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Tempus Fugit and Swatch exhibition in Cite du Temps in Geneva

Two weeks prior we enlightened you concerning a workmanship presentation in Geneva. Not simply a workmanship show, on the grounds that there are likely numerous in the city of Geneva, however one identified with watchmaking. Spray painting artist Magaldi Xavier displayed his translation of mechanical developments  in the Cite du Temps.

The show of Magaldi Xavier has finished, yet a visit to the Cite du Temps may in any case be a decent idea… Tom Hanx, one of our esteemed perusers, went there, composed a report and made a great deal of photographs. From the spray painting craftsmanship, yet additionally from some uncommon vintage Swatch models.

Cite Du Temps (City of Time) is a one of a kind structure in the core of Geneva, a stone’s toss from the lake and overlooking the Jet d’Eau. Being in an extension right where the stream Rhone starts its excursion from Lake Geneva, the structure is likewise the setting for some, horology related occasions. Local people only from time to time delayed down, as the Geneva Electricity and Waterworks company has an office in favor of it; travelers are often looking the other way, at the exquisite lake and encompassing structures with well known brands on their top.

Many a brand host facilitated gatherings and private viewings throughout the long term, some making features like the commemoration Blancpain Fifty Fathoms and the  bombed burglary endeavor . It is home to a lasting Swatch Exhibition, tracking the historical backdrop of the brand from 1983 to introduce day. Those keen on the brand will be glad to realize that (nearly) all models are in plain view, classified in year cupboards, including a couple of insane uncommon models, which have never been for sale.

As  Monochrome previously announced , the second floor corridor as of late welcomed watch and craftsmanship fans to appreciate the little display of Xavier Magaldi named Tempus Fugit.

On a miserable Saturday morning I pressed my photogear and went to visit it. Refer to Du Temps is open for guests and simple on families – the bistro inside is a decent spot to appreciate a tidbit or some coffee while sitting tight for the more energetic of the family to appreciate the show. In the event that you are fortunate with the weather, there is likewise a sun deck connected to the scaffold, so one can likewise appreciate the outside air and the view.

Walking in the little lobby on the second floor for the Xaview Magali presentation, one may contend that this dislay is an individual assertion more than all else – you can perceive how the artist’s grafitti and watchmaking roots mixed on the material. The gritty tones interpret custom and the watch detail outlines open the window to a watchmaker’s mind. It interprets the spirit of mechanical watches in an exceptionally engaging manner making one miracle – what part roused this one? Is this the fusee chain a Lange und Söhne Pour le Mérite ? Or then again a metaphore for the belts of a Devon Works?

Do you see likeness with the sapphire dials of a Vacheron Quai De L’Ille here?

The Yin and Yang of a watch…

Hope you appreciated this little visit – on the off chance that you have questions, you can ask on twitter.

About the creator: Based in Geneva specialist, Tom Hanx is the onscreen nom de plume of an energetic watch expert, who is following all things horological, attempting to figure out everything and purchase a couple of watches simultaneously. Constantly working on his photography abilities and watch information, meeting new and energizing individuals in the watch world consistently. You can discover Tom Hanx on Twitter @Tom_Hanx