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The spectacular new HAUTLENCE HL2.0

Since it’s starting in 2004 HAUTLENCE has developed to become a genuine name in the realm of Haute Horlogerie. With their most up to date model, the HL2.0, they truly show what’s conceivable with their combination of plan and technology.

From the start,  Hautlence has made rather unordinary looking watches. Albeit the principal models utilized the regular and very solid Peseux 7001 as base type, nothing was customary about the Hautlence HL and HLs assortments. The new HL2.0 makes it even a stride further. They consider it their ‘Second Philosophy of Timekeeping’… .

The Hautlence HL2.0 is a little miracle of procedure and plan. Outwardly inventive, however in fact it’s likewise offering some exceptionally intriguing innovations. The photographs of the HL2.0 are made by Malik Bahri. Simply take a gander at how the precious stone is folded over the excellent “dial” and movement.

The  development of Hautlence’s HL2.0 new development is unique. In collaboration with engineer-specialist Philippe Ruedin, Hautlence made an “open source” improvement way, which allowed autonomous brands the chance to chip away at a common base development, the ASXP 1300 development, making it simple to redo. The base of the development was updated in-house by Hautlence to meet the prerequisites for this new ‘Philosophy of Timekeeping’.

The hours are on a 12-connect chain (see photograph beneath) that moves each hour… But there’s more… considerably more! To guarantee that the framework has sufficient force, no under four committed component have been created to deal with the speed guideline, including an inertial erosion framework, a single direction 360° pivot control framework, and a devoted barrel to give capacity to the complications. Hautlence built up its own programmed twisting development with devoted wheels with advanced stuff teeth shapes. Yet, the most exceptional is that the complete escapement framework (counting the plate, extensions and wheels) moves to offset the impacts of gravity on the movement’s exactness. This is a first in watchmaking history!

The whole escapement gathering of the HL2.0 moves with the bouncing of consistently. Driven by the movement of great importance chain, the escapement get together will move to another position ever hour, hopping 60° from its previous situation, in a hub corresponding to the wrist. This implies it makes four complete pivots each and every day! Regardless of whether the watch isn’t worn, the development of the actual escapement will adjust negative impacts of gravity on the exactness of the watch. On the photograph above you can see the escapement gathering to one side of great importance chain or more the pivoting weight of the programmed winding system.

A interfacing pole framework directs the turn to control increasing speed and deceleration, permitting the hours to bounce easily. The bouncing hour chain is driven by a switch framework (see film), with a single direction 360° pivot control framework, the chain moves easily with no interference, requiring only two seconds to leap to the following hour.

The third module is the speed controller which controls the energy. What’s more, how can it work? Indeed, first you need to realize that a devoted barrel supplies the energy to move the escapement and hopping hour chain. The barrel begins to convey energy when the retrograde minutes bounce back to nothing, utilizing the switch and a star gather framework to free a 360° turn instrument. During that pivot, to control the speed of turn, a speed controller with inertial grating is begun and controls the movement of the framework. This permits the hour to hop in only two seconds.

If you’re intrigued you can take a gander at the HAUTLENCE site and keep posted on the most recent news by means of the HAUTLENCE Facebook page .