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The most beautiful watch winders of the world

What occurs if the maker of the most rich vaults on the planet unites with a maker of components and tweaked refinements for clients like Aston-Martin or Bugatti? Yep… they made something staggeringly cool. Is this maybe the most lovely and sumptuous watch winder?

Well, perhaps it isn’t the most lavish. That honor goes to the Gigantis that was included by our companions of TheSydneyTarts and which is made by similar individuals, Kudoe Schli & Matz . Perhaps they don’t merit the prize for the best company name, however extravagance watch winders is their business and they truly dazzled us.

Until now they delivered three models, all with an altogether different plan, yet in addition for certain things in common. Furthermore, that’s is the mind blowing consideration for detail and making no compromises with regards to deciding for a definitive extravagance watch winders.

Kudoe, Schli & Matz is a joint exertion of two companies. Bernd Kussmaul and Uwe Matzner have been making complex answers for singular components, and tweaked refinements for clients like Aston-Martin or Bugatti, Jaeger-LeCoultre. Markus Döttling and Andreas K. Schlittenhardt co-deal with the Döttling manufactory , set up in 1919, which appreciates a standing that is remarkable around the planet in the extravagance safes.

If the Morphosis is the most excellent watch winder, you need to decide yourself. We think it’s an extraordinary machine that looks astonishing. The Morphosis has 42 watch winders, multiple times 21 independently programmable watch-winders. Each is set in 90-degree position inside the treated steel packaging of the Morphosis, so the watches are obvious from the front. As you can see on the photograph of the touch board (underneath), this independently writing computer programs is taken very serious!

As soon as you enter your code on the touch board, the inside beginnings turning and revealing your watches. Yet, there is more… The Morphosis additionally has a coordinated sound framework that can be constrained by your advanced cell. How cool is that? Yep… cool. The materials utilized are by decision, whether it’s carbon, beam skin, texture or a fine hide cover and the equivalent applies for all the steel components.

OK, the Morphosis would be marginally out of offset for those with a watch assortment worth a few hundreds or a few huge number of euro/dollar. So for the individuals who have 42 watches and their worth requires a reasonable watch winder, than look no further. The Morphosis is accessible from € 95,000 Euro (ex TAX) and more information can be found at the Kudoe Schli & Matz site .