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Thomas Prescher – master of tourbillons

Although a tourbillon isn’t as uncommon as a couple of decennia prior, it’s as yet something extraordinary. Autonomous watchmaker Thomas Prescher makes wriswatches with a solitary axis tourbillon, a twofold axis tourbillon and even a triple axis tourbillon. Thomas Prescher is the expert of tourbillons.

I can in any case recollect very well finding out about a watchmaker who made three watches with a tourbillon. One with a solitary axis tourbillon, one with a twofold axis tourbillon and one with a triple axis tourbillon and I had no clue about what a tourbillon was. Then again I was absolutely intrigued by it’s extraordinary fine mechanics. This was around six years ago…

Reading about Thomas Prescher ‘s most up to date observe quickly manifestations caught my eye and caused me to acknowledge I read about his astounding tourbillons a few yaers prior. His new Triple Axis Tourbillon Regulator is a work of art of fine mechanics and furthermore the lone wristwatch on the planet including a triple axis flying tourbillon. Let’s become acquainted with a smidgen more about the maker and his extraordinary watches….

Prescher’s Triple Axis Tourbillon Regulator highlights one of the world’s generally restrictive and most troublesome complications to assemble. In 2003 he introduced the world’s first pocket watch with a flying twofold axis tourbillon. Albeit other watchmakers thought it was difficult to fit a twofold axis tourbillon in the compelled space of a wristwatch, Prescher proofed them wrong. What’s more, in a persuading way! A year Thomas Prescher introduced his wristwatch set of three of single-axis, twofold axis and triple-axis tourbillons.

At this extraordinary degree of miniature mechanical complexity and scaling down, watchmaking stops to be tied in with timekeeping and becomes unadulterated workmanship. Simply attempt to envision how little the triple axis flying tourbillon is… the tourbillon confine has a breadth of 13.4mm and the equilibrium wheel’s width is 9.5mm. Perhaps the nearby beneath gives you a thought regarding the quantity of parts, the ideal completion of the parts and how staggeringly minuscule this all is.


A typical tourbillon is upheld by spans that hinder an unmistakable view into the tourbillon. A flying tourbillon is just upheld by only one side so the pivoting of the triple-axis tourbillon can be seen much better. To enjoy the tourbillon taking all things together its excellence, the triple-axis tourbillon instrument is driven by means of two conelike cog wheels rather than the simpler stuff to-equip arrangement. Thomas Prescher was the first is as yet the lone watchmaker to utilize this system.

The trouble in supporting anything by only one end is balance. At the point when an article is upheld on different sides its harmony isn’t pretty much as basic as though it is upheld on just one. Be that as it may, envision adjusting an item traveling through not one, not two, but rather three distinctive planes!


The triple-axis tourbillon system, which incorporates the escapement wheel, beds, anchor, balance spring and equilibrium wheel, is incredibly light in weight. Anyway according to the measure of energy accessible it is somewhat heavy… And this is one of the serious issues regarding multi-axis tourbillons: guaranteeing a plentiful stock of capacity to the escapement, the system that directs timekeeping.

To settle this issue, Thomas Prescher has added a consistent power gadget inside the tourbillon confine pivoting the main axis. This gadget communicates energy straightforwardly to the escapement six times each second, with each beat of the wavering equilibrium. The fundamental force train drives the tourbillon and re-energizes the consistent power spring with the goal that it generally has adequate force for the escapement.


The development (type TP 3W6A.3) used in the Triple Axis Tourbillon Regulator is 37mm in breadth and 6.5mm thick, made of 327 sections and has 43 gems. The hand-wound development has two origin barrels (associated in equal) conveying 40 hours of force reserve.

It’s offset wheel vibrates with a recurrence of 3Hz or 21,600 bph. The tourbillon’s 1st axis and second make a full transformation in one moment, the third axis makes an unrest in an hour. The pivot tallness of the tourbillon, inside the tourbillon confine, is 12.2mm. Let’s simply say it… this is all amazingly impressive!

This radiant piece of strategy is accessible in a 18K pink gold or platinum case, estimating 43mm in width and 16.5mm thick. The dark dial is made of natural onyx that is half thicker than expected for a more extravagant/more profound dark. The top and lower part of the case are shut with sapphire gem with hostile to intelligent treatment both sides.

For more data you can visit Thomas Prescher’s site .