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The Field Standard Seiko mod by Go and Behold x Nick Harris

It’s been made really clear on numerous occasions that we’re huge aficionados of Seiko 5’s here at w&w. We’re are likewise into the Seiko sub-culture of watch modding, which is point by point in our Modding 101 article… Lastly, we can’t pass by a pleasantly executed field watch without requiring a subsequent look. Along these lines, when Go and Behold reached us saying they were chipping away at a  modded Seiko 5 field watch with modder Nick Harris, it was unmistakably something we had to  investigate and share.

Before we get into the watch, let’s take a gander at the players behind it. Proceed to Behold is another on-line men’s store who are hoping to carry “under-the-radar brands with incredible items and reasonable costs to an insightful audience”… an objective we can surely get behind here at w&w. Their little determination of products at present incorporate some selvedge pants, chambray ties, calfskin wallets and a couple of different things. Normally to our eyes, the Field Standard watch stood apart as a truly cool and extraordinary contribution from the store. With the considerable measure of on-line men’s destinations out there, scarcely any have sought after a custom watch, conceding to a huge number of nonexclusive contributions. As Go and Behold prime supporter Rohan says, the Seiko offers a great deal of what they are about “refined style, strong craftsmanship and a ton of significant worth for the money”.

The other portion of the condition is Nick Harris , a generally new part in the modding game. Based out of his old neighborhood of Philadelphia, Nick got into modding the old design way, by showing himself out of interest. He says everything started when he acquired his grandfather’s Omega Constellation. It was feeling the loss of the crown and stem and he needed to fix it himself… After doing some examination he concluded it was ideal to leave it to the experts in that occurrence, however it put him on a way. In the end, he advanced toward vintage Seikos, and he began finding out about them and testing. Presently, he seeks after little groups of mods dependent on Seiko 5’s and SKX’s. Going from Sinn-esque sterile pilots to an extremely outlandish piece utilizing mokume-gane (a covered metal with sensational graining) on the dial and bezel, he’s constructed a pleasant assortment and a developing following.

And presently, back to the watch. You basically can’t contend with a decent field watch. They are deliberate, useful and strangely up-to-date. In this way, transforming a Seiko 5 SNKL09 into one makes wonderful sense… At 39 x 42 x 12.75mm, it’s the ideal size for a field, neither too huge or little, wearing present day however indicating its vintage impacts. The L09 case is especially pleasant as well, highlighting slight crown monitors for a sportier form. For the dial, they went with an exemplary mil-design noticing to fields of the 60’s. Bending things somewhat, the hands are a lot more seasoned style, talking more to mid 20th century plans. The blend of the two functions admirably however, making something a touch more one of a kind and lively. Polishing it off, they additionally added a domed mineral gem, giving it a more vintage look.

On the wrist, it looks and wears extraordinary. In the plan of Seiko 5’s, it sits between the SNK80x’s and the bigger SNZG’s, placing it in a touch of sweet spot. Field watches are flexible to the point that this is the sort of watch you could wear regular without any problem. Simply trade out the complimentary fake croc cowhide for the first wristband (additionally included) or for a nylon lash to adjust to the circumstance. The inconspicuous however a la mode choices made for this watch (no logo, domed gem, white hands, and so forth) additionally give it a smidgen more character than numerous current field contributions, which notwithstanding being exemplary can be a piece dry.

Coming in at $275  (or $315 in gold) and being restricted to a modest bunch of pieces… like 10 or something like that, the Go and Behold x Nick Harris Field Standard is a really wonderful contribution from the team and ideally the start of a proceeded with cooperation. While the cost is extensively in excess of a SNKL09 standardly is, for an incredibly restricted mod that is finished by hand, the cost appears to be exceptionally reasonable. In any case, it’s wonderful to see the sub-culture of watch modding beginning to advance into the universe of bespoke style, as the two go hand in hand.