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The Type 20 and Type 21 Chronographs

There are watches of importance, watches of history, and afterward there are watches of legend. The Type 20/21 Chronographs, requested by the French military start during the 1950s and provided by France’s driving watch makers, are incredible.

These are apparatus watches second to none that saw dynamic military obligation. The elusive past of the Type 20/21 makes their proprietors a select gathering. A portion of the first brands are as yet making Type 20/21 chronographs and some have relaunched them, as Laurent Piccioto from Chronopassion advised us in this meeting .

Because the Type 20/21 Chronographs were a functioning piece of cockpit usefulness, they needed to perform. They should have been exact to inside eight seconds per day and have a force save of over 35 hours. The critical component the public authority mentioned was the fly-back for the chronographs. The fly-back capacity of the chronograph permitted pilots to reset or retour-en-vol timing by squeezing the lower push piece.

This capacity allows a pilot to press one catch for course revisions as opposed to pressing the upper catch to stop the chronograph, pressing the lower catch to reset it and afterward pressing the upper catch again to restart.

Anyone who has dealt with the energetic promptness of a cockpit can verify the advantage of one catch more than three. Such brisk resets supported waypoint route and network look, permitting pilots to progress ‘on the fly’.

The Type 20/21’s common appearance shared across producers was a dark dial with Arabic numerals, enlightened numerals for simple acknowledgment, and 38mm x 14 mm cases, little by the present norms. The Type 20 showed up during the 1950s, and the solicitation for improved unwavering quality and support brought forth the Type 21 during the 60s. Six producers provided these watches with four actually making them: Breguet, Dodane, Auricoste and Vixa. The brands Airain and Boullier have not survived.

The crown ruler of this sort, desired by gatherers, is the Breguet Type XX and later Type XXI. As we previously imparted to you, Laurent Piccioto from Chronopassion was somewhat liable for the relaunch of this model . Breguet’s horological accomplishments dominate their avionics legacy, yet during World War I, French Fighter Pilots flew roughly 5,500 Breguet XIV (Br-14)s, which were biplanes planned by aeronautical pioneer Louis Charles Breguet and furnished with the Brequet watch company’s flight instruments and chronographs. Melding their horological ability with their flight family delivered the memorable Breguet XX.

Today, the company protects this heredity with the Type XX, accessible in the Aeronavale and Transatlantique variants, and the Type XXI, 39.5mm and 42.5mm individually. These watches prize the fly-back element, and their noticeable style makes them in a split second conspicuous. Controlled by Breguet 582 programmed developments (altered Lemania 1350 developments for fly-back usefulness), these contemporary watches far surpass the French government’s unique 1950 expectations.

Pushing the envelope, Breguet as of late delivered the Type XXII 3880 ST (see photograph underneath), supplanting its 2010 Type XXII, and carrying the style into the cutting edge era.

This development beats at an amazing 10 Hz, which requires a silicon escapement and silicon balance-spring, and the origin gives 45 hours of force. The Type XXII leaves from its archetype’s moderate appearance with a 44mm case and a dash of red showing up all through the dial, on the base pusher and in the band’s sewing. The Type XXII consolidates the Type XX/XXI heritage and afterward discovers its own voice, making it the superstar of the group.

Dodane, a fifth-age family run company, is another Type 20/21 producer still in presence. After the quartz emergency, the family reconstituted the brand as Dodane 1857. Their Type 21, which comes at an impressively limited value compared to Breguet, likewise doffs the chapeau towards the past.

In its motor straight beats a Dubois Depraz 42021 development whose equilibrium prop produces 28,800 beats each hour. Its case’s wingspan is 42.5 mm. Fly-back capacity? Check. Programmed self-twisting development with 42 hour power save? Check. Bi-directional turning bezel? Check. With pre-flight complete, this watch is prepared to take off. In addition to the fact that Dodane makes the Type 21, yet they additionally fabricate chronometric instrumentation for airplane. You can brandish a Dodane on the dashboard of your Piper Cub plane, broadening your smooth qualifications.

Auricoste and Vixa are two restored brands post the quartz emergency. As new companies, these brands come up short on the consistent legacy of Breguet or Dodane 1857, yet they work effectively with the Type 20. Auricoste (likewise) sports a Dubois Depraz 42021 development, and Vixa records a programmed Vixa VJ750BC development. The two watches are 42mm in diameter.

Vive la France!

More data can be found on the Breguet site and the Dodane site .

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