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Three Limited Editions of the Zelos Chroma 2

Zelos Watches originally dispatched the Chroma close to the furthest limit of 2014 through an effective Kickstarter crusade. The watch had a lugless plan with a stacked-style case that we gave the involved treatment to Feb. 2015 . Since the survey, Zelos refreshed the watch to the Chroma 2, adding lume to the hands and dial records for better low light decipherability, and a tasteful change to the rotor of the development. Presently, Zelos has declared three new case materials for the Chroma, to be delivered in restricted editions.

The Chroma 2 Limited Editions share base specs:

Case Width: 42mm (w/o crown) Case Thickness: 11mm Lug Width: 22mm, shrouded carries Crystal: Sapphire front and back Water Resistance: 50M Movement: Miyota 821A Warranty: 1 Year

Whereas the first Chroma and Chroma 2 had standard 316L tempered steel cases the new restricted releases utilize three distinct materials. The first up is the mainstream case material of bronze. The Chroma 2 Bronze case is built from CuSn8 Bronze. The principle fascination is the means by which the bronze ages and stains as it is worn, giving each piece it’s own one of a kind look. The crown for the Chroma 2 Bronze is dark PVD endorsed with the Zelos logo. The dial, similarly as with past forms, is kept basic with simply the Zelos logo at 12. The moment markers have been colored to coordinate the bronze tone as have the moment and hour hands. The inward ring of the dial is dark to coordinate the dial color.

For their second case material Zelos decided to go lightweight with carbon fiber. The instance of the Chroma 2 Carbon Fiber weighs about half what a customary 316L treated steel case would gauge. The carbon fiber case is machined by means of CNC out of a strong square of carbon fiber, no molds are utilized. The machining and change in the carbon fiber layers will give each watch its own interesting example. Likewise with the Bronze, the Carbon Fiber additionally has a marked, dark PVD crown. The inward ring this time is gold which coordinates the trim at the top of the hour and moment hands and the moment track around the dial.

The last material Zelos decided for the Chroma 2 restricted release case is Damascus steel. Damascus steel is notable in the blade community , mainstream for its hardness and enlivening examples. The examples are a consequence of having 2 unique metals combined in layers. The Chroma 2 case is CNC machined from a strong bar of the damascus steel which is then cleaned lastly treated with hydrochloric corrosive to draw out the example in the metal. The dial and internal ring are both dark with silver laid out hands to coordinate the case. Because of the difficulties of working with the Damascus steel just 25 bits of the Chroma 2 Damascus will be available.

All three of the new Chroma 2 restricted release models are accessible for pre-request now. Pre-request costs for the Bronze and the Carbon Fiber are $299 USD each with the valuing ascending to $349 once the watches are supplied and delivering. For the Damascus model the pre-request cost is $499 USD and if all the units are not sold in pre-request the cost will spring up to $649. You can get more information or pre-request from the Zelos Chroma item page on the Zelos website.