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Thomas Prescher creating unique pieces

Visiting a watchmaker in his atelier gives quite a lot more measurement to encountering what is the issue here. Last August Thomas Prescher welcomed me in his atelier in Switzerland.

One of the things that turned out to be clear, during this visit , was that to keep creation and quality up to your own (elevated expectations, expects you to produce however much parts as could reasonably be expected in your own Manufacture. What’s more, that’s precisely what Thomas Prescher does and why he can make explicit wishes of clients rather quick and of the quality standard he sets for himself.

Recently Thomas got such a solicitation; not interestingly incidentally. This refined man needed a watch with his family crest consolidated. Generally you’d make statements like a family crest can be engraved on the caseback or painted on the dial. Prescher’s Tempus Vivendi may be a superior arrangement on the grounds that here the family crest can truly be fused into the watch. In the wake of getting the solicitation the drawings should be made, utilizing computer helped fabricating (CAM), so the small parts can be made with the CNC machine.

At his site and Facebook page you can peruse more about the movement of this piece unique. distributed my Chronicle about Thomas Prescher and at the Monochrome Facebook page I posted more and bigger photographs of Prescher’s watches including a few Tempus Vivendi models and all tourbillon watches!