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The Watch Factory during SIHH 2010

The Watch Factory was a little sideshow display at Baselworld 2009. In spite of the fact that it was the first run through for this additional presentation for Independent Haute Horlogerie, it was an immense achievement. One year from now it The Watch Factory will be throughout the SIHH and Baselworld.

During this year’s Baselworld (2009) I invested the greater part of my energy at the corners of Independent Watchmakers. Why? The environment was more loose, no close timetables, an opportunity to converse with the watchmaker himself in stead of a sales rep, the opportunity to pose inquiries in stead of tuning in to that sales rep who has been ‘broadcasting’ a similar 30 moment ‘programme’ 15 times each day and 7 days every week during Baselworld. I know, this may sound brutal, yet I must be straightforward. The greater the brand, the less open and useful they are (this is at any rate my assessment). One enormous exeption should be mentioned… Glashütte Original ‘s new overseeing chief, Thomas Meier, gave a generally noteworthy (and entertaining) introduction at Baselworld 2009 .

Grégory Pons has as of late declared on Business Montres that The Watch Factory will introduce in Geneva throughout the SIHH : 17-24 January 2010. Furthermore, it seems to be greater than previously, with 20 – 30 brands expected to participate.

This activity is a phenomenal thought for two reasons:

1. It permits more modest brands and free movers a savvy vehicle for introducing to people in general, columnists and collectors.

2. The general population and watch enthusiasts, who are not permitted at the ‘professionals only’ SIHH will get an opportunity to see an enormous choice of probably the most fascinating watches with regards to the world converse with their creators.

For everybody who’s French is just about as bad as mine, here’s interpretation of the first article distributed on Business Montres. With a little assistance from google interpretation and some rewriting, in light of the fact that the google interpretation didn’t bode well either 🙂

• • WHY THE WATCH FACTORY in Geneva in January 2010?

The most appropriate answer would be the reason not? At the point when we have companions visiting our city, the least we can do is show them in and out of town. Numerous youthful inventive brands of the new age presently have a more characteristic spot for them to organize their gatherings with retailers and their companions and with the significant parts in the watch industry.

In ongoing years these gatherings occurred in inn suites in and out of town or in the little makes. This implied that to meet each other everybody needed to run starting with one spot then onto the next. The Watch Factory Geneva 2010 – free living for contemporary watches – will be held in midtown Geneva at the core of a complex for worldwide gatherings. For evident reasons, these spots are hyper-secure, somewhere between the air terminal and significant inns, with all parking offices, transport and cable car between the two objections, even with a private shuttle.

The entire “family” will be assembled, with somewhere in the range of 20 and 30 brands of new age watchmakers in a similar spot. This makes an entirely available elective idea of dependent on a similar guideline, experienced during Baselworld 2009: maximalise inventiveness and minimalise beautification, for a chose crowd of retailers, columnists and (this is new) chosen fans (kid, do I desire to be invited!!).


Although recently examiners expected the business for the watch business to get, it appears to be this isn’t the situation. The extravagance watch industry feels the appalling impacts of the worldwide monetary emergency and the current change of the extravagance business. Business will be business. The emergency has a genuine effect: absence of money, retailers at this point don’t have any desire to arrange and the inquiry pops why gone through about fourteen days at the official watch shows in Basel and Geneva. Thus the enticement acknowledged by numerous individuals of these retailers: Basel or Geneva, you need to pick, increasingly more of them favoring either however not both. It appears logical  when you consider the pressing factor of the huge brands to arrange at any cost, despite the fact that they are now have overstock.

This is the reason the Watch Factory idea turns out best for autonomous names: guests don’t need to pick, we do two shows!

• • WHAT CONCEPT FOR THE WATCH FACTORY in Geneva in January 2010?

The Watch Factory Geneva 2010 will be held from Sunday January seventeenth to Sunday January 24th. Why Sunday to Sunday? Since, on these dates, a large number of our Asian and American companions are available in Geneva at the end of the week prior to the SIHH and they stay until one weekend from now. It is likewise an assistance to admirers of fine watches that work in the week: it will be simpler to design a speedy outing to Geneva to exploit an invitation.

The entire thing will be super professional. The show place, the association and coordinations and obviously the corners. Worldwide communication – B2B and B2C – is done by a particular organization. The actual show will be regulated by a devoted company.

The show lobby, open to normal light and lavishly enlivened (fair wood, contemporary engineering), will be outfitted with all conveniences (private cafeteria, storage space, gathering, latrines, private spaces for secret gatherings, meeting rooms if vital, and so forth) Stands & beautified have been planned into the rationale of neo-extravagance low cost.


The Watch Factory will incorporate large numbers of the individuals who have encountered this new pattern at Baselworld, however it won’t be a parlor saved uniquely for the super selective watch, not a parlor for hyper-experts of the great complication. The Watch Factory will give a portrayal of another age watchmakers on the whole its aspects and (nearly) all prices.

As at Baselworld 2009, the Watch Factory offered spot to the makes of complications and watches that offer an option to ‘new watches’. One year from now will be a ‘family party’ and unite an all the more wide assortment of the new age, which will be there taking all things together its diversity.

The rundown of exhibitors will be distributed later. The occasion happens in a half year! Say that to date, 25 to 30 homes or more are expected.


When a companion comes for supper, would we say we are asked who pais for petroleum or parking? Since there are such countless individuals visiting Geneva simultaneously, why not make a ton of global retailers and writers part of the ‘family’.

Clarification: in the spring of 2009 the administration of Baselworld had liberally consented to make a signal towards the new watch age. This brought forth the Watch Factory in Basel and it’s worldwide success.

The same display was proposed to the administration of the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH), a spot near the ‘noble hall’ with ease improvement to compress costs. The objective is to keep visitors from going all through Geneva all the time to go to each introduction and visit each brand.

The thought was to merge around Palexpo, with the undeniable explanation previously referenced (less going for all partners). Lamentably the SIHH didn’t concur and the Watch Factory then had no way out. Since a significant number of the autonomous watchmakers exopsing at the Watch Factory are from Geneva an elective focal area must be found. Also, with success.

• • TO DO

This activity is wealthy in potential for the brands of the new age, who are confronted with emotional decreases in requests from their retailers. The shortage of media consideration in watch magazines watch and their shrinking piece of the pie, pressure bunches from publicizing, somewhat more article limitations, all put additional focus on the consideration given to free names. It is therefore for these brands to talk: it is an obligation and an honor for Business Watches to join this activity to help effectively and without reservation.