Beranger Reynard of Les Artisans Horlogers . Every one of the 311 components were grown explicitly for the Thunderbolt, no off-the-rack instruments or parts were utilized at all because of the outrageous idea of its architecture.

Two fountainhead barrels associated in equal give 72 hours of energy, and they move their capacity to the double stream turbine-like sign units (one showing the hours and minutes, the other the force hold) through vertical stuff trains.

Both it’s case and it’s development are minimal specialized wonders. Take the sapphire ring for the situation. Beginning with a strong piece of sapphire, it requires over 100 hours of machining and cleaning to transform a square of precious stone into this midriff of the three section case. Be that as it may, it’s wroth the difficulty since it gives sight on the delightful engine.

When I saw the official statement I was flabbergasted, astounded, overwhelmed. What a watch! At the point when Ian Skellern and I visited Max Busser last August I had the opportunity to tie the HM4 around my wrist. Wearing a watch like this in some way or another brings back the child in you. At any rate that’s the inclination I had.

 It seems as though stream motors, similar to it comes from a dashborad of a 1950’s vehicle or possibly from the 1950’s Thunderbirds TV program. Amazing, this watch offers to everybody’s creative mind. It’s name, it’s plan made that a few words set off my imagination.

Captain Max Busser and his Thunderbolt…. to strikingly go where  no watch producer has gone previously. Well done to Max and everybody included in creating this glorious timepiece!

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