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Third European GTG by Horomundi

Last saturday was the third European GTG for Horomundi individuals. The delight of meeting individual watch fans and sharing our enthusiasm for fine watches didn’t keep going long enough…

After going to the principal European GTG in November 2007, I just can’t get enough of these sort of gatherings. The second European GTG, a multi day occasion, was likewise the dispatch of Holland’s most lofty watch brand Grönefeld with the Grönefeld GTM-06 . I could educate you about the exercises, coordinated by Wim, Horomundi arbitrator the Glashütte-Original forum…. Anyway let that simply be a sweet memory for those present and go on to the part a large portion of us are moved by… the watches!

Rene Marx from Glashütte Original came right from Germany to impart the evening to us and show Glashütte Original’s oddities from Baselworld. Not only  this year’s oddities where present, yet additionally two watches which, as I would like to think, don’t stand out enough to be noticed, the  Senator Chronometer and the Senator Sixties collection.

During such a gathering everybody wears at any rate one, yet normally two watches. A great many people locate this the most ideal approach to bring their two most loved watches. Late in the early evening I shot some photographs of the wrists present, anyway I didn’t photo everyone’s wrist. The watches missing in the photograph assortment underneath: Grönefeld GTM-06 in platinum, URWERK 103T Mexican Fireleg , Bremont MB2, Rolex Airking, my own d.m.h and presumably a few more.

The GTG was, once more, something exceptional. Finding the opportunity to see 3 URWERK’s, a  Jean Daniel Nicholas tourbillon and 2 Grönefeld’s GTM-06… my goodness! A simple human doesn’t often find the opportunity to see such countless flawlessly made and completed, complex and exceptionally complicated watches at once.

Here are’s a photograph Ian Skellern made of the 3 URWERK’s:  103T Mexican Fireleg,  103T AlTiN and a dark 103 that I have never seen before.

In the night Tim and Bart Grönefeld introduced their new watch, the Grönefeld One Hertz . I’m still a lot of intrigued with the autonomous loser seconds and on the grounds that this component is amazingly uncommon, the possibility you’ll discover it on other watches is close to nothing. When there’s more news, possibly a video of how the lowlife seconds instrument functions, I will keep you educated regarding course.

One last photograph of this astounding day…. the table shot!

Thanx to Wim for getting sorted out this incredible GTG once more, thanx to Glashütte-Original for introducing their assortment, thanx to Tim and Bart Grönfeld for revealing to us more about the enhanced One Hertz and thanx to Ian Skellern for allowing me to utilize a portion of his photos.

To read more about the third European Horomundi GTG visit Horomundi discussion .